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  • Movement trays

    theunwantedbeing - - General Discussion


    Quote from Remy77077: “Example of the trays I get from them "in action" 50367947597_5653f07c4e_c.jpg ”…2a605abb8d7a34619a34dae72 Now it doesn't need to be magnetic

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from theunwantedbeing: “This in itself is negligible since we aren't making much use of the full spread of base stats in the game normally. ” And why do you think that is? ” Legacy reasons mostly. The existing rules were built around a specific amount of state variance and we've condensed that to "remove randomness" and further limited our options in the pursuit of game balance and appeasing a community who much prefers to play in a defensive manner with as little effe…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “But these points are all negligible. A D10 system (or D12 for that matter) could help in spreading the base stats of the game, eliminating the need for so many special rules and re-rolls and instead allow Goblins, Orcs, Humans, Rat and Elves be more distinguished by base stats instead of four different special rules. Having really hight amount of strength (e.g. Cannon) would actually matter and not generate a total random "Well your cannon ball straight up hit this goblin, b…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “I push to rename Resilience into something better fitting. Hardness, perhaps. ” I don't think the community has the required level of restraint or maturity required for such a name change.

  • Suggestion for charging

    theunwantedbeing - - Suggestions


    Quote from Redisdead: “Don't you think that charge could enhance (make the choice between): +1 wound +1 hit or +1 init We would see smaller units, more mouvement and so on? ” Possibly. On your battle you posted just the lists of, without a good run down of deployment and what was done it's difficult to say how well either player did. My guess is both players played in a timid (defensive) fashion largely due to the shooting available and that helped mean just moving into charge range was risky, s…

  • Quote from Uradel: “Can the Artificer really do all of these things and at the same time? ” Yes.

  • Yes, models with the Poison Attacks Model rule in their profile apply it to both their Close Combat and Shooting Attacks.

  • Quote from Mikel2311: “Are single models light troops? Can they march and shoot. ” No and no.

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Why do skink javies only get one shot? ” Mostly to give players a reason to take Blowpipes, since it's the same range for both weapons. Also it helps cut down on spamming units that can take javelins and would just play the avoidance game, since not getting so many shots makes that style of play far less viable. The issue is more with why throwing weapons get 2 shots in the first place.

  • Quote from Karanadon: “Does a unit of lemures with venom sacs gain 5+ poison from a character with guiding venom sacs? Or because they have the same name they don't stack? ” It doesn't stack. Quote from Kriegschmidt: “Just to check, in the Åsklanders supplement: Åsklander Battle Fever on Åsklander Horsemen and Åsklander Flayers does nothing, right? (because they're not Infantry) ((If so, why do they have it?)) ” Deeds not words on the Åsklander Chief grants an effect based on other models in the…

  • Models in T9A are just tokens to visually represent what the bases are noting the location of. You don't need to attach your models to those bases (you don't actually need models!)

  • Quote from Casas: “If you engrave some paired weapons with Rune of Craftmanship, are they still considered paired weapons? So would you get +1At, +1Off, ignore parry, +2S, +2AP, attack at ini0, both hands? ” Yes, although I'm not sure it's intended to work that way.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “On subject of BSBs, make the BSB Rally Around the Flag unlimited range, that way the game doesn't encourage armies to bunch up around the BSB. Do the same thing with the general's Command Presence. ” At that point you may as well just have all models be Dis10 with a re-roll at all times, it's much simpler and stops gamey nonsense like hiding character in a corner. What I'd do is this: - 6" Commanding Presence for all characters (a few exceptions for non-leadership charact…

  • Quote from Kriegschmidt: “ID book, Gauntlets of Madzab: If carried by a single model unit (such as a Lamassu) on its own, does the model hit itself? ” Yes.

  • Quote from Ondjage: “Failed charge moves need to be made along the intended path ofthe failed charge, not «as the row flies». ” When there is an obstacle in the way I agree. A big part of why it's so punishing is because movement is currently so restrictive. Allowing wheels in any direction as well as allowing mixing of different movement directions would go a long way towards mitigating that particular issue. Getting to charge around things, which would include getting to failed charge around t…

  • It's an interesting idea, but I think it brings in too great an element of luck for most players to be happy with. If you roll well with your AP rolls, you might negate the enemy the chance to have their 2+ saves and they'll lost a load of models simply because you got lucky dice rolls and they had no way to defend against that. The system might end out being very gamey as a result where rather than try to hit the enemy with high quality attacks to reasonably negate their armour, you'll likely s…

  • Quote from Shukran: “I dont know If u put distracting at start of "equation" u cant stack other malus If u put it at bottom of "equation" it negates all the previous malus. I see no way to get -2 ” Distracting doesn't prevent the existence of other modifiers or negate them in any way. If those other modifiers add up to be greater than what distracting provides (ie. -2 or more), you must use that combination as per the priority of modifiers.

  • Cannon falls under the same issue. Since it's called the same thing as the rules it follows, a name change for both things would solve that. I'm not sure it's unclear though, since the word is in bold text and so the players should know it's a model rule to follow.

  • 1. They can't declare charges, which is what would happen if they moved into contact with an enemy unit. So they treat it as an obstacle instead (page 63 of the slim rulebook, under 2.2 Enemy Unit) 2. Not specifically stated to be affected, so isn't affected.