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  • Do battleshrines next!

  • Quote from Morrigan: “Nice work, the bird is especially good looking! ” Yeah I'm happy with how it came out. Basically I slapped on a few different contrast paints and got a pretty neat result on the wings

  • T9A: Free Companies

    Jomppexx - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Aww you're not going to post the lists here? I was looking forward to them Marauder's Sword changed to work on any weapon is a good change. On a hand weapon I don't see any reason to take it but on a lance, great weapon, or halberd on the Mercenary Commander it can do some work. I was wondering earlier that including a fighter character or upgrade could be a way to give the weapons someone to use them. You could have the scarred veteran be some kind of Åsklander and give the upgrade +1Str so the…

  • Cannons with a lot of shots also makes me think of cannon batteries or units of them.

  • Finally, at long last, the whole unit is done. The last guys really seemed like a stretch but a lot has been going on and I didn't want to rush them and feel bad about them later. Also, I've started on yet another army which has taken some of my focus The crew's come together ZxuUQU7.jpg p74RgGg.jpg Sort of a bad picture, don't know why this one is so dark uuDc3LF.jpg And a look at the next thing. It's just the beginnings but it will grow with time... dUR9qv0.jpg k356auL.jpg Next I will probably…

  • Insanely good. Love the bases too.

  • I would rather see lower damage but more reliable output. Like cannons that fire twice but deal do multiple wounds 2.

  • T9A: Free Companies

    Jomppexx - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Some thoughts... Potion of Healing seems badly overcosted. If it could be taken by a guy riding a carnosaur I would understand 50 points but on characters stuck on foot with 3HP, res4 and good armour I don't see it being worth it. It's too easy to die before you have a chance to use the healing. Other than that the items are simple but very reasonable. Sword of Carnage lacks someone to wield it with all characters stuck at Str4 AP1. I think Mercenary Commander options are fun but Merchant Prince…

  • Grumbling on new ID book

    Jomppexx - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Quote from Omarcomin: “Please name the DH playstyle ID cannot do. Matter of fact please name DH playstyles period. ” Special deployment. Majority of DH army can vanguard/ambush/scout if desired, including core units.

  • Your company really makes me want to build a wdg army.

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Two quick questions concerning the Leviathan (DE): 1. Is there a risk the crew will get some ranged weaponry options, or can I safely paint them all with hand weapons? 2. Where do You get the double-charior base for the thing, and does it look like a GW one as far as thickness and angle is concerned? ” I hunt for my bases from greenstuffworld, momminiatures, and

  • Warhall of the Arts

    Jomppexx - - General Discussion


    Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Still waiting on my turntable. I suspect the “based in uk” site I bought them from was actually “based in China” ” Based in UK, produced in China

  • Very nice results once again. I really like the wide palette with lots of different colours, they work well together.

  • Vampire Grail Knights threw me for a loop.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Came up with following list, mostly based on stuff I already have: 490 - Seidhkennar - Master - Shamanism - Light armor - PW - Destiny's Call - Magical Heirloom 445 - Asklander Chief - General - Jarl - Longship raid - War Dais - Spear - Shield - Throwing Weapon - Death Cheater - Eyratoki - Obsidian Rock - Potion of Swiftness 340 - Asklander Chief - BSB - Longship Raid - Great Weapon - Berserker's Pelt and Shield - Throwing Weapon - Essence of mithril - Lucky Charm - Supe…

  • Photos are fine

  • Quote from darkknight109: “Quote from Giladis: “Quote from darkknight109: “The best we can do is either 2+/- or 4+/4++; ” Why not 2+/5++(A) or 2/4++(F) - with both combination possible from at least two different combinations? ” Am I missing something? GK has 0 base armour, but can get heavy armour and another +1 from an Iron Fist, so we're at 4+/- to start with. -Death Cheater will get you to 3+/4++ (F). -Destiny's Call is 4+/4++ (A), but that 4+ is set and cannot be improved, so Iron fist does…

  • Quote from Morrigan: “Quote from Giladis: “Quote from darkknight109: “and lightly armoured (for characters). ” Does this still hold true following the December update to the Arcane Compendium? ” I would say yes. In the current game (and past iterations to even greater degree) a character without arm 6 + special save classifies as lightly armored, at least in my opinion. Of course great khan compensates this with 5 hit points and resilience 5. ” I think so too. Destiny's Call does not really make…

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Jomppexx - - General Discussion


    Quote from Litoperez: “Quote from Art_of_War: “I think the imperial Griffon is also a contender for GW's worst sculpt. The proportions seem so wrong that the Griffon either took too many steroids or is a case for the Weightwatchers. I also don't like the big breast armor plate and the pose of the beast, which covers the rider almost fully. 99120202030_KarlFranzonDeathclawLead.jpg ” Come on! this model is amazing! Many in this thread are very occupied with proportions, but let me remind you that …

  • Quote from WarX: “Quote from Jomppexx: “Quote from WarX: “@Zhorgrath Grimaxe Still how Paired Great Weapons is more weird then one-handed Great Weapon? ” Come on this is kinda silly now. These other characters either buy an enchantment or have a speciaml rule that says they are allowed to use two-handed weapon with a shield. It's a specifically stated special case. In my view you could also argue that craftsmanship will turn your paired weapons into only GW as the "weapon follows the rules for g…