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  • Community SA Homebrew

    Rixitotal - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Blingley: “Quote from Rixitotal: “Specialisation: Saurians are made up of many races, with very different abilities and skills. Our unite should have specialised roles preforming them better than equivalent units from other armies, but lack abilities in other areas. Alternatively our units are cheaper than units of equivalent ability from other armies. This leads to an army with many specialised units where they must cover each other weaknesses, or play in a very limited style. Monste…

  • Community SA Homebrew

    Rixitotal - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Hi all. Really excited by this experimental project, and hope to see lots of community involvement. I think we all want this to be a positive imagining of what could be, rather than a simple wish list of points changes. For my part to comment of army themes, there was a really excellent post on the LAB about how Saurians could have a dynamic of order vs savagery, and that has really inspired me to see the army in a very interesting light, and making me think about themes for the list. And how ma…

  • Quote from Zamo: “Quote from Darkwise: “I think what the community can fault the 9th Age HQ is for the glaring difference of treatment between the armies. The top-tier armies have always been the best, and those in the middle tier and bottom tier are always bad. It's very frustrating to see that strong armies have more good changes or weak nerfs than us, with our poor lizard army and its 3 small changes. Given the level of our army, the RT could easily have accepted 3 additional changes ... Plea…

  • I think the frustration honestly is with how 9th age approaches balance in the first place. We have assumed that the army lists are balanced and only need very minor tweaks. So that's all that ever changes. Very very minor impact changes. And actual rule changes, like in magic, feel massivly more impactful. I understand why, the project wants to have a "finished product". I fundementally disagree with that target in the first place. My ideal would be that we see much more drastic and responsive …

  • Quote from Palomita15: “So, there is something i don't understand, our bows are limited and we don't shoot good with bow, and everyone prefers here poisoned javelin before bows, I have no idea why we have bows replace shield free ” Well i think a lot of people were hoping for cheaper bows, but wasnt to be unortunetly.

  • OH damn! the new Pyro attribute... wow. that seems pretty good.

  • I cant help but feel a bit disappointed that bows got looked over again, but price reduction on camos and hunters is pretty cool. I always liked the sheer dakka of units of 10 and this seems to be rewarding that nicely. I dont really know much about the other two choices, as i haven't played them, but that warlord does look pretty tasty, and the carno drop is quite a lot. Thank again to everyone involed.

  • i think the fact that we put so much effort in to this models is clearly an issue. the reason we do it is its our only combat monster outside of mounts (and even then the mounts are dubious), and for the dino army thats a real pitty. SA need powerful monsters with distint purposes that arnt overly niche. It dosnt matter how much or little the tauro costs (within reason), it will always be favoured as it actaully does things. Unlike other thunder lizards.

  • I sometimes feel convinced that SA have a hangover from skink cloud days where sallys would flatten half a unit with impunity. I think flamer throwers have a very good mechanic built-in for range as well, with long and short-range having different profiles, that sallys could easily take advantage of. For the Record, my "Saurian Giant":…d38b9dd43d99abe02f729557a

  • Been very much enjoying the Salamander variant in a "Shoot and Scoot" list, i was wondering other peoples thoughts? Made me feel sallys are far to short ranged.

  • Quote from MountainBuns: “Just to give a small update, to those who are curious, we haven’t learned anything yet about when the patch might be implemented, but we know they are working hard going through all the proposals. Cheers! ” As Wombat said, thanks. And thanks to rules team for the hard work we give them.

  • awesome. Excited to see what happens. Thanks again team, we all appreciate your efforts for the Great Plan!

  • Any news on this front?

  • Quote from Perch: “Quote from MountainBuns: “We looked into moving snake swarms into core so we could better weigh our options for the 3 suggestions as we had seen several people suggest it. We were told a change of that magnitude is sure to be denied. Do not worry though, we are finalizing our list of suggestions currently and skinks will hopefully be more interesting this coming year. This should help mix up our core a bit. ” Ugh, it's really a shame it was denied. I was a little hyped that we…

  • do you have a shortlist of the suggests you might make? also obviously thank you again, it feel really good to have active and passionate community support.

  • Quote from MountainBuns: “Quote from Rixitotal: “(4) Would you rather have us report a commonly requested underused entry with a history of being denied price decreases or report a less requested, underused entry with no such history? um. I would hope all units get the same fair shake. But i guess request changes that will actually happen? Although it feels kinda like a bad choice. ” This is one of the unfortunate things we’ve had to talk about extensively. Both choices feel kinda bad but we’re …

  • (1) What price decrease would be needed in your opinion for the carnosaur to see meaningful play? I dont have a strong or tested opintion but 20-30 pts seems legit. (2) What price decrease would be needed in your opinion for the snake swarms to see meaningful play? Um. I think they need a redesign, but for then to be worth it as pure chaff/redirectors i think they would need a pretty hefty discount down to 100 pts base. (3) Would you rather have the ramphodons move to special category or reduce …

  • Quote from filosoraptor: “i've grown reading the GW Lizard lore since 6th edition, and I always looked at all saurus as a disciplined line of spears and shields, as you can see in 300. But I really changed my mind when I saw the animations in Warhammer total war: saurus weren't presented as a solid and slow wall shield, instead of that they are plenty of jumps, spins , and agile combat movements. Maybe we can abbandon the idea of slow reptiles and move to a primal and primitive but effective art…

  • Hmmm i like this idea guys. A conflict between a hangover of their orderly and rigid society and the saurians more bestial natures. Order: Cuatl lead. Warrior cohorts, ancient technology, powerful magic, every species knowings its "place". Push playstyle with strong magic. Savagery: Skink lead. Jungle skirmishers, offensive "preditor" units, avoidance/counter charge playstyle. Sauruses caught in the middle, but also being the most important warriors.

  • Quote from MountainBuns: “For all those who have not responded yet with your feedback but are keeping up with this thread: Please comment your feedback. Point updates only happen once a year. This is an important thread to be a part of We love the saurians and want them to be as fun to field on the table as they are to paint! Your feedback is incredibly important to the project. This is the time of year to change things for the better in our book. Please comment so we can do our best in represen…