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  • The DE book is their re-work, whereas the HBE book is still in slim so Martial discipline is the rough equivalent of an AWSR. Ruthless Efficiency is the AWSR that reinforces the "Close Combat elves" theme for DE. When HBE get done there will be a fresh new design which gives them an AWSR for their intended niche, same with sylvan elves.

  • @Inn0c OK buddy well if you change your mind let me know.

  • Quote from Inn0c: “Does anyone know where to get some nice shields bits? A lot of miniatures, especially historical ones, come without shields - I'm guessing shields weren't used as much in the period EoS is modeled on. There's probably some 3d printing companies out there who got what I'm looking for, but browsing things like etsy or thingiverse is really hard to filter out the good stuff. suggestions for non-3D prints are of course also welcome I think the style of GW Empire shields is great, …

  • The scoundrels models would make great militia.

  • Oooh they are lovely.

  • Wow they are rigid! Perfectly encapsulates disciplined uniformed troops, I like the khaki/drab colour scheme too there’s something really new model army about them. I’m super impressed by the fact you sculpted them yourself.

  • Quote from Minidudul: “But mastery of slaughter work exactly the same if the character is alone or in an unit, I don't see the common point with the other weapons. ” Yes indeed, it’s not technically a synergy but better inside a unit as it helps combat score.

  • Quote from Minidudul: “What do people think of weapon enchantment like Death warrant (EoS) and Hunter's honour (ES) ? (small buff for itself but potential buff for unit / debuff for enemy) After reflection, I feel this would fit well DE, as it need to make the character fight to get the buff/debuff without making them too strong. Also, this kind of buff benefit more to low-damage character (2 legates for example), as our army is less about strong character than synergy-based one. ” Death Warrant…

  • Quote from Eldan: “Quote from greentide: “"Can we get an alliance with the vermin swarm?" ” Hahaha, ridiculous. After the humans OUR PEOPLE AND SUNNA killed the unarmed Republican ambassadors by treachery, surely we would not consider even allying with them, because we pointlessly hate the noble, I mean detestable Vermin. So, therefore, oh great sage, my question is: where are the most important food stores in the empire, and what measures are taken to prevent anyone from poisoning them? How man…

  • Quote from McBaine: “Quote from Babnik Kalenina: “I don't see why it clashes with playstyle. ” I ranted about this in the giant feedback threads enough already. If you are interested, take a look. It would be off topic to repeat it here. ” Dude, It’s just a fun supplement.

  • To be fair I never thought IW on bound spells would last

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Nemeroth: “Not really, In 5th edition they were Men-at-arms with standard human profiles but 6th changed the fluff for them to hapless serfs with dross stats and Ld 5. They’re still like that in total war regardless of the name. Yes peasant levy is the 9th Age name but the fluff behind them is WH which never made sense considering they are well equipped and armoured. ” That's not correct. In WFB the fluff was that Men @ Arms were professional soldiers / town gua…

  • DE LAB: Thoughts and feedback

    Nemeroth - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Gerfaks: “Quote from arwaker: “But you really need this training in a military academy to charge exactly in the right moment. Otherwise your militants accidentially get shot in the back by their "friends". ” I think there is no problem from lore point of view that even militants and judicators have some military training in Academy during their life. ” Well unless you keep those military skills up you get skill fade, Militants are people who have been away from the military for a whil…

  • KoE LAB guidelines!

    Nemeroth - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Nemeroth: “It’s always bugged me and is a silly hangover from Warhammer. ” That's a bit unfair given that in Warhammer they were called Men @ Arms. In Warhammer they were the castle guard sort of people, not the serfs who grew the food. Getting accepted as a Man @ Arms was a big thing for a Bret peasant in the Warhammer world. So in short, no. This is not a hangover from WFB but a conscious decision by the project to rename the unit. It's not like men at arms is…

  • Quote from Phaeoron: “the +1 to hit from the rod spell doesn't stack with lightning reflexes unless i misunderstand something. Still good for darag boost regardless i guess. ” Yeah it stacks, no clause in LR states it doesn’t stack. It’s just DE never really need it, even for Judys as they get hatred. I’d always take Vambraces given the choice.

  • KoE LAB guidelines!

    Nemeroth - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    I don’t know why we use the “peasant levy” trope anyway. What you’re talking about are serfs, who grow all your food, you don’t get your serfs slaughtered in droves because you need them to work. Henry III even outlawed the use of serfs as conscripts. You’re also forgetting how much of a liability they would be on the battlefield. Ordinary villagers were also bowmen so kicking them into ranks with pointy sticks would be a total waste of time. It’s always bugged me and is a silly hangover from Wa…

  • Quote from Smythen: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Yeah, RAW support units don't have a choice in the matter. I don't know if that corresponds to RAI. I'll check, and in case it doesn't, we'll release an erratum. ” If it is RAI, can you please ask Jervis Johnson to leave the 9th age rules alone? ” Ha!

  • ooh mama, they're great!

  • Quote from Scumboogie: “Those bayonets look lit! ” They’re the daggers from the great sword kit. I was trying to find a use for them for ages!

  • Quote from dan: “Bayonets!!! ” That clip is fantastic. I’d have legged it too.