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  • I totally underestimated their book. I had two of their Temple Militant units each with War Smiths inside break every unit they touched. The two units they each hit first were 40 Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons and they easily broke both on the charge. With the backbone of my army run down, the game was over very quickly. I got 20-0'd

  • If someone has a super-awesome movement tray that adds something amazing to their models, feel free to include it in the picture! I am only suggesting people to NOT include a movement tray in their picture because that's what we are looking for. I am assuming people posting here want their photos chosen for the army book so my advice is purely meant to help their photos be selected.

  • Why no movement trays? 1. Because we want to focus on the miniatures for modeling purposes. 2. Because many people believe a movement tray detracts from the miniature 3. Because we want consistency between photos 4. Because we asked nicely

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Some really awesome stuff in this thread! Any chance that the team will go back and add pics of models to older books? I’d love the chance to get some of my models in the wdg book, if my paint standard is high enough ” If the Dread Elf picture experiment goes well (and we’re off to a terrific start!) then we will absolutely update ID, WotDG, and DL. I don’t expect to do a picture section for the supplementary armies at this point but I’m not writing that in stone ye…

  • I think that standard banner is terrific!

  • OMG you guys! The pictures you are submitting are amazing! But I will again stress, please remove your models from their movement trays (unless they are somehow extra special). Pictures with movement trays will not be used in the LAB book! Some of the submissions with movement trays are otherwise ideal so if you can retake the pictures without the trays, there is a much better chance they'll be published! I'm very impressed by the skill and creativity in these submissions. Keep them coming!!

  • That's a terrific mix of old and new models together!

  • @Templar Of Darkness Those are some gorgeous models! The ones showing movement trays - do you have any without movement trays?

  • Test model! <a href=6VjaoAS.jpg" style="float: left" >

  • It's possible that it could end up on social media. I don't think we have immediate plans for them to go there now though. What's been submitted so far has been terrific! Keep it coming!!

  • The use of the words "sin" and "sinner" are generic and not being used in a derogatory way towards anyone's real world religion regardless of what anyone here claims as their personal faith. Just as when one T9A race captures slaves of another, it is in no way referring to any real-world group regardless of what anyone here claims as their personal heritage. There are plenty more examples but for the sake of brevity, let me just say we are not making any vague references to anyone's faith and if…

  • I played my first game against the new Dread Elves last night and had a blast! They crushed me mostly because I vastly underestimated them but I REALLY like the way they play. Kudos to @Token for being a terrific opponent

  • Speaking as a player, I like the current system because it makes people have to choose. Choosing means everyone won't field a standard complement of war machines and to me, that's a great thing! But...putting a gunnery team in a unit which makes the unit lose combat effectiveness seems suboptimal to me. If it is placed in a unit where weapons have been upgraded (Immortals or Great Weapon-wielding warriors for example), you go from four attacks down to only two and those two attacks don't even ge…

  • Yup, I am going with WDG! I wasn't able to make a list that really worked for me. I think I need to take some more time to digest the new book.

  • Just_Flo and Eisenheinrich both check out fine.

  • Is there a maximum we can put in one unit? If I put in two, do I deploy the dwarfs, then the first gunnery team, and then the last gunnery team essentially counting as three deployments?

  • I get it. I'm playing in this one. People are afraid.

  • The speed of creating LABs was not arbitrary set but rather, we do what we have capacity to do. As others have mentioned, we have limited artists, people willing to learn the free software we use in the Layout team, the background team can only produce so much in a given time, and on top of that everyone here is a volunteer and we all have jobs/wives/kids/pets/play 9th Age/responsibilities outside of this little bubble. For example, the Rules Team works, on average, 20 hours per week. The number…

  • Quote from xaby86: “Perhaps we could open in each army section a thread about bases. Giving ideas and advice on what types of bases would look good, some more standard and some more original, with input on materials and how to do it. ” Back in my WHFB days, individual army boards were quite popular -,, Bugman's Brewery, etc. And something they did well that unfortunately we do not do as well was to share hobby tips. Everything from skin tone recipes, great conversion…

  • I'll *try* to keep this brief My ID army was an experiment of sorts. I try and paint my armies to a high table-top quality standard. I could spend more time on each model but I'd likely never actually finish the army. So instead I asked myself "how much better will my models look if I put actual effort into my basing?" and I've been pretty happy with the result. My models went from a six out of ten to an eight out of ten which, for me, made the effort worth it. And if feels good to both field an…