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    Elpeji - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “If I may, I'm not convinced by this argument at all. ” Not my words. That was ironic because I'm tired to read that every where.

  • ID General Chat

    Elpeji - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “What could be a good solution to solve the Gunnery issue? I mean, the new design is not bad. It's just that its mandatoryness is a little frustrating. In my opinion it should be possible to deploy the weapons separately with -1 St and Ap and at a minor FoI cost. So the starting weapon is an independent Gunnery Team with -1 St and Ap and FoI 1, but it can add Mechanised support, War Platform and +1 St and Ap, becoming FoI 2. We got rid of the ammos, so there's space le…

  • Quote from Velux: “VC is an other matter, their H spell only focus on raise and is not combined with augment spell, they can heal a lot, but won't get any buff in exchange, or blast your opponent. ” That's right, VC just need one Necro/Vamp per Hereditary, and in the fact, your character's point is very important in VC and they are the most important models in your army. The truth is that effectively, we can raise a lot of model per H, like 16 Zombies with a 12 on 2d6 roll but well, 16 Zombies i…

  • I deal with the SH with Pyro and shoot. For flamethrowers, we have access to a lot of possibility to RR to wound with them. So they are good against a lot of armies like elves for example who don't like when you wound 4+ rr and they just have a 5+arm then. And well, two flamethrowers just cost 290pts.

  • Hello there ! I've done my last game of a three weeks tournament on UB and well, I have thinked that it'll be a great idea to do a little report about the performances of my list. First, let's talk about the tourney : 4500pts. 3 games. 16 teams of 5 players (so 80 players) Number of Armies : (Hidden Content) Now it's time for my list : (Hidden Content) My first opponent is an OnG with this list : (Hidden Content) On the paper I see a passive game where i can put between 8 and 12 pts. The objecti…

  • Thank you. I have the same reasoning. Unintended but not broken I think.

  • The question is quite simple : Does the vassal steed benefit from the battle focus given by the bound or broken rule ?!

  • We all want something different from the VC book and that's cool because it's seems there is a lot of lists we can make. So it's not illogical that we want different discount. But we all know the internal balance is just horrible. In the meta, we have 4 weapons to kill monster cowboy : SH Monster hunter Occultism plus arcane knowledge Darkcoach One day, we ll have a LAB for our vampire, just be patients and help the team to go in the right direction.

  • 2021 Map Pack Contest

    Elpeji - - General Discussion


    Elpeji Map Pack ! ¨prepare to fight v3.204

  • The only thing VC really needs is the LAB. And a break wth all this old GW's rules (Like UD) BUT, until this will happens : 1 . VC's infantry needs to be more attractive. And min size needs to be up. Zombie 30min. Ske 20min. Ghouls 15min. Guards 15min. With this, a point reduction on min size. 2 . In an old time, Suffering was cool. Take it back. Phantom Host : Light troops, 4 support attacks (like Bat swarms) Spectral Hunters : Reaper back or Vanguard. Wraiths : PPM reduction 3 . Just stop eval…

  • I hope you ll take all the list from the UB tournament @Just_Flo because I play a CV list that's so flavourfull.

  • T9A lore videos

    Elpeji - - General Discussion


    That's a good idea. Listen is easier than read for a lot of player, like me for example. All you need to create this sort of content is : - Some good artwork to put in - A good voice (very important) We can give artwork but for the voice, it's dependant of the volunteer.

  • Point changes can do a lot. We ll see that

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Stable before or stable till? ” Stable before

  • Excuse me @WhammeWhamme but we have in France the biggest tournament of the year with 300+ players. I ll play ID and I want to know if the book will be stable before end of September to give list to the staff.

  • @Gomio OK. Can someone compile all ideas in a summary to not create 2 similar spells?! I personally love the idea to smoke the battlefield. Maybe create an opaque wall for 1 turn that give soft cover to units in contact to the front of it.

  • That's a topic about hereditary no?!

  • Love this I have another army you know. But all ideas are good to take I think.

  • I just give my 2 cents In fact give a nerf to the range is a problem for ID player if he wants to put it on his units to benefit from soft cover/hard target. And if he puts it on enemy units to nerf range, he ll have more problem to hit him.

  • Maybe a - 1 to hit is a bit flavorless. If you want something to help ID to go in combat. Something like magmatic push : All friendly units at 6 move forward 1d3 / 1d6 inches