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  • Constantly five dicing comet feels pretty fitting to VS to me. If some dudes get sucked into the void then they were weaker anyway. When it comes down and maims your own troops, well, they were in the wrong spot and deserved it for running ahead to steal all the loot. In all seriousness, if you take the WoG build the you’ll be handing your opponent 400+ points each game in miscasts. So you’re already down 11-9 before you start.

  • Quote from Kriegschmidt: “Thanks @LordNelson. The ideal model would be if a Tyranid Trygon or Mawloc was smaller... ” have you looked through the world of 3D printing? Often there are Tyrinid-like models out there which can be scaled down.

  • Quote from arwaker: “I have the feeling that there are a lot of concepts floating around, which might work for them in a vacuum, but currently not working is the combination. And as long as the book is just a set of individual elements, dysfunctional or op in combination, there is still a lot of rough tuning (not fine tuning) left to do before the book can be tested in public. ” from memory when the WDG LAB was going through it's various iterations there were a few "we need to rethink this" mome…

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Fleshbeast - - General Discussion


    Quote from Art_of_War: “I think the imperial Griffon is also a contender for GW's worst sculpt. The proportions seem so wrong that the Griffon either took too many steroids or is a case for the Weightwatchers. I also don't like the big breast armor plate and the pose of the beast, which covers the rider almost fully. 99120202030_KarlFranzonDeathclawLead.jpg ” I always felt that whoever sculpted that griffon had never seen a bird other than a chicken before. Double down on that lack of true shape…

  • Thanks mate! Will have to give it a go. I wouldn’t have picked the AK Interactive Grime and wipe away method. Interesting!

  • Quote from Inn0c: “Working on some new Chosen Knights. I wanted to try some new techniques and products, so I painted up one of them before doing the rest. (Hidden Content) ” That is a seriously great looking knight. Awesome colour choices and method on the armour. That is absolutely inspirational (and aspirational) for me... damn. If you have time for a quick blurb on your method (both choosing the scheme and painting it) I’d be keen to hear it!

  • there is something to the visual of an elf riding through the misty forest at fast pace on horse / stag / elk / hawk taking aim as they come to pace with their quarry, pausing theatrically before they fire... and abruptly getting taken out by a low branch.

  • Exponential attacks makes sense to me. Attacking as one of three sees a significantly greater chance to land a hit due to: 1. the reduced amount of time the individual has to defend against each individual attack. (would equate to lower DS) 2. Fewer attacks coming from the defender as they concentrate on defence. (Doesn’t really work with the CC mechanic) 3. the reduced amount of time needing to be spent on defence by attackers (equates to more attacks and fits with the guidelines for the factio…

  • Adam Battle reports

    Fleshbeast - - Battle Reports


    A while back there was a bit of noise around its cost and hence it being non-optimal. Maybe your opponent bought into that headspace? For myself, I end up having it as the must stop spell of any given phase as I have to commit so much more to any combat just to offset the possibility that it might get used. It’s game impact is immense imo.

  • I don’t understand why people are worried that these guys blend some elite infantry. Our rats have always been good against elite infantry and our characters have always been able to pump out a couple of extra attacks. There is probably some balancing to go with these guys but I doubt that we are going to be able to create a deathstar or anything similar. That means there’s counterplay which we don’t currently see.

  • Quote from Kopistar: “Nah. But 15A off5 + paired weapon, S4 AP3 agi 8 hurt a lot of high valued R&F. Ask 10 warrior of the dark gods how they feel about it. That's 5 wound ap3. Ask any knight how they feel about it. That's 6 woundd on ryma knight. Saving at 5+. Maybe there is something wrong against regular R&F. Altough if cost is high enough not that much. I would still give then a go this way ” So considering price it’s pretty balanced then... - the Ryma Knights should never be chargin…

  • Quote from trulyelse: “Quote from DemonLordDave: “Not commenting on whether they’re too good or not, but don’t forget the multiple wounds(2) ” 15 attacks, off 6 vs def 6 is a 4+ to hit.Str 4 vs Res 3 is a 3+ to wound. AP 3 vs Arm 4 is a 6+ to save. The percentage chance of doing the necessary 3 damage to kill a mounted Prince is 94.86% ... 87.81% if he has a shield. This is of course assuming the Prince didn't kill any of them before they acted, considering this is the Daeb we're talking about a…

  • VS magic in the LAB

    Fleshbeast - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    From memory the Vermin Demon only got access to Divination because it was a Demon. So we may not have access to that lore at all in the LAB. While I agree that more flexible access to magic makes for better and more varied list building I feel that fluff rules this conversation. Writing the fluff to support the desired level of magic availability and ease of access is key.

  • The problem with adding cost for the second and third is that then you are forced to put them all in the same unit as otherwise you’ve paid for attacks you’re not getting. I could see something like taking two models off for the third assassin in a unit as that is probably then one that tips them over to being as strong as a normal character. I love the fluff of having the opposite of professional courtesy. Very ratty.

  • Great entry and spoiler. Feels really fluffy. My hesitation around pistols has already been dealt with by the looks of it, though my objection is more around the noise a pistol males than anything modeling related. I would be keen to see some additional customisation also but can see where initial pricing could be problematic.

  • I could see a bias based on “winner logs the game” being a thing.

  • @Little Joe @Scylla Thanks both. I’ve reached out on Facebook (don’t have Twitter) and will see what they come back with. Appreciate your quick response.

  • Quote from Scylla: “Atlantis Miniatures has launched a KS campaign dedicated to Ogres and Ogresses:…atlantis-miniatures-ogres…atlantis-miniatures-ogres ” Does anyone know if Atlantis Miniatures is still in existence/operating? I purchased a mini (Shaman) from their web page at the beginning of January and received an autogenerated purchase confirmation immediately after. I reached out at the end of Jan and again earlier this week to a…

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “ Quote from rambage: “It's still extremely good for me ” Minimum sized PB unit, medium or big? ” medium usually as I don’t find the large unit to be effective and I like the fluff of having a few bodies around it. The WarPlatform rules make any unit around a decent sized WarPlatform to be ineffective above Min size imo.

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Fleshbeast - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Does anyone know if Atlantis Miniatures is still filling orders? I purchased a Shaman from them at the beginning of January but can’t seem to get a response from their customer service.