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  • Why I'm shelving my T 5 dudes or why I'm dropping a couple of leagues? :p Terracotta is quite boring to play for a long time. I got about 45 battles with them in the past month and a half and that's quite enough. Dropping a couple of leagues? Well, I am not bad, but not top class best of the world caliber. Terracotta could carry me a bit, but now I'll just enjoy myself and learn some new tricks

  • That would be me, I played the same list as I entered the W8MW tourney :). -> full on, no joke terracotta (Caradyn is my discord tag and WoW character name :p ) EDIT: I'm going to retire from terracotta for a while btw, so I'll probably drop a couple of leagues

  • If you search on Tourneykeeper: Statistics -> Score by codex, you'll find a lot of information about the results per army

  • It also has to be said that UD is clearly the top preformer of the tourney! Not what I had expected beforehand though.

  • SA LAB

    IHDarklord - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Folomo: “Maybe amazonnians as a supplement? ” Supplements are meant to explore elements of the LAB there wasn't enough design space to cover in LAB. ” Eh? So far supplements only have quite superficial design in Common with their parent books, so why not? ” I take offence to this! Give it a couple more weeks and hopefully I can present you a supplement that's beyond your wildest dreams!

  • UD in "Who 8 My Wings"

    IHDarklord - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from Palmu: “When will I learn not to play Sphinxes? Every year, it looks like I pick them up once thinking that they can't fail me THIS time, which they then proceed to do and I decide to never touch them again. So I guess I'll be complaining about the same thing next winter. ” Such a shame, the coolest models in the game. But never worth their points.

  • Hello Pharaohs! UD is well represented in this next tournament by team US. 24 teams, with 8 players per team. UD is represented 10 times total! Here are the lists, enjoy: Niklas Persson – Can't W8 to be Wing (Hidden Content) Jere Jukka – Frozen Lions (Hidden Content) Alberto Perez – Guardia Varega (Hidden Content) Gianluca "johnny sins" Carapellese - QTL (Hidden Content) Ladislav "Kyrys" Zich – Rota Nazdar (Hidden Content) David Abarzuza ”Xico” - Spanish Villain Mercenaries (Hidden Content) Guy …

  • 2 options in my eyes: 225 - 15 Necropolis Guard, Shield, Standard Bearer, Musician Spam this to your hearts content! OR 592 - 26 Necropolis Guard, Terracotta, Shield, Standard Bearer (Banner of the Relentless Company), Musician, Champion Spam this to your hearts content!

  • Thank you for considering the different things we as a community requested. Very much appreciated!

  • As long as we don't have the exact copy of each other's spell I think that's fine. Although the VC spell doesn't 'fit' in the army that much. The 'right' thing to do to balance the UD H would probably be to wiggle with the Ressurest numbers of each unit. (Going to 1 per turn for characters and Gigantic units, and going down to 1 for large units and stuff) That way you achieve the same goal as you would now (limiting the healing), but it doesn't cut into our magic phase feeling.

  • If you take a Pro Master and Adept and you use the Hereditary 5-8 times in a game (attempt it, not succesfully cast it), it wouldn't be a great success :). it's mightily hard to balance and it's not overly weak. Our main complaint is that it's unfun to use. Having to spend more resources to raise as undead seems so wrong.

  • Turn 1 and 2 I rarely use the H. Turn 3,4 and 5 if it would be relevant. Usually once or twice per turn. So that totals to between 5 and 8 times per game? The hierophant ability comes in once or twice, not often. I wouldn't put it on a master either.

  • UD (unofficial) LAB

    IHDarklord - - New army books


    Quote from Folomo: “ ” 1) - Incantations in a non-standard magic phase form. Doesn't have to be that exact itteration, but I do like the 'relentlessness and uniqueness' of it. - Obelisk, I always imagined having a pyramid/obelisk which would be immovable in the army, great - The drop of mass-poison (and somewhat lethals) in the army. Those rules are usually unfun for the opponent and are more luck than skill based. 2) - The Underground Ambush (x) number. Makes me think of the Fires of Industry o…

  • UD (unofficial) LAB

    IHDarklord - - New army books


    Quote from Folomo: “Quote from IHDarklord: “(Hidden Content) ” There is a post in the Brainstorm thread. You think this needs a link in the general thread too? Yeah, I missed that one untill it was too late, nvm my uninformed *ss xD. Quote from IHDarklord: “(Hidden Content) ” Not being a native speaker definitely doesn't help.Any suggestion on how we can make it clearer? "Choose up to 3 friendly units within 18". For each units, pay 2 Veil Tokens. For each unit, Raise a number of HP equal to the…

  • UD (unofficial) LAB

    IHDarklord - - New army books


    First of all: Very nice! This sounds like a book I could get behind, a lot of fun and interactive stuff here. Some stuffs I would change personally, but not all that much. Secondly: You should get a link to this thread in the UD forums, we need as many people as possible to read through this :D. Thirdly: I read through it and have some remarks (typos, powerlevel stuffs, additional ideas,...) - (Major) Restoration: This could probably use a rewording, I had to read through it a couple of times to…

  • Roman's Battle Reports

    IHDarklord - - User Blogs


    It's good to see a game again you played a while ago. I learned some things I should have done differently :).

  • Are you keeping the Snake(s) in? I'm torn between more utility and these guys.

  • I've seen one of his games against a fellow Belgian SA. He played that game very patiently and punished mistakes while trying to outmanouver with the banners on the NG. Depends a lot on the match your playing I guess, against a CC based army, you have that luxury.

  • I'm interested in seeing how well I was able to predict this match too xD

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “…iL3C2B60/edit?usp=sharing Here you go sir! Happy reading! ”