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  • Quote from DanT: “(Primarily asking for my own understanding; anyone please feel free to answer the questions; I will pick and choose my responses depending on which I think I understand) Ok... maybe I can ask some questions to get a feel more precisely for what some of the claimed issues are... Is the problem that the average ID unit (averaged over a list) doesn't do enough damage? That not enough ID units (in a list) hit some peak damage eliteness threshold? That there are not enough damaging …

  • To me it looks like you have lots of ways to do damage but few ways to win combat. That big unit of Annointed kind of need to be in three places at once because Infernal Warriors aren't going to win on their own. They'll hold on their own but they won't win. I think you need more close-combat "punch" which is hard because the book is on the lower end of the power scale. I'm not sure what I'd recommend to be honest.

  • Quote from Searingash: “Seems most lists have 2-3 mages. Why Disciples become unpopular now, thought they are decent to combo with H spell. BTW, where can I download the list of this tournament? Thx. ” Any unit that "requires" a spell to make them decent is going to be unpopular. Unfortunately Immortals and DoL can't stand up to enemy special choices which is probably why they aren't taken.

  • No offense but my math says my ROI for the COS is a bad investment. Talk to me with numbers!

  • I'm having a hard time getting my head around the Crucible. The offensive ability of the unit actually goes down a bit if you add a war platform. Why wouldn't I be better off just buying a chariot or Gorgon or something and using them sort of as a detachment? For 200 points, it isn't really making the unit perform better. Slightly differently yes but not better. What am I not seeing?

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quick question guys! What are people's thought on the Onyx Core? Is it a bit weak or a bit strong? Do you pick it often? We need to know as there is no data on the weapons Overlords have been taking haha. ” Solid item. Not super-great, not junk. It's in a good place.

  • Infernal Dwarfs are arrogant, rare, and insular. If the blood of 100 slaves will save the blood of a single dwarf, it's a price we'll happily pay. Keep the price as is, ditch all their special rules, and you can call it done. And to respond to whoever said it earlier, there are slaves that we don't treat terribly, that we value to bring us wealth, and cater to our whims. We call those "vassals"! But the slave of a slave? Pfft! Completely expendable!!

  • Since you asked, a slaves only job is to die for the glory of my citadel in the name of Shamut. I don't trust slaves to carry anything other than dirt, I don't trust them to build anything I would walk on, and I would never trust them to do hold an objective. Slaves are the dried pea stuck to the bottom of my boot that I flick off in irritation when I notice it. Their job is to mine the dirt, carry rocks, and die. That's it. That is literally everything I want them to do. Let me put it in other …

  • ID General Chat

    Whip - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    The Infernal Bastion has sooooooo much design space! It can be pre-packed with a crew armed with Flintlocks or Blunders, it could be given a Breath Weapon (spray oil, add torch), it can be given spikey bits to do impact hits, it can have a gunnery team inside, it could do grinding attacks, it could have a fixed amount of guns mounted on top, and so on. Or small arms fire could just be fixed. There's still plenty of way to tackle this one.

  • Similarly I have lost every game I've played against Warriors. ID just cannot handle ultra hard units in combat. They get run over. And they can't shoot them down fast enough to make them manageable.

  • Blunderbuss - Range 12" ST5 AP0 <-we know from the slim book this works Let Them Come Closer: troops wait until the last moment to pull the trigger. The stand and shoot reaction occurs at init 10 of the close combat phase (so the casualties count for combat resolution). And BOOM!, suddenly you have a shooting unit that wants to advance and get into combat.

  • Not to derail too much but I played a game today and wanted to share that I tried the Lammasu for the first time and I was actually rather impressed by it. I gave him the Breath of the Brass Bull for some added utility and I found him to be well suited to my army. If he did more, he would cost too much and if he did less, he wouldn't be worth the investment. I think the team really found a sweet spot for this model both in rules and pricing - well done!

  • -The weapon is balanced For a weapon I'll fire probably once (maybe twice), it's vastly under-powered. -The weapon is flavourful It has flavor. I don't like the flavor but it does have flavor. -The weapon is too powerful/OP It has the opposite problem. The weapon is garbage. -The weapon is too complex For having such a small effect, it is far too complex -I hate to play with or against it Unfortunately I think it is a complete waste of points. This "upgrade" will most likely be used on a 5-wide …

  • I gave it one last try. I made a list. Then I made another list. And another. And I realized that I just keep adding more units of 40 Dwarves with some shooting elements. I despise this new book. We have an Orcs and Goblins army. Beast Herds are often called "brown Orcs". Now we have "metal Orcs (and Goblins!)".

  • I'd like to thank the team for an unimaginable amount of work you've done to get this far. Without you guys, we wouldn't have a game to play so I want you to know how much you're appreciated! I don't post much but I play a lot. I am a loooooong time evil dwarf player; I was the first in my area and I was the last. And I say that because with every update, the Infernal Dwarfs keep moving further and further away from an army I (or any of my fellow players) want to play. In the past they were know…