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  • Good ! we dont have much WDG picture, i will use your patrol with pleasure.

  • Quote from Remy77077: “it's a volunteer project. If you want to help speed any part of the process up, you know how! (eg: I helped out collating the OnG lore together to put on the website. No I wasn't part of any team for it, I just saw a thread discussion and offered to help. For many factions I think they are still waiting for someone to offer to help?). ” I jump on the opportunity to try to recruit people to finish this task ! I can see KOE, ID , DL, UD, VC, WDG still need to be done ! If th…

  • Quote from bas_2312: “On the other side it's hard to completement the stuff that's already there if you have to dig through 20 magazines (what's T9A White Dwarf called again?) to actually find snippets of the background. ” All fluff published as been gather and put on the website, classified with tag on the world page, or gather per faction, into each faction page. You dont have to dig into 9th scroll since month now ^^. @Henrypmiller Do this task is finished for all faction ? And do somebody ke…

  • I just past reaction to a better place Quote from Klaudel: “I’ve read the released background supplement and it reads smoothly but I have to say I’m lost. I simply have a hard time understanding what those names mean. There is no map, no historical timeline, no glossary. I cannot put it into any historical, political, cultural or even geographical context. Are there any other texts require to be read before this supplement to better understand where and when is it all taking place? Are there any…

  • @Winterwar-WDH Thanks for the feedback. I know its your legitime vision, but i still would like to respond .2 Its true, maybe our community, lack of humility .. But As a community project, we cant be mitigate. We need to put all our love into the project, and consider to be the best Well because its required for self-motivation, and because maintain this project alive, require lot of effort, so lot of motivation. About competitive aspect, its true it was a choice of the departure of the project …

  • Maybe create 2 logo option. - T9a compatible product ( free to use by any companies) - T9a companies support ( need to respect a guideline set by the team ) In exchange support companies could have a premium link into a dédicaced page on the website.

  • Hi, sorry it do not respect the right level of zoom. I want model to be more visible. Look at photo on website, already selected for inspiration. Nice castle by the way.

  • Quote from HighBornAaron: “100% admirable goal, I think outreach really the key component to growth and sustainability. Realistically nearly everything is consumed digitally these days. Having a core YT Channel, arranged by the guys who run and make the game, would be the best start. You could do shows when you do a update to any army books, changes to the core rules, you could have discussions about army books etc. From that channel you could recommend the highest quality battle reports, provid…

  • And be sure not all player read 9thscroll. my personal estimation is around 25.000 (which is 100% subjective) player in the world including competitive, and really occasional player (1,2 games per years)

  • Speed of 9th Age Development

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    Quote from Giladis: “Suffice to say there is no shortage of people willing or capable of doing mechanics design, yet there is a severe lack of people needed to transform those written designs into publications - graphic designers and artists. The Project is always happy to recruit more of those. ” I think the solution, is that more T9A member take lesson of drawing saint.png ( I saw really bad artist becoming pro in only 2 years of intensive work ! ) And about design, like layout, its somehting …

  • Movement trays

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    I do them myself Bought some plastic cards of around 1,5mm cut them at the right size, and cut 3 border to glued them with plastic glue on the base. then I bought some self adhesive ferrous paper on eBay. Put it on top. To allow magnet on model. and bought magnetic paper. Put it on bottom. To magnétisé move tray itself for my transportation case.

  • Is it your army ? Will be a pleasure to fill the Dl gallery with some of them.

  • Quote from durion: “Lots of great discussion here! when explaining new rules, even to my regular gaming buddy, I always summarize them, ignoring all the conditions which we can look up later. I always thought there should be this doubling of the rules - the basic and the explanation ” Thnaks to @JimMorr this should become soon reality

  • Quote from bas_2312: “Is that true? To me the rules for terrain still look very similar to the old Warhammer rules, with exception of the True Line of Sight rule. I feel like it's more a issue from the players. People value gameplay over looks, so at tournaments the terrain doesn't have to look good, but has to influence the gameplay. That's why we have the silly mousemat terrain... For really cool armypics we should all have nice backdrops like @Remy77077 uses. It's hard to make pictures of arm…

  • Quote from Blingley: “I think one factor for it is lack of cool army pictures. I know what sold me on Warhammer as a kid was seeing cool-looking armies facing against each other - GW did a great job at this. The armybooks had these great shots of battlefields between factions, often completely inpractical for a game, but it looked super cool. There were also these scenes of the models just walking through a forest getting ready for a battle. I know T9A is model-agnostic, but that could be used t…

  • @Iluvatar @Grimbold Blackhammer Dont know what happend to the file ? Anyway i put the link to forum into the website document to correct this. (for both colored and grayscale card. both was broken.)

  • 2021 Map Pack Contest

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    Quote from fjugin: “Quote from Firthunands91: “Can I get the name of the original creators, please? ” Map 3 Ursa06Map 4 CasP ” Cool a map inspired of my set ! ... But.. I really do not recognize any of my map .. Are you sure its map 4 ? Its based don wich one ? Quote from Dopey: “I friggin love these maps! Well done! ” Thank you. (Sadly for the moment seems my idea to group decor to make it more realisti, isent selectd by team ^^.)

  • I say victory 11-9 And let be positive and imagine the best scenario, you choose first turn, and get a spoil directly with your death star that you keep until the end. And you succeed to make a draw on the fight about the 2 other spoil. So Final result 14-6

  • My prediction small win for you. Temporize at maximum Secure your death star, and make some large move put in trouble your opponent, then pick up your fight well and grab easy and not risky point with death star charge. Remember KoGS always perform bad ^^.. Do not count too much on them, and bring the tank with them. Try to keep your infantry a live for objective, and just bring into figh already existing to just bring CR. Good luck !