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  • alright then! seems like both teams have had a chance to brainstorm - i'll go offline now, then in a dozen hours i'll probably be able to check the forum again and act on Rob's upcoming decisions for the charge phase... let's see where this goes! f

  • Quote from RHworldbuilding: “ In the meantime, @piteglio, can I get a ruling on how far the Archers have to move to get into the scoring zone? That might alter the movement phase a little. ” a 5" forward movement will bring you onto the blue circle and thus in the scoring zone: S0P5QHj.png Quote from RHworldbuilding: “There was some question about this before we started. I don’t mind a dedicated thread for each team. Or a conversation where everyone is added. I do have an idea I’d like to run by…

  • Warhall of the Arts

    piteglio - - General Discussion


    thank you all for your kind feedback! hope you had fun with this contest - well, that you're still enjoying it, because it isnt over yet! go over to Facebook to vote another winner from a shortlist of 7 candidates: btw, let me know if the post above shows correctly on your computers (it's always tricky to embed links). cheers, f

  • perfect! Rob, then it's your turn 2. in the spoiler you find LoS/distance for every unit. team UD, get ready for the Charges brainstorming! 7EIRxyo.png (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Villon: “ so, 4 dices to put Corruption of Tin into Shabtis ” man, you got no luck! cast on a 13, dispelled on a 17. to add insult to injury, maybe you didnt consider that in Essence of War there is no Hopeless Shot, which means your Handgunners cant shoot at the Archers (4+ Aim +1 Advance +1 LongRange +1 Cover). since this is a difference with FB and totally understandable for one of your first games in EW, im sure Rob will not disagree to let you do 4" additional movement, if you wa…

  • alright! then let's recap with an action shot: I3MjSM7.png and let's go on with the magic phase: Flux Card 4 -> 5 dice for Active player, 4 dice for Reactive player lucky you, this was the best moment to draw the worst flux card in EW. and if you're curious about why the worst card would be #4... (Hidden Content) back to the current game: no enemy unit is in range of Scorching Salvo (18") all enemy units are in range of Corruption of Tin (36") so i guess that @Villon just has to choose a target …

  • and since we're still perfecting the play-by-forum format, let me ask a methodological question (for @Villon and everyone else): what about screenshots for LoS/distances of every one of your units? is it useful - sufficient - necessary? (Hidden Content)

  • something like this? fUQNAQL.png Cavalry advances 6 and wheels right 3.5" Guard advances 6" and wheels left 2" Handgunners advance 4"

  • 1n81Lfb.png Quote from Villon: “Can i know some distance?between Cavalry - Shabtis? 17", so 10" on the dice, remember there's no Swiftstride in the Basic rules Handgunners - Archers? 24" from the rightmost model in the second rank (phew!) Handgunners - Chariots? 28.1" from the leftmost model in the first rank (which happens to be the Wizard) ”

  • Warhall of the Arts

    piteglio - - General Discussion


    dear all, the polls are over now, thank you all for participating. we have a clear winner for each of the three categories: Painting, Sculpting and Terrain. these three submissions will be awarded a Warhall key thanks to the direct forum vote: sixqAG2.png congratulations @arnadil and @Crafty and @Kadorna ! your work really deserve praise. if you ever want to see it scanned and put it into a game, i would be happy to give you details on how to do that, and i'd work on them with great pleasure! fo…

  • see you in 15' or so on twitch! PIeRGse.png

  • UD TURN 1 - SHOOTING Archers shoot at Handgunners, causing 1 casualty, no Panic test needed (Hidden Content) ES TURN 1 - CHARGE Villon, up to you!


  • tactical note: by putting the Hierarch in the Archers, if the Handgunners had been deployed where they are, a Danse Macabre would have put them in range for a Fate's Judgement. this would have been good since, combined with the archers' shooting, could have easily led the 3 casualties needed for a Dis 7 Panic test (in more than 80% of the cases). (Hidden Content) however, this would have required casting both the Danse and the Judgement. which, in EW, is not something you can truly rely on. so i…

  • alright! here's what i've done, let me know if i should change anything: UD TURN 1 - MOVEMENT Shabtis - March forward 7.3", until they are exactly 17" away from the Cavalry (which has Adv 7"). Archers - Advance forward 4", 3" from the south edge of the forest. in this way even the leftmost model in the second rank has the Handgunners within 24" (even if only by a handful of pixels!) Hierarch - Marches 3" left and 5" forward, ending 1" away from Chariots, 7" from Shabtis, 9" from Archers, 30" fro…

  • ahaha well a general's job is not to please the advisors : D ok, since i gotta go offline for a few hours - i guess unless Villon responds to me or you, the Rob can go on with the Movement phase of UD Turn 1. then i'll be back to draw a flux card.

  • alright, man! what do you think of this? EGSNOPo.png Quote from Villon: “ @piteglio i was thinking with my comrade pillow, and i will deploy my Cavalry behind the hill, but with visibility to his Shabtis, just in case he want to rush me thru the hill i can smash him in da face. ” right now they're on the deployment line, and 2 inches (or two models) left of the left edge of the hill. let me know if you want to move them X inches to the left/right or front/back, or if i should pivot them. Quote f…

  • Poll - Painting (3/3)

    piteglio - - General Discussion


    dear all, it's time to conclude the first round of polls, with the last batch of Painting submissions. the usual conditions apply: some 24h (until midnight GMT), public and changeable votes, as many preferences as you like. a reminder of the submissions is provided below, but for the real thing have a look at items 59-87 here: Warhall of the Arts cheers, f 0jIog03.jpg

  • good call! Empire of Sonnstahl army: (Hidden Content) Undying Dynasties army: (Hidden Content)

  • gorgeous, let's get this started! did i interpret things correctly? pVPEcnA.png the ruler between Hierarch and Shabtis says 7.7" if you agree with the above, go on and poke Villon for his deployment. also, here's an action shot of the battleline: (Hidden Content)