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  • Quote from Kasocles: “Infernal Brand - I like it, the 6" leadership bubble for vassal is very thematic, though as someone stated before what does the chieftain add now? The second part of the rule is also quite strong, unique and thematic. Simple and good rule overall. ” The chieftain makes it 12” from all dwarf units and 18” from the general.

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    Mike newman - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Slavetothepyre: “@Tyranno is there any space left for changes of this size? Or should we discuss less impacting changes for next version lest we waste words? ” The book only came out on Thursday! I would say discussing changes of any size for any further version at this point is premature and probably more likely to risk being forgotten.

  • ID General Chat

    Mike newman - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


  • ID General Chat

    Mike newman - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from strauss: “Quote from Kriegschmidt: “Can't wait. I'm going to entertain my 4 month old daughter telling her aaaaaall about it. She doesn't have a frikkin' clue what I'm saying anyway, just that I'm giving her my attention, so I can say whatever the fork I like. "And Daddy's very excited about Disciples of Lugar. Yes, and Daddy's very excited about Kadim Incarnates. And Daddy's excited about Blunderbusses too. Yes, you are a good little girl. Oooh, look at the Infernal Artillery too..."…

  • Quote from xaby86: “Interesting. Could you give us a spoiler? ” No. I don’t think the DH forum is the place for ID spoilers

  • Hi, The new ID update is not long off being released. It will be the first one myself and DanT have been directly involved in. Hopefully it will be well received. But I have no doubt there will be some complaining. Because their is always some complaining I think when it comes out people will see from the size of the update we have done this time why it has taken a bit longer than usual for a beta update. I also hope it will be seen that a lot of the issues addressed here (and elsewhere) positiv…

  • Its go time!! Lists/maps/scenarions etc are all here;…aZIL3dd7/view?usp=sharing Draw is done and up on TK Good luck one and all!

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “is anyone traveling down from the Manchester area? that might be able to give me a lift there is a good chance I will be living their by august but don't really know atm ” Hit me up nearer the time - I imagine me and Leggy are traveling down from Cheshire

  • With the release of an update DE book today (live on the website now) - all players who submitted a DE list are required to resubmit a new list using the latest update. This must be done before midnight Tues 30th March All lists, the draw, and an announcement on what missions/maps/deployments are being played (due to map updates) will go up on Wednesday 31st. Ready for round 1 to begin the following day. Thanks

  • It’s list deadline day!! All lists in and all players signed up by the end of the day please! Otherwise -1million tps per player/list I am missing in wrong format. You have been warned! lists will be released later this week along with some housekeeping and the draw. I would advise against swapping lists before then

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Quote from fireballmj: “Out of interest how are people generally playing these big spear skelle block. Are they purely 5 wide to be defensive or something like 7 wide for attcks+rank bonus? ” I usually run mine 7 wide (unless I just need to hold something up then I go 5 wide to keep ranks and stuff for steadfast + bsb crumble reductions) ” I ran mine 8 wide because I’m a baller

  • Quote from ravenheart777: “I do wonder who would win out of the mino lord and the lord on shrieking horror...... To be fair its probably the mino.6 attacks usually means 10 hits! ” tbh the vamp is nearly x2 points (+225 more core) and I’m not sure he wins

  • Don’t forget lists are due in + TK registration complete by the end of the week! 15 teams signed up so far! (If anyone knows who is on “2 i’s in hindsight” please let me know as they are signed up with no players) Also, if anyone’s looking or knows of someone looking for a team I know there are few people on the discord channel also looking so check it out!

  • Here’s one I half prepared earlier @Traumdieb 825 - Vampire Count, Strigoi Bloodline, Shrieking Horror, Wizard Apprentice, Shamanism, Paired Weapons, Obsidian Rock 560 - Vampire Count, General (The Dead Arise), Strigoi Bloodline (Ghoul Lord), Wizard Apprentice, Shamanism, Halberd 405 - Necromancer, Wizard Master, Evocation, Magical Heirloom 605 - 35 Ghouls, Vanguard, Champion 135 - 20 Zombies, Musician 135 - 20 Zombies, Musician 135 - 8 Dire Wolves, Champion 135 - 8 Dire Wolves, Champion 434 - 6…

  • 12 teams signed up so far! and discord channel added to the uk discord

  • My last game is done. Vamp spawn were disappointing again. Turn 1 After killing only 7 night goblins (thanks fully they fled) I overran into flank of bsb iron orcs and the 6 that were left all died in a single turn of combat. Yay Elsewhere winged reapers picked up 1,600pts and didn’t die

  • No sorry

  • Quote from VampsinMD: “enjoying this thread... thanks for the reports! @Mike newman did you have all 6 spawn in to the spearmen or were you down to 4 or so? I guess you'd need to kill 11 to break steadfast which is very likely with 6, somewhat likely with 5 and ancestral aid, becomes dicey with only 4 etc. etc. @ravenheart777 cool you've been having success with the vampire on the horror! ” I had 7 of my 8 left when I charged. I lost 2 to their spear attacks (about average) Fwiw 4 spawn = 12 att…

  • Better than the spawn! they've done well in every game to be fair. My last one was the first time I lost them, and even then.... I put them in front of a kraken which had taken a wound. Average is kraken under 6 wounds. It did 9. Average is Reapers do 4.5 wounds. They did 2. Average lose by 3 ignore 2 (as bsb range) - take 7 wounds total and comfortably have 2+ models left going into my turn striking first so should grind with magic support. So was pretty comfortable but bold move. Instead. Lost…