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  • Quote from Flames: “Champion one was NOT initially in contact (e.g prior to reform). He reformed, he had his champ touch my beast and then he said that beast cannot escape champions embrace in my turn to reform. Which sounded a bit odd. But i could live with that. ” I understand, and your opponent is correct. "Before the combat" reform does not refer to "all combat reforms made by both players", but only to the reforms made by the player. In your situation, I take it the beast was in contact wit…

  • Quote from Flames: “offering in blood someother time i am a bit short at the moment ” Any alcoholic beverage will do as well . Quote from Flames: “1. 25 Saurians spears and a skink priest are engaged in flank by a totemic beast. Beast wins they reform first so that champion touches the beast. Beast want to reform to touch skink but opponent says no. Champion should remain in close combat and points me to the reform section claiming that champion is a character. So, was he correct? ” He is correc…

  • Quote from Wesser: “I know a LOT of people is playing this wrong :). Maybe one to consider clarifying? ” The a LOT of people are wrong . The spell effect states "after successfully casting this spell, roll a D6". First, a spell's effects only happen after the spell is not dispelled, and, to resolve all doubt, the BRB defines when exactly a spell is considered "successfully cast": < 13.H.c Resolve the Spell If the spell was not dispelled, it is successfully cast. Apply the spell effects. >

  • Quote from Tsagadai: “Does Mask of Ages affect Destiny's Call? It might not depending on what that "never" does (I am unsure whether the 'and' pulls in the aegis as well). ” "its armour" is the subject for both "is set to 3" and "can never be improved beyond this", so the aegis (4+) is not affected by the latter. But yeah, the wording could be improved to avoid any confusion .

  • Quote from Estebanvol: “When all R&amp;F models of a unit with incendiary tokens, do the remaining characters keep the tokens (note that they are not leaving the unit)? I think the answer is yes, but I wanted to double check ” Assuming you are asking about all R&amp;F models being removed as casualties , then yes, the characters keep the markers: < 21.B.c R&F Models in a Combined Unit Wiped out If a Combined Unit has all its R&F models removed as casualties, leaving one or more Characters behind…

  • Quote from Just Wes: “Out of interest, does the same apply to rules that use "may"? ” Nope, "may" always refers to a choice.

  • Quote from jimmygrill: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from jimmygrill: “Under the new errata‘ed version of the shield, it *can* be used against ranged attacks when having GW. So when hit with Quicksilver Lash or Molten Copper, I can elect not to use a shield in this instance? ” Nope, there aren't any rules allowing you to not use armour. ” Well, there are no really definitive rules what voluntary actions are, just a list given under 17.C but with a caveat that it is not exhaustive... So the m…

  • Quote from Micalovits: “what if you have less than 10 RnF models? So they cant fill out all the way to the 6th rank? What if you lose down to 1 RnF? Does the unit become wider? ” Doesn't affect the formation. The rules can handle such units by allowing multiple incomplete ranks with models on matching bases: < 21.A.a.13 Front Rank • If a model with a Matching Base has a longer base than the R&F models in the unit, the unit is allowed to have more than one incomplete rank if all incomplete ranks …

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Thanks, but none of them has 100x100 mm bases. ” do:

  • Quote from Ir3k: “forest Guard are fighting 2 characters from the front and a fire Phoenix in the rear there are 13 models in a 5 wide rank. The phoneix is fighting a treeman in his flank The forest guard kill both characters in the front lost 3 models in there rear, meaning there not physically touching the phonelx anymore. Question what happens do the forest guard do they drop outta combat or do they get nudged too the phoneix with there rear too keep contact ” Entirely depends on when exactly…

  • Quote from Caledoriv: “Does the OnG Web Launcher cause DT (2) tests on open terrain? The wording can be interpreted this way but I'm not sure this is intended. ” < Web Launcher All models in a unit that is hit by one or more Web Launchers are considered Stuck until the end of the next Player Turn. Stuck models suffer -D3* Agility. In addition, they treat Dangerous Terrain (1) as Dangerous Terrain (2), and all Terrain (including Open Terrain) that normally would not be Dangerous Terrain for them …

  • Quote from jimmygrill: “Under the new errata‘ed version of the shield, it *can* be used against ranged attacks when having GW. So when hit with Quicksilver Lash or Molten Copper, I can elect not to use a shield in this instance? ” Nope, there aren't any rules allowing you to not use armour.

  • I may look odd, but that's exactly how it works, no issues with that .

  • Yes, that's possible.

  • Quote from Taro: “What if i have 2 gunnery teams in list and only one r&f unit with Infernal brand? One goes into that unit and the other? Free to roam alone? ” In this case, the gunnery team cannot be deployed and counts as a casualty (as per 10.E.a Undeployable Units).

  • Quote from WarX: “Same applies to eg. Catapult. You roll big hit, small hit, then big hit, small hit. ” Actually, it's big hit, if failed -> reroll big hit, if failed -> small hit, if failed -> reroll small hit

  • No issues with the lists of @chtay001 and @deejwii.

  • Doubt

    Eisenheinrich - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from Drthkin: “May i have Armor0+? ” No. The best armour value you can have is Armour 6, and this corresponds to an armour save of 1+, while armour save rolls of 1 fail.

  • Quote from LostCause: “Am I right in saying that, if the altar was to fail charge, it wouldn’t be able to use its shooting attack as per the fail charge rules? ” Correct. Failing a charge, the model becomes shaken, and shaken models cannot perform shooting attacks, which the altar's attack is defined as.

  • Quote from youngseward: “So I just noticed, Im not sure RAW banners add +1 to combat score... Quote from Rulebook: “Standards: +1 for each Standard and Battle Stan- dard Bearer Each side adds +1 to their Combat Score for each Stan- dard Bearer and Battle Standard Bearer Engaged in Combat at the end of the Round of Combat. ” But according to the Round of Combat Sequence the end of the Round of Combat is after calculating which side wins. ” Yeah, that's probably a leftover from previous version.