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  • So T9A Community .. if you're on twitter... Here's something I just tweeted out! Show your support

  • Quote from DanT: “TLDR; it is in your hands as a member of the community. Don't squander it. ” TLDR .. that was pretty much a copy paste of my post a few pages back wasn't it? Quote from VisconteDimezzato: “Can we please clone a couple of @DanTs to serve under PR please? ” Well (although of course, DanT is a FAR better spokesperson than a newbie like me really for many aspects!) But yeah like I posted earlier, a lot of people are far more keen to talk about what other people should... personally…

  • Movement trays

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    Quote from Inn0c: “Gonna have to try out a few different trays here. I wonder what the difference is between glued lip and boxed lip? The pictures are too small to really tell ” Yeah they have SO many options, it's why I ended up using them (& have another order in progress, despite Brexshit!). All I can tell is that box joints are made like this: 11659_5F00_lead1.jpg So I would guess, sturdier but more expensive than just gluing the lips onto trays? Cheers also @BondageGoatZombie - will add the…

  • But good point though, I have had so many guys on the go lately I've not posted much WIP stuff!

  • Yeah it was fun to watch Very friendly game. Honestly guys, where's the killer instinct of those Demons!! I know myself and PathofZen are keen on a TTS game with someone in the near future, I will wait and see what dates are available through the Veil!

  • Quote from Ivar K: “The mistake I promised to talk more about was the decision to pursue sorcerer with infantry. With very limited ability to move and importance of the center circle I should have pursued only with the Lancers as their 18" march would have made it possible to get back in time. Killing the enemy general was not worth losing one unit so far from the center. ” Yeah! Woulda coulda shoulda! It looked like HbE had this one wrapped up .. until...! But don't worry, I think most players …

  • Quote from bas_2312: “Are there even a thousand 9th Age players? ” From the front page: Today have visited 817 users this forum: Today were 817 Members Online - Rekord: 2,578 Members (Mar 8th 2016)

  • Thanks Ivar. That's really enlightening as we definitely need to make the rules clearer in this case. We'll get to that on the next update version for EoW!

  • Quote from calcathin: “Indeed is one of those complex situations that with practice you can better predict the outcome. ” Very nicely written up explanation there! I am personally not used to these unit spacing rules myself and find them super weird to deal with too, so I can relate to @Ivar K totally here (nice batrep and photos! ) The 'pursuit direction' stuff and interaction with the unit spacing rule is definitely an area that will seriously benefit from some "batrep style" examples when we …

  • Saw on fb and just added to the Wyvern library... it's another Dragon that is actually a Wyvern! Dragon-75mm-resin-miniature-01-640x640.jpg

  • Movement trays

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    Quote from falanor: “are the trays in mdf with a metal sheet or are those actual metal sheets? Tabletop-art's are metal sheets (no lips) and I love them... if Battlefield factory has something similar I might give it a try. ” I've not used Tabletop Art (first heard about them in this thread, added to the library now) but from what I can tell from their images and description, they are a single piece of just metal - so that looks great if that is what you are after Battlefields Factory are differ…

  • Movement trays

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    Quote from spicybarbecue: “So what's everyone doing in regards t movement trays?. I used to use those modular kits that GW made, but those are gone now. I'm guessing you make your on out of MDF, maybe?, not sure any and all advice welcome. ” As usual, Product Search gotcha covered The full list of options we know of is here: A list of movement tray options (although 1 more to add now from this thread!) I used to make them myself too, but I got tired of doing that once I upgraded to magnetised ba…

  • If anyone is able to do it, @Loghaire has some really good video production skills that on the basis of that video posted earlier @derplaetter ! So many great post-production bits there, it's honestly kinda wasted on a long alpha-release chat discussion video in some ways, but would be perfect for the kind of thing you are discussing here for short videos about aspects of T9A!

  • A new Kickstarter for Giants miniatures (so mostly of interest to OnG!)…m-scale-multi-part-giants…m-scale-multi-part-giants

  • In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, Patrols now have their own Miniatures Library page, as a few are now being made as full-army deals from a couple of different manufacturers. It's awesome to see them supporting T9A and EoW like this! Essence of War - Patrols Library

  • Quote from Lord Marcus: “potentially off topic: TIPS just launched a new EoS patrol bundle for Essence of War. ” On topic I'd say since this thread inspired me to add the page to the mini library Will be updating with your new Patrol in the next hour: Essence of War - Patrols Library The making videos ideas sound great. Sadly all out of my area of expertise (if I thought I could do it well, I probably would have done it already!)... and yeah ideally (even if produced by individuals within the co…

  • Quote from Folkienn: “Yes, took me more than ten years but finally reached a quite decent size. ” These are ridiculously lovely btw!! & great photos too!

  • Anything you want to use from my Essence of War gallery may also be suitable for the main website New EoW "Patrol" shots for OnG and WDG: Also, for full T9A OnG army shots, there are lots here, some more suitable than others for the website I think: (not nearly my full army, but that was a 4500 list as of last March when I'd hoped to start playing FB originally with them too... )

  • Quote from piteglio: “Sun 4th, 3pm GMT Sun 4th, 8pm GMT ” Potentially interested in one of those Sunday slots myself If no-one else grabs them first anyway (I'll try and get a non-forum/discord friend involved first though!)