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  • Afternoon all, The teams are looking for feedback on the Dread Elf special rule Irresistible Will. There is a poll to complete But also please include any other feedback in this thread.

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Quote from Cam: “OK have the most ways to get round the weakness. Just sayin'. Also congrats @AxelVicious. ” I’d suggest DH.Weak magic - nope Slow - nope ” not according to DH players.

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Shugdaddy - - General Discussion


    Apart from the helms I think those lumineth are fine. From that range I think only teclis and the mountain cows are bad. Everything else is either good, or should be good but ruined by heads/armour/pose, just one thing that messes up the model.

  • I do have an exalted vermin lord, i'll put them together tomorrow At worse the bishop could be unit filler.

  • sorry image fail. the models are still drying, so there is a scaled down bishop. Then the failed model in comparison to an abomination and a normal model.

  • Quote from jb195: “@Shugdaddy I bought the sculpts from a 3rd party printer and was worried they will turn up and not be fit for the models I want because I find it hard to judge just looking at the picture, is the Bishop big enough for a vermin demon then? Realised the troops sculpts are 32mm so I'm guessing he'll look huge next to clanrats? ” I think it should be, it's a 75mm model so will fill the base size, just not as big as GW ones. I have a failed print of one (ran out of resin so lost so…

  • I backed the patreon so have the collection. The priest is quite the big boy so would have to be a vermin daemon or equivalent. (I've just printed a scaled down version for unit fillers or to ride a pendulum. From the images I think the bile rat may be bigger than current abom models so might depend on base. The broodmother is about the same size as the priest so could be an abom. They are some top class designs.

  • Hi everyone! The DE Lab Team is asking for specific feedback on the rule "Irresistible Will" for the Warlock Outcast. For reference, "Irresistible Will" is a Universal Rule for Warlock Outcasts and provided the following bonus: "The Casting Values of spells cast by the model are increased by +1. Dispelling rolls against spells cast by the model suffer a -2 modifier." If you have a minute, please fill out the quick 3-question survey that best categorizes you as a player: For Non DE Players forms.…

  • Hi all, below should be all the VS lists from the Who 8 my Wings 4500pt team tourney for discussion. I think Nate has my favourite list. Thomas "Scrub" Ahlich 870 - Vermin Daemon, General 715 - Magister, Wizard Master, Witchcraft, Light Armour, Doom Bell 215 - Chief, Battle Standard Bearer (Legion Standard), Light Armour, Binding Scroll 620 - 50 Vermin Guard, Standard Bearer (Banner of the Endless Swarm), Musician, Champion 445 - 58 Rats-at-Arms, Spear, Standard Bearer (Banner of the Endless Swa…

  • Bit late to the party, but here are the VS lists from the current Scottish Championships event. It's a field of 70 players. You can follow the results here. Christopher Crawford - Vermin Swarm 870 - Vermin Daemon, General 805 - Plague Patriarch, Wizard Adept, Occultism, Light Armour (Putrid Protection), Plague Flail, Dragonfire Gem, Plague Pendulum 315 - Chief, Vermin Hulk Bodyguard, Battle Standard Bearer (Banner of the Endless Swarm), Light …

  • Some excellent models there.

  • Quote from skipschnit: “Unless I’m missing something in the wording, the assassins do not have to be deployed in the same unit. They only work better when together. I also believe (I’ll have to go over RAW v RAI, well RCT will at the end), they do not have to be deployed at the same time. Remove a model, place an assassin. I’m sure we will end up with some restrictions. Also as a use of “triad” just means “group of three”. I’m old enough to know the other use of this in the game …

  • Quote from LostCause: “Shaun, you know I didn’t mean it ” You also leaked my plans of pushing everything forward quickly But you did pick me to win hope you didn't put money on it...

  • I'd like to leave some positive feedback, but comments made by some so-called professional podcast hosts were a disgrace! Paul and Ed were excellent

  • The Scottish Championships 2021

    Shugdaddy - - Tournaments


    Excellent work Ed

  • Quote from Derfnik87: “can you put daniel winter down on the reserve list as well please jordan ” We going for a full spotty dog tabletop standard reunion?

  • Can you sign up Kevin Bromley as well please Jordan.

  • Sign me up please Jordan - Shaun Hughes

  • All sorted now. Justflo had to set up timed posts for every army, so a little mistake happened. This is a combination of the points changes with the requests we made post points change.

  • 1. Agreeing with others, veil serpents need some help whether it's via manifestations or points. 2. When the scourge is taken, it's hard to take advantage of Aves. Is there a way to reduce his impact as opposed to a flat % increase which could be exploited. 3. A lot of the manifestation prices could do with tweaking across the book to encourage variation. Hard to narrow it down to just one unit.