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  • Quote from SunnyD: “Could anyone please explain to the dense people in the back of the classroom such as myself when we actually may expect the new army book? I'm new and trying to learn the game and desperately want to play rat-boys, but I don't want to go through learning the mechanics of a system that's about to be completely changed. Any "general" ideas? One month? One week? One year? ” You should be quite fine to get started. The fundamentals of the army won't change, except some units will…

  • Engineer on weapon team groups? Oof! That's a nice one. The other ones are also quite nice, though Alchemist is underwhelming. It's basically a one time Know Thine Enemy, but worse. I wonder what the secret weapon is that this guy can wield, though... Hopefully something cool making up for the lackluster ability.

  • No, because they don't gain Ensouled Statue unlike most of the Terracotta troops.

  • In line with the self-destructive nature of rats, I wouldn't mind seeing an added penalty to miscasting with 5 dice, if that's something that would make us less inclined to spam powerful spells. For instance, here's an idea that might perhaps go along with the background: Given that rats have a short life-span, they never get to master level wizards. However, that means that for a rat, an Adept is a master of the magic arts and they would perhaps pay more attention to this level of sorcerer than…

  • Quote from Jon: “Love the design! Does this mean theres no normal master lvl wizard in the book? ” From the looks of it, this entry combines the the Magister and Plague Patriarch into one entry and introduces the rule of plague infected (can we expect this rule for other entries as well?). That being said, we still don't know what's going on with the Vermin Daemon.

  • Quote from Nicreap: “So is it correct you can buy three adepts and take wrath of god three times? If so what's to keep you from 5 dicing wrath each turn with cheap expendable wizards? ” tumblr_prtnn6odY01r2to8go1_400.gifv I do not see a problem here.

  • IANAL but legally there's nothing that prevents you from showing off your own models, you just can't say "I made these all on my own" or "These models are official T9A models" or "I hold the rights to these models". It's more a question of the brand. If we say "we're a model agnostic game" but then show a website full of GW models and almost nothing else, then that message rings hollow. I've previously said that I would want to see things like LotR-themed T9A armies. If you can point to a LotR-t…

  • Quote from Remy77077: “So, something like this? 50912797812_9eaa93e09b_c.jpg I'm just one guy doing this for my own fun... and it's actually a lot of work to get even the images I've managed to do, and I know they still aren't the greatest - I've got more ideas for improvements in future though! ” This is a good image and anyone taking images of similar quality at this point will have these images featured somewhere if they want, because we really want more shots like these, especially of larger…

  • We've had multiple calls for user-submitted large-scale pictures before but without much luck. We've had better luck with army or partial army photos for the website though, which is a positive. Getting good images requires a decent amount of thought and set-up. It's not just about arranging the minis and taking a picture. You'll need to think about background, lighting, colours, angles, depth etc.

  • Quote from Two Hands: “People play 9th Age because they want an updated and live version of 8th edition. If you stray to much from that identity, people will just go back to 8th. I know I, my game-club and my friends will. ” I doubt we're keeping track of these things, but I haven't seen any indication that 9th is losing players to WHFB 8th. And I don't think most people play T9A for an updated and live 8th edition. What's your opinion on WAP? That'd be your go-to for... well, exactly what you s…

  • Quote from Two Hands: “ Why focus on creating entirely new lore and art when you can bill yourself as: "WHFB, but revived and improved in all regards". I believe that it would really help to rope in the new Warhammer-fans from the video games that are interested in the tabletop, but are disappointed that they would have to get into a dead (and worse) game, that not many people play anymore. ” @Folomo made a legal point about this which isn't illegitimate because things like copyright law is dumb…

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Hombre de Mundo - - General Discussion


    Speaking of rats, anyone thought this guy looked awesome in the blister only to find out... iuiu The sculpt itself isn't bad at all, it's the damn pose. Like, what is he supposed to be doing here?

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Hombre de Mundo - - General Discussion


    The entire bonereapers series is pretty bad and the soulmason on the legged throne is definitely one of the worst: 99120207080_OBRMortisanSoulmason01.jpg If this had been a goofy 4th edition character it could've been kinda fun but for AoS... blegh. I'd also like to nominate this guy from the same range: 99120207075_OBRGothizzarHarvester02.jpg The front isn't so bad, kinda looks like an undead rat ogre or something with some decent bulk, armour and hand weapons, but then you have this little guy…

  • Unofficial Godzilla Monopoly

    Hombre de Mundo - - Other Games


    Two months ago a couple of friends were on Discord and we talked about Monopoly for some reason. Then, my wife said there was a Godzilla edition and I immediately thought "wow, what could that be like?". Turns out, it's just vanilla Monopoly with Godzilla-themed pieces. Well, that's lame. But I kept thinking about it. What would a proper Godzilla Edition of Godzilla look like? Is it even possible to reconcile the inherent contradictions in a game about property building and a monster who's favou…

  • Quote from Echunia: “For an army to truly feel like "barrow", "terracotta" or "Pyramid legion" then it would have different strengths and weaknesses. ” Indeed. The project has done great work with the Auxiliary books and it should just keep getting better. Terracotta in particular has so much potential to be a uniquely themed auxiliary book, drawing from Asian mythology and giving the UD core a new, fresh supporting cast of strange and wonderful creatures from the far east.

  • Oof, ska bli spännande att se vad Teutogen Guard landar på.

  • SA LAB

    Hombre de Mundo - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    What about an Alpha Carnosaur ridden by a regular Carnosaur, carrying a Palaquin, ridden by a Caiman, ridden by a Saurian Veteran ridden by a Skink Priest, carrying a baby Cuatl?

  • Quote from Eldan: “That was almost certainly the Doom Blade, yes. I guess it's our equivalent of Nagash getting stabbed in Warhammer. That said, the Doomblade shows that the Republic has the technology to make swords with divine attacks. Presumably, assassins have a lesser version of that. ” Yeah, I'm thinking exactly this. Also, consider what special saves like Aegis are meant to represent in many cases: mystical or extraordinary abilities that seemingly grant the bearer an unnatural resistance…

  • I think you're missing the point. Ganging up on a single target is meant to be powerful, but then you've also put all your eggs in a single basket and you'll have no more character-killers to reveal in other units. Keep in mind that other VS characters will likely be nerfed as well. Your tyrants will probably not be able to go toe to toe with other characters. Ganging up 3v1 will give you more damage output in the short run but has long-term consequences.

  • Warhall of the Arts

    Hombre de Mundo - - General Discussion


    Hope this one's okay, not sure how you're handling bases and such. But it's probably the best photo I have of a well-painted model. Submitted by: Hombre de Mundo Name: Vermin Daemon Category: paint/build I guess. honestly don't care about prizes, just would like to have a model in the game Source: Games Workshop, (dino head by Titan Forge) (Hidden Content)