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  • DH vs HE 17:3 Dawn Assault and Capture the Flags MVP: seekers + DW star LVP: none (Hidden Content)

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    ravenfouks - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    My small report and thanks to Fraf in the tournament DE vs DH The game was very quick i lose 16 - 4 i didn' protect correct my Flame Cannon and lose them turn one. He took the objectif... So logique defeat. It was a very difficult game for me, the only satisfaction the team we loose finish first of the tournament wink.png ID vs DH 12 - 8 Quick game also, we didn't really move, it was magic against shooting and at the last magic step he destroyed more than me ... neutral objectif VS vs DH 13 - 7 …

  • there are my hold gardian