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  • Quote from Eldan: “I mean, ask yourself a simple question. When you first played a Wargame (Warhammer or not), how did you decide which army to play? 1) Cool models 2) Cool artwork 3) Cool fluff 4) Googled tournament scores 5) Read and understood the rules, then decided on a promising-looking playstyle ” From that list probably 5. That's a tough question though. I was a child and played my own game with 1:72 toy soldiers. I was not aware of the existence of wargames. It was all in my head and no…

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    Little Joe - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from KellyW: “Does anyone have any thoughts on Gorgon models that are not based on snake bodies? I'm not a big fan of the naga-like Gorgon for a traditional -looking Dread Elf army. There are lots of possibilities, of course, almost anything that reasonably fits on a 40x40 could be a decent substitute (I'm currently using 3 ogres for my 3 gorgons), but was looking for some inspiration for something that would like more dread elvish. Open to ideas. . . . Kelly ” So no snake lower bodies? Ju…

  • Quote from Taki: “Quote from Chronocide: “Set includes 2 full kits (kit makes either) with the GW ovals, as well 2x round 25mm bases if you want the wizard on foot instead of in the cart. Set is $80, so $40 per cart (they are presently $60 each on the GW site) This model was originally part of WHFB and is designed to fit on a 50x100 base (not included) ” How difficult do you think it would be to make a 'normal' ish wagon out of them and use the tops as some sort of odd terrain piece? ” Just grab…

  • Hell yeah, before I even started reading it: 20 pages text, awesome! I will be busy tonight, love it, thanks and keep it up!

  • Quote from Armazeroth: “Great looking dwarves , gotta check if scribor has a full range now ! The fireforge rambukk riders would fit very well within a mixed EoS army ( human,dwarf,halfling,ogres) or you could go for a grudgetonia army with minor conversions too. ” The artillery is a bit on the tall side, but I think you can get almost anything from them now.

  • Lots of new dwarves to show: Scibor - dwarf crossbowmen dwarven_crossbowmen_01.jpgScibor - Dwarven noble spearmen dwarven_noble_spearmen_01.jpgScibor - dwarven noble axemen dwarven_noble_axemen_01.jpg And Fireforge Games, final announcement: Quote from Fireforge Games: “The big resume thread about our upcoming kickstarter campaign for our Dwarves! Campaign launch: mid/end april Box sets (hard plastic multi-part kits): - Hammerers: shields and one handed weapon (war axe/mace) or two handed weapon…

  • Quote from dan: “In book related news, I have something special and homebrew-y that I’ve been working on for some time now. With recent support from my editor, dear friend, and gaming consigliere @youngseward I think I’ll have a draft ready for prime time by the weekend. But go ahead and guess what it is, there’s no way you’ll guess it. ” Hmm, SA from the future sending a robot back in time to kill Sunna incarnate (who is a vermin). The robot infects the SA of the time and goes on a rampage only…

  • Quote from Remy77077: “In the entirety of the OnG library though, I cannot think of a single miniature (or miniature company) that this really applies to...? So is this a problem that happens in other factions ? What are some examples of it? ” DL, lol Oh and UD when people wanted to use statues from China, I looked them up and most would never fit on the intended base. And while speaking of scale creep: GW.

  • Quote from Morrigan: “I just finished the rest of my flagellants a couple of weeks ago, darn! ” post images.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Quote from Shieldwolf Miniatures: “Just our feedback ” The label-slamming is an issue indeed. Good feedback for the project. - "Compatible with 9th Age" is a hollow frase, as one can field a peunut on the right base and play 9th Age with it - But label slamming = free PR - People will then start to associate and will try if they can match it with 9th Age. When the can't it will turn into fake PR. The project would be smart to draw a line on what company can actually label …

  • Quote from jb195: “the chariot and casket of souls look that good ive got them on order by a 3rd party 3d printer however when speaking with him he told me that the chariot is a huge centerpiece model, it sits on a 160mm oval so its much larger than the old gw settra model although it is a beautiful sculpt, ill upload pics when they arrive if anybody is interested? ” Of course we are interested!

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Give it a go!

  • Just one design?

  • Quote from LordNelson: “Great stuff!! (you have a little typo on the page saying that the Orcs can be used as Damsels hahah) ” Orcs are not damsels in disguise? All their penned up rage and war make up sure make them look like a bunch of ladies! Gobbos rule!

  • That's probably because it's made to fit a 25x50 base and not a 60x35 oval base. That's 28 to 32mm both heroic scale. That said, what about those new samurai skeleton horses from GW?

  • I know he is standing on rocks, but those hips are pretty high up, no?

  • Quote from RobertR: “Does anyone know of a good skeletal steed that can be used as a separate horse? I want to magnetize my mounts so I can change riders. I already have a couple of spectral steeds from the nighthaunt range. ” There are some metal pricey options. Fireforge has very nice undead steeds, a bit fleshy, but very nice. library link

  • Looks like Conquest at a first glance, so 100 or 55mm base

  • digital Raven Twin Miniatures April Patreon 1.jpg 1.jpg 1.jpg 1.jpg 1.jpg 1.jpg 1.jpg