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  • Hawkins' Armeen

    klatschi - - Community München / Bayern


    Wahnsinn, die Leuchteffekte und das Gesamtbild gehen runter wie Butter Toller Einsatz von Airbrush und Co um geniale Effekte zu erzielen. Das Auge wird genial gelenkt. m e g a gut!

  • Ah, this makes so much sense, never understood why rats were as durable as humans. I also love the combination with the new rule concerning combat resolution, boosting the life is cheap vibe. I am looking forward looking slightly amused and pitiful at my opponents when they kill those rats

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    klatschi - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Marcos24: “Hi guys, Raptor Knights are coming out this month. Here's a preview of a couple of them! Check out my patreon for the .stl's or wait till they're available on myminifactory…52ba31ae528093af03f0d3cab ” Super excited for them, became a patreon today and I am looking forward to field your Dread Elves

  • Quote from skipschnit: “Other than model counts, has anyone just played around with the weapon mechanics? Just rolling it out to see what potentials are there? 3 model teams, 6 model teams? Physical dice, not math-hammer. ” Sorry, can’t do that because I do not own enough models to physical represent them... And what I really want to ask with this stupid joke : what’s the added benefit of using physical dice from your pov?

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    klatschi - - Dread Elves (DE)


    @Marcos24 Are you planning on selling STLs as well because that would maybe surely definitely kick me in the right direction of the one and true aggression force

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “Quote from Skarloc: “Did you recently check for any option to use a card manufacturer in the EU? ” If October is recent enough, then yes, I did. Had that talk with @klatschi, about In the end, it was more expensive that The Game Crafter, except - maybe - if you do a large run that you distribute on your own. More importantly for me, I don't think they offer a "set up your selling page" thing like TGC (ie: I upload the cards once, and anyone can order with …

  • Beautiful models, always been a fan of your models but these dread elves are really outstanding!

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from AxelVicious: “Looks Awesome Dude. Did you paint that whole Saurian army in a month? That's super impressive and it looks great. ” Cheers Kev! Painted it all in about six weeks i think, just sprayed white, watered down greens and blues (probably doing a similar thing to contrast) with a lighter drybrush which took no time at all, bit of time trying stay in the lines with the metals and wood but actually quite painless! ” The army looks beautiful and stunni…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Fantastic looking unit! ” Quote from Guardi Hammer: “Amazing skaven project, bro. I hope we can see it finished soon! ” Thanks you too. At the moment, it looks as if I am continuing to paint this army at least until summer because I am participating in a project where you slowly paint your army step by step. But I think it won't be bad committing for some time - at the moment, the motivation is high, so I want to use that to keep on painting as many rats as possible…

  • Quote from Nicreap: “considering the guidelines state replace single models with multiple cheaper models to get the same effect. I suspect we see abominations, dreadmills, and weapon teams split into multi model units of cheaper/weaker models ” That would make this army super expensive, especially for new players. Sure, playing via UB, there’s no problem to numbers, however playing on the table would call for a heavy investment and I hope (and trust) our LAB team will keep it reasonable

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from klatschi: “I think this separation of yourself and your involvement and the company is a good thing.My question would be: Is Veil of Ages also interested in printing the Gold LABs, maybe just the background part without any rules? It could be a good start and a nice way to bridge the gap until the Gold Rulebook is out. Could also be a good thing to align with the project about what players are most interested in: printed books without rules or the ones with rules…

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from klatschi: “Question would be: If we did a print-on-demand solution right now for finalized LABs , will we "cannibalize" our market for professionally printed ones afterwards? I do not know how the player basis is developing but I an imagine many people having bought them already via print-on-demand definitely means less people buying them afterwards. ” i agree with you, yes. i cant imagine anyone buying the print-on-demand AND the offset printed book, even in cas…

  • Quote from jimmygrill: “Strong results, keep 'em coming ” Okay, here they are finished the 32 rat at arms and combined them with my 10 test models - because 42 rat at arms are far better to be displayed on fotos than 32. It's science O6DfiN.jpg fCylrx.jpg 44P7Ye.jpg BzDM1y.jpg next up: Magister and weapon team. and then another 30 rat at arms

  • What a wonderful collection of oldschool models. Congratulations on your army!

  • Quote from Eldan: “Why are we back to worshipping the Complexity Budget Gods again? And why preview an intereting an flavourful rule if it just gets taken away again a few weeks later? Are we sure this is the rat forum an not Tzeentch? Because not only is this chaos-level bait an switching, there's nothing rattish left in the army. Again. ” I have to say I cannot follow this criticism but see it exactly the other way around However, good that everybody can feedback here, maybe the LAB team finds…

  • The Company of the Blazing Dawn

    klatschi - - User Blogs


    Holy sh.. - yes, painting on your level surely takes time. Your dance with the devil is highly appreciated, though, your army is brilliant. The colours are rich (I love that), the contrasts are beautifully done and the overall look is simply beautiful!

  • Yes, I remembered you being very eager for professionally printed books and the current Ninth Scroll would have led me to you, too Quote from piteglio: “so i still prefer the professionally offset-printed books solution. i will definitely do that for the Gold Rulebook when it's out. if that goes well, i can invest into doing the LABs as well. imagine going to your local store and finding BRB and 5 LABs and a couple background supplements. that'd be a big thing for the image of T9A. ” Yes, this w…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Olivia is writing letters. She isn't getting them *delivered*, she's just writing them (on anything she can) because she promised she would write every week and a promise is a promise. Read through to the end of the main story to discover her eventual actual fate. ” Just a question: is she a regular character, meaning there are other story bits around her in other books I should read first before deep diving into the LAB?

  • Das Problem bei Leaks ist auf meiner Sicht ein mehrfaches: 1. Keiner weiß auf welchem Stand das Dokument ist, das kann sein, dass die Infos veraltet sind. 2. Die Infos können unvollständig sein, es wird ja mehr geändert als nur Punkte. 3. Die Änderungen werden nicht kontextuslisiert: was war die Idee hinter den Änderungen, wieso gibt es Änderungen in diese oder jene Richtung? dadurch passiert das, was meist passiert: manche Spieler schlussfolgern auf Basis ihres Bauchgefühls. Eine der möglichen …

  • With the LABs having multiple versions now that also cover the army without unit enteiltes: is there a plan to release them professionally? I am quite happy with my Amazon printed softcover rulebook and would be interested in having all released LABs, at least the background anyways. I just want to align, especially with @piteglio before thinking about initiating a pod solution