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  • Quote from JimMorr: “BTW which version of Scribus does Layout Team use? @Grahf - are the right person to ask? ” So far it's been 1.5.5. 1.5.6 just came out a couple of weeks ago and I've not personally updated just yet since I've been busy, but probably will soon. I'm not certain, but I doubt there would be any compatibility problems between the two (unlike 1.4 -> 1.5).

  • Quote from Folkienn: “p 116 : Hoarder got eaten. ” Fixed, cheers.

  • I waited a while to see if there were any more corrections coming in, but I've updated the DL LABs now:…c2defd132bd6fe4b74ef6507c

  • Quote from Folkienn: “- p. 72 : icons for the Witchcraft and Thaumaturgy magic paths should probably be bigger (more alike to those for Evocation and Divination on the next page) - p. 107 : since the Vanadra's Scourge profile is also given on the next page (p. 108) and I could not find the Sentinel of Nukuja profile (hidden behind veil?), I assume it should actually be on this page (in analogy with the DL Slim Version) ” Good catch, thank you! I'll get these fixed shortly. Quote from Casp: “Awes…

  • Quote from Arturiki: “ - Legendary armybook for Daemon Legions:1. Section Blazing Glories, dates on subtitles: - Tandemtar 11th. - Ullor 6th. - Ullor 10th. - Ullor 25th. ” Sorry, going back a bit here, but I'm not familiar enough with the in-fiction calendar, so can I just check what the correct names of these months should be? The current book has both Tandemtar and Tandemar. Is Ullor the correct spelling, or the wrong one?