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  • OK. Today’s target is Infantry. Lets say you are facing a unit of 50 EoS heavy infantry with Halberds. You can build any legal model (ie must stick within item/category limits for a 4.5k army) for any price, who thinks they can come up with a build that kills the most halberdier models? a) on the charge and in the subsequent 1st round of CC (breath weapons allowed) b) in the subsequent grind in turn 2 (note to qualify for this your model has to statistically survive the halberdiers round 1 attac…

  • Movement trays

    Vulgarsty - - General Discussion

    Post I use these all the time, huge range, pretty cheap and he will do bespoke sizes if you ask. personally i just go with standard sizes for my armies of just plain mdf trays and then deploy troops in blocks of 10 infantry, 5 cavalry, 3 large inf/cav - and in one or two armies i do get say 100x80 Hbe elf spears, goblin/rat spears. Because that is mi unit size and you wouldnt really deploy them in anything other than a block

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Marcos24: “I can probably gaurantee you for the LAB it will never happen, or any book for that matter ” Hippo knights will never exist currently 100%sure. A bigger "pegasus" knight is on the table. You could still model them as hippo. That is one of the reason why we have the base community questionnaire so we can see how important is model opportunities are for the community ” OK, thanks, any thoughts on the "grand Pegasus" base size? I really like the idea of merg…

  • Worth a try. any thoughts on miniatures though? has anyone ever seen them?

  • Hopefully we will be getting super tanky, super killy flying cav in our LAB (yes, I know we have flying monstrous cav but we are supposed to have amongst the best cav and this would really show the others) But, does anyone know if anyone makes decent flying hippo models?

  • Thanks, thats some pretty powerful rationales to go with thaum on the bell magister.

  • The Witchcraft or the Thaumaturgy version? Does that opinion change knowing the other version will also be fielded but have to be on foot?

  • Right. About to start work on my 3rd fully painted army - this has some slap on it already and the rest has been undercoated with AP flesh spray..... Lets see how I get on. Then I will be a fully paid up member of this forum not just a stalker any more. I am basically ripping off the McThunderguts Clan idea I saw many years ago so this will have strong Scottish theme....

  •…tips-tricks-and-how-to-s/ Actually I found this helpful - a few “abuses”that square bases would fix

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Vulgarsty - - General Discussion

    Post…1616267880000%5D&view=all agree that most of the bonereapers are sub-par. i also wasn’t too fussed on the elf woman on the giant beetle and the deepkin turtle. - not because they are terrible sculpts as such but because thematically they seemed more like Disney creations. Ive also always taken against the rat ogres with gatling guns on their stumps too - I sometimes “More is More”. but it just seemed too cheesy

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Vulgarsty - - General Discussion


    Quote from Shukran: “Ud character on the robotic legged seat wins for me ” that is pretty naff but i ended up getting him cos I’m such an addict...

  • GW’s worst sculpt

    Vulgarsty - - General Discussion


    In the current range (ie not counting the infamous CoCo the clown Nagash) I nominate this dude.…ords-Archmage-Teclis-2020 Any ideas what we could use the beast thing for in-game? Any other contenders?

  •…-forest-princes/&pageNo=4 I posted this there rather than here....

  • To the SE forum - Take that all you pointy ears loving tree huggers. Love from the ID.

  • I think both are splendid. Yours isnt painted yet but they are great figures Also your kitbashing of infantry is great.

  • Some great ideas. The infernal bastion is a stunning concept -cant wait to see it painted. Lamassu awesome too - wheres it from?

  • Thanks, I did wonder where to pose the question. I was thinking of from a gameplay perspective?

  • There’s a lot of discussions/grumbles and I was hoping to understand the pros/cons and implications

  • Thats exactly what I did for my Cage Rager model from PP - he is on an 80x40 and sits very nicely in my mob of OK tribesmen. He just counts as a mini “regiment” base of two ogres also I am paricularly guilty of putting monsters on smaller bases (i try to keep the width the same but the depth is often narrower - this is so they tessilate better and i can store them better in my really useful boxes. eg my Kadim titan is on 100x100 not 100x150 - nobody o…

  • Two lots of Taurukh Enforcers (Citadel and Mantic) The original citadel ones (I am missing 2 sculpts and have a duplicate) never came with a musician so I converted Hthark the unstoppable and again ripped off one of Matthias’s 15mm ideas…g?ref=shop_home_active_31 Speaking of Admiralty miniatures they used to do this fabulous set I am desperate for the scribe fella to command a warmachine but unfortunately Matthias hi…