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  • That’s the mierce guy I mentioned in the first post. There are scorpions in Greek mythology, that’s true. I mean, heck, one of the astrological signs is Scorpio. I guess I was just overthinking it. Here’s some background, just for fun. (Note: this is not official) In ancient times, as part of the funerary rites, it was traditional to place coins over the eyes, or on the tongues of the dead. These were to pay the ferryman, Charon, so that he would guide the departed soul across the river Styx, an…

  • When I came home today, there was a package waiting for me. In case anyone is wondering about the base being thicker, I drilled holes in the bottom, and inserted magnets. The other bases will have sheet magnets attached to the bottom, which will add some thickness, and they’ll be on movement trays. In the end, with the basing material on top, the difference won’t be noticeable. 9YR2huJ.jpg I also have these two old scorpions. I’m thinking of using them. Maybe I’ll paint them up as bronze. I’m ju…

  • Almost ready to prime. Just have 10 more skeletons to build, and a horn to improvise for the shabtis. I’m thinking of giving the archers the small shields, and ordering a pack of hoplons from victrix. Then I’m just waiting for the other packages to arrive. For basing, I have a Greek greenstuff roller. I’m going to do some air dry clay, and crack it up. I’ll use broken pieces as rubble, along with some sand mixed with pebbles...maybe some tufts. eizQAO1.jpg

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    Haha, I like it!

  • Something to whet your appetites: Zv3bqMI.jpg

  • There are a few reasons. The main one is cost. For the basic skeletons, the price is almost the same, but I already had a box of the Wargames Atlantic ones, and the styles don’t match very well. With the shabtis, I considered Lubart, but then I found those 40mm hoplites, and they were just so much cheaper. I also prefer plastic over resin, and I get some extra pieces with the plastic kits. I don’t mind resin for the odd character, or monster, but I prefer not to do full units in resin if I have …

  • Hey folks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly on the forums, but I have a project going that has me feeling energized. I’m sure most of you have seen the excellent skeleton kit made by Wargames Atlantic. This is the starting point for my project. I currently have one box, and three more on the way. They will serve as my core for now. WA has also discussed some cavalry and chariots as possible expansions for the skeletons. Until then, spears and bows will have to suffice. I also made a…

  • Hey all, I have just started a new thread for questions. If you’ve already posted a question here, don’t worry, I will compile everything, but from now on, please use the new thread. Ask the Sage - 9th Scroll

  • Ask the Sage - 9th Scroll

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    To start off, apologies that there was no Ask the Sage article in the latest scroll. There has been some turnover in the staff of the 9th Scroll, but we are committed to reviving and continuing that series. With that in mind, we thought it might be good to start a new thread, and start fresh. I know how difficult it can be to converse in a language that is not your mother tongue. Therefore, in order to be as inclusive as possible, I want to let you know that you can absolutely submit your questi…

  • Quote from Dan: “God I love those Agincourt foot knights. ” Yeah, they really hit it out of the park with the Agincourt plastics. Quote from Lord Marcus: “Thank you. I hadn't thought about those as a possible unit. ” True enough, that kit is great for RPG NPCs, but I think it can make a good unit as well.

  • FF, Perry, FF, Perry 2sx9vyB.jpg WGA, FF, Perry, FF, Perry, Perry, Frostgrave gBuFJoR.jpg Perry, FF, Perry 568L0Ey.jpg Perry, FF, Perry 1lerSON.jpg Fireforge hands and weapons are a little bit bigger. I’d still say they mix fine though.

  • Quote from Lord Marcus: “As the primary research historian for the conquistador set, I look forward to seeing what the community can come up with. ” That’s awesome! I think having some single handed sword arms will certainly help with kit bashing opportunities. On another note, I personally recommend the Fireforge plastic Folk Rabble for flagellants. I’ll post a scale picture with them alongside some Perry’s if anyone is interested.

  • Quote from Lord Marcus: “I can tell you we really appreciate how the community has been receptive to the kits. ” I can tell you right now, I’m waiting for more skeletons (cav, chariots) to do a full Undying Dynasties army. On topic: I’m also going to pick up some of those renaissance Spanish to kit bash with my warlord plastic landsknechts for a new empire army.

  • I have some Wargames Atlantic skeletons, and some Irish. I’ll take a scale picture tonight. They have so many great kits coming. They’re becoming one of the most interesting companies to watch lately.

  • Where’s part 3?