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  • Oh yes. His hatred wasn´t directed at anybody but at the painstaking painting of horsebacks. I have painted a lot of horses and know what he was talking about.

  • Quote from Platepolish: “Will never paint another horseback in my life ” MrMalorian, the canadian wargamer, once made a video about painting horses(for his bretonnians). The headline of the video was "Share my hatred".

  • Wow, the HRE characters Look fantastic

  • I hear the same scream, but then that´s why he was hesitant in the first place. Some will like them. And those who are hard core conditioned on the old GW asthetics(like me) won´t

  • And until you have found someone to meet on the Battlefield, you can discuss tactics with us and optimize your list for the maximum amount of fun and destruction of heretic forces - Welcome to Sonnstahl

  • Quote from Taki: “I don't have amazon, is it worth buying it? ” Probably not because of "el cid" alone, but there´s also Taboo or Turn(Washington´s spies), some nice historical stuff(and fantasy like carnivale´s row). Not to mention Vikings

  • Quote from Herminard: “I had my EoS dream list in 2017 - when I spent a year with the then weakest book to get best EoS in ETC with it. Only to have the build get absolutely demolished. ” But right now that old list of yours would not only be possible again but cheaper by a landslide? Since our infantry got cheaper(guardsmen and heavies) and command groups as well, your TVI approach should have won even additional units... Guess you´d take double mortar plus double cannon instead of three mortar…

  • Quote from PTG - Hyper-G: “it won’t be long before a 2nd & 3rd Warhall battle with myself taking command of EoS will follow. ” Great news, looking forward to that Regarding your last game... (Hidden Content)

  • More empire battles to watch in the meantime: General Christiansen brings us all 5 games from the New Year Revolution Team tournament- with 90 flagellants After a rough start, he´ll strike fear into the hearts of his enemies: 9th Age Battle Report New Years Revolution Round 1 - YouTube And I somehow missed a Heloween battle report from @Obsidiananubis, featuring a very atmospheric and close battle against murderous Dread Elves: Battle Report 61 - YouTube Finally, the PTG guys Hyper-G and Lucky-S…

  • Thanks a bunch @Tobi_Tobsen

  • Quote from Searingash: “Any model recommended for inquisitor on horse? ” mountedwitchhunter_1024x1024@2x.jpg 6.50$ at Two Idiots printing service from @Lord Marcus

  • Unfortunately not. I´d like to see all lists, we can extract EOS later on.

  • @Herminard Do you have a link for us where we can find all the army lists from the "who ate my wings" tournament? thanks in advance, empire brother-in-arms

  • Quote from Lord Marcus: “Hobgoblin cataphracts from Caballero miniatures available now from TIPS ” As if I need a fifth army. If they were just mediocre I wouldn´t care but now I´m in trouble

  • Quote from Herminard: “And you still think I have a bid for the objective with so much of my scoring dead...? ” Jep- You got 6 scoring units and can afford to lose some. Draw on the objective should be doable(at least).

  • Looks like your sun griffons can fight most of his stuff, apart from the two flying monstrosities. Which find their counter in your deathstar and the odd lucky steam cannon shot Don´t see a bright day for the heavy infantry though. prediction two of them dead at the end of the game. The hellmaw is the unknown factor in the calculation- if used well it can be a pain. Otherwise 13:7 to the Savage Sage Empire. @Peacemaker Come to think about it, I have to row back somewhat from my latest statement.…

  • Quote from Herminard: “What armies should I fear the most?? ” Hmmm, since you have lots of cav- those vermin with 120 spearmen and 18 jezzails seem nasty.

  • Agree with the first part of your statement, "empire was always decent" is debatable though. Despite pairing process, good vs. bad matchups and individual skill, Empire faired statistically bad for years in big team and Single tournaments, sometimes very bad. Consecutive last places some years ago at ETC if I remember correcty. The statistics indicate they now have a fair fighting chance if not slightly favorable odds. Team tournaments and statistics are only one part of the picture. I have been…

  • Quote from Herminard: “How weak are EoS considered these days? ” Empire was the 2nd strongest army at the New Year Revolution team tourney, that´s probably the best placement since the days of the light council in V 1.2(?) You know to take it with a grain of salt since there were some exceptional empire generals attending, but then that didn´t help in the past either, right? I can´t imagine a better point in time for the savage sage to surround his opponents with detachments galore once again At…

  • Quote from Filthor: “Also I added this little lady that I had completely forgot about: ” Would be a shame if you forgot her- looks great