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  • Wait, people are actually making money on tournaments?!

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Quote from Art_of_War: “Enjoy a cool background story ” Quote from kisanis: “This literally sums up my current t9a situation ” Because you live in a parallel universe? ” Or because it’s 100% subjective and I didn’t like the whfb world? But I like the more believable societies and geopolitics (you know, that stuff that causes war). The T9A world makes more sense to me from a wargaming perspective. There’s better reasons for conflict. Like, our dread elves actually live In b…

  • Quote from Art_of_War: “So what does the "typical casual player" want: - Have nice minis that are up to date - Buy everything in a store nearby - Enjoy a cool background story - Have a big local community to play with T9A doesn't offers anything all of that. ” ftfy. seriously. This literally sums up my current t9a situation, our local game group, and FLGS’s Oathmark, GW, and historical figures (and others). All from local shops, I like the world of t9a, and it’s stories. And we have a solid grou…

  • Quote from Cam: “Quote from Marcos24: “Quote from JordanBladen: “Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “PARANOID PROPHECY ALERT. I didn't like the trailer. Looks flat. All those ice stuff and icy mambo jambo are too high fantasy for me. What scares me the most is that there clearly is a strong connection between the Total War and Old World projects. Games Workshop is definitely tasting the ground. And fanboys are everywhere, guys. They hide among us. They pretend they are enthusiast 9th Age followers, but …

  • I still say it’s either going to be a war master revamp (small scale) or a port of the LoTR ranked battles, with a whfb skin overtop. they will be selling new minis. They will not a game for old usable whfb armies, not in the same way. GW will want you to buy the new. That’s their modus operandi for good or for bad.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • Quote from Mr.Owl: “I was excited to learn that lawyers have fallen downward on the "Least Trusted / Most Disliked" list. They have been overtaken by "Journalists", while Politicians remain at the top, most of whom, are lawyers. ” *laughs in lugar*

  • You can't copyright a triangle. you can register as a trademark a VERY SPECIFIC triangle. But a triangle of 3 overlapping sticks... you'd be laughed out of court. @Mr.Owl am I lawyering right?

  • Fluff in The 9th Age

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    Quote from Eldan: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “The joke falls down a little, because in the Supernal Realm, there are definitely multiple factions, often with clear links to Material Realm forces. Non-incarnated Kadims, Medusae, Frost Phoenixes and Treepeople would have their own territories in such a map - if I felt at all capable of making such a map, I would mark such territories with the ID, DE, HE and SE logos. ” And now you created the basis for a side-project that would…

  • From my limited dev knowledge - this is still hardcore pre-alpha. Mostly "proof of concept" for the game scripts etc... honestly - this looks super amazing. I'm also hoping that a crowdfunding campaign will also mean game/concept art for the project

  • 28mm Second world war

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    Awesome stuff! What ruleset were you planning on using? I'm currently tinkering in tabletop simulator to get 28mm WW2 going.

  • Quote from arwaker: “Maybe something like a supplementary background book "Great Wars of the Past Centuries - by Konrad Quedlinburg". A book not focusing on specific factions, but on famous conflicts between them. ” @WhammeWhamme @thedarkfourth idea for taking the scenario book and making stories to go alongside each scenario. It’s be nice for the world of T9A have its Austerlitz, Towton, Bosworth, etc ... —— even the criticism of the book could be helpful!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    4s3h45.jpgLazy meme is lazy.

  • Quote from Jon653: “@kisanis Pretend I am making the decisions on how to balance this army and I tell you that the way you want to play your army is not in line with how I want you to play your army, and that regardless of how your army's playstyle performs I am going to try to make it suboptimal because it does not fit my vision. ” ..right, but the forum had a giant thread about how, for a game of ranks and flanks, people were running single models and MSU builds galore. so the RT reviewed, and…

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Dain_II: “@Omarcomin and @Herminard I tagged you guys specifically as you've both done great work in getting this community active and engaged. Sorry I haven't responded to all this before. Hope you understood my reasons. And I hope the update and what you read here puts a slightly rosier tint on this update and you both stick around in 2021! ” I understand that it is not in compliance with the role of a loyal ACS to discuss undisclosured …

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “Quote from Eisenhans: “Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “Quote from Eisenhans: “I hope the game is really bad so our TOs don't switch to it. ” That a pretty shabby way of thinking.No need to be pity aboot other people work. ” It is a GW game, it is likely it is badly constructed balancewise and ruleswise. And am I petty? Maybe? It's likely T9A dies here if the new game succeeds and then I'll likely switch too which I don't want to. Shabby - nope. ” Wanting to see people p…

  • Maybe it will still be LoTR movement trays then. Square trays for round units. either way, the fluff snippets are nice and all, but they tell us 0 about what the game actually will be, how good it will be, and how supported it will become. GW released a lot of interesting standalone games that are essentially vapourware now. Not to mention all the older side games they’ve canned in the past. will this look good? Probably, but most new GW sculpts do nothing for me, I find them over the top With w…

  • Quote from Marcos24: “let’s see what their models look like, that could really break it for me ” Quote from Nemeroth: “Quote from Marcos24: “let’s see what their models look like, that could really break it for me ” I bet the rules will be awesome....... But cool models are always welcome. I still think it’ll be a war master remake. ” yep. my guess is a weird scale somewhere between 6mm and 15mm to be a reboot of war master in spirit. (See what warlord are doing with their new civil war black po…

  • Age of Single models?

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    The game is completely an exercise in abstract representation. and it should be. heck, even in historicals (including down time 6mm) everything is an exercise in abstracts. Hardline milsim wargaming tends to make for an objectively bad game (not a bad simulator - hence why military wargames are so often used). once you remove the need for a GM, you are firmly in the realm of abstract gaming. May as well make the ground scale abstract for simplicity while you’re at it! personally I love that I co…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “1) There are some general principles, but it's probably important to note that Kadims are not a hive mind, they vary in their motivations. (Otherwise you could just offer them all the same deal) 2) ID are, technologically, late Renaissance/early Industrial, so it shouldn't be surprising if their culture is sophisticated in places; that said, you might want to take a look at the Epic of Kibotesh and ponder some things. ” 1) yep, the impression I got was that each Kadim w…