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  • UD in "Who 8 My Wings"

    Zaidar - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Too low Necroguards. This world is not ready for my return.

  • I play helberd NG deathstar since they have poison and 8 helberd shabti in the same list, mostly. just because I like to deal hard punch. Maybe I'm a white fly, but I do think NG with helberd way stronger than pw, and harder hitters than shabti. Too much power multipliers with ANY spell you cast on them. This patch sounds like crazy to me, but hei! let's have some relax until they get nerfed again

  • 1) Heteditary - decrease CV to just +1 2) Casket -25 points 3) Hourglass -40 points

  • Quote from umbranar: “I think we have to start rethinking the way we build lists as DE is the first strong infantry book. I'm pretty sure VS will follow in their tracks and after last points update, maybe even more armies. ” for example, UD

  • Another general suggestion: Don't change list as you achieve first defeat. Just tune it for make it perform better. I don't think your list was hopeless, it was just on the hard side and you knew little of this new enemy. Plus, I feel you did some mistakes - it happens. I'm not a fan of snakes in general, you play 2x 4 stalkers and 6 cataphracts... That's a very low power density if compared to the brick of Judicators, for example. The same unit frontage deals like triple the attacks and a littl…

  • UD Community Collection

    Zaidar - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from Folomo: “Now I feel ashamed my NG are all grey ” Consider grey as you heraldric colour and suddently all your army is half-painted.

  • UD Community Collection

    Zaidar - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    lovely initiative! OMG 100 GUARDS @setepenmentou Time to show my gourgeos armada!

  • Quote from Marcos24: “that should be added to a Siege Rules supplement where every army also gets siege equipment. Otherwise that wouldn’t really make much sense on the battlefield ” Multiple Wounds (d3, against War Platforms)

  • I have a dream faae4db1-b15c-46c2-a7ab-7f9018ea918e.jpg

  • I kinda start disliking new patch. I've played for years the classic NG deathstar + chariots +shabti, now I would like to change and... my common playstyle got a super discount! Hell, I'm gonna feel like I'm playing with 4700 points...

  • While I can see your point, I also would like to underline that dreddy have a mobility that no other piece have - except for reapers. But reapers are hardly in competition for the tasks a dreddy is usually used for. Beign them many Res5 wounds, they like a lot having a fortitude bonus by an architect, something that suggest they'll probabily stay around characters. Also, reapers frontage is wider, so it takes harder to properly strike a tactical counter-charge in very packaged fights. All in all…

  • *sends spies into the thread*

  • Honestly I do not see the point in comparing Necrospinx to Feldraks. They belongs to different books so all their enviroment and surroundings are different. When playing against WotdG (my experience) only scary pieces are cowboys, everything else is reasonably manageable. With my channel 5 list (1 casket 2 dreadsphinxes) I did my first game Vs WtdG wich had 2 Feldraks and X chimera (3?). I felt in difficulties on paper but at the end we finish 10-10 with his cowboy doing all the damage by killin…

  • New Altered Sight is more intriguig with a Shield NG unit with a Death Mask carrier into... -4 to enemy Offensive Skill, +1 Defensive Skill due to Parry... Barrow NG with shield really should get a try now!

  • Zero trolling. I play two of them. In a meta full of single models / monsters there is no game they have no target to hunt down. Plus stomps, fly, autonomous, R8, able to get 5++... What you want more, seriusly? It may be shooted down badly from a Lucky volley? Yes of course, as everything in this fame. But I'll be dishonest not saying it's a piece able to save the day so many times and I feel its really well priced now.

  • I'm not in agreement with ANY of the above, sorry. Skeleton cav getting another decrease in PPM drops them in ridiculous place. It's not a point issue if players can't find a role for them. Legion charioteers is fine as it is. Now we have a strong core unit without opponents blaming for it and out of sacrifical territory. Scorpions are good, why a decrease? Catapults are fine for their points, why a decrease? Necrosphinx is very good, why a decrease?

  • Without a fooded harbo with Death Mask into the NG buffed with an atchitect Fortitude you're losing half the fun.

  • No harbo into Necroguards = chaff rank unit in my eyes bro. Need Battlefocus to really multiply the power. And yes, you may have a slow point dreadnought, but a really scary nut to crack

  • Oh, cool. All models i play got a discount! Gonna win more!

  • Christmas Avatars

    Zaidar - - WWW Topics


    OH MAN!!! THANKS!!!! I will wear this with honour and promise not to open it before Christmas!!! does it contains a Chain Lightning for the casket??? a point decrease for the Necroguards??? a brand new battlesphinx to assembly and never paint???? can't wait!!!