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  • Quote from arwaker: “Pitchforks? ” Sry that is already a weapon. The reddit army has dips on it. The pitchfork eperium sells them though often

  • Quote from Ludaman: “Quote from Grouchy Badger: “My KOF List finished 19th out of 32. I could have been higher but the Wicked runs an open bar and I made questionable, yet hilarious, tactical decisions. ” My kinda player. Hit me up if you’re ever in Los Angeles! ” So he as a Knight can ambush you? Looking at his other post

  • Hippogryph Knights

    Klexe - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Well I like me a heavy armored angel I will check it even out...

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “I believe it was Iron Crowns who have dibs on special pike rules (if any). ” Yes. Didnt know there is an offical name already. Thanks

  • Hippogryph Knights

    Klexe - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    So again a thing I can ignore and give my money sculptures all over the world instead of gw? Great success

  • Quote from Ivar K: “A pike could be a good weapon specific to humans (shared by both EoS and KoE), in next update it could be added to the BRB. It would give better fighting power to the front arch with a drawback to the sides and rear. This kind of weapon could help peasants to form a threat, but would not rise their eliteness. Attacks made with a Spear Pike gain two instances of Fight in Extra Rank and +1 Armour Penetration.Attacks made with a Spear Pike gain +2 Agility and an additional +1 Ar…

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Klexe: “I think all that means is that slan will most likely suffer -1 LD. Currently he has pseudo Ld9, stand behind bsb and general in one. So if you want that again buy crown. Or he looses bsb+general combo at all ” Or all of that remains but there are additional interactions introduced into the mix. The possibilities are many ” no general ld 6! GO!!!

  • I think all that means is that slan will most likely suffer -1 LD. Currently he has pseudo Ld9, stand behind bsb and general in one. So if you want that again buy crown. Or he looses bsb+general combo at all

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “@skipschnit Question, don't you think the carts go against the LAB guidelines for movement? "Movement The ranked infantry part of the army (which is the main bulk of most VS armies) offers average speed (for its unit type) and typical lateral maneuverability (e.g. swift reform capabilities where appropriate). The infantry part of the army is overall pretty static except forward movement, and multiple very large units that all need general/BSB support enhance this further…

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “If VS weapons gain glory for the republic by being more powerful (and dangerous), why wouldn't our long range messenger transport vehicle not aim to be the fastest? All this "threat range" talk really only applies when you're trying to charge a fleeing unit off the table imo. No one's going to regularly try to make 23" charges just for sh*ts and giggles. I do agree that the failed charge should be more punishing though ” Max range is just a 1:1 stat to which range you p…

  • That is really a nice figure

  • Quote from Folomo: “It also doesn't scale well with the casualties levies suffer. If you are fighting against a unit that does 50% more damage than SA warriors to the peasants, you now need to do an extra 10 wounds to compensate with the knights!! ” Well to be precise and fair. I think SA core warriors with totems and spear are THE best counter to peasant with sword and board avaiable. Hitting anyway on 4+ with reroll 1. Decent str and decent ap both enough to negate Pesants and having 10+5+5+5 …

  • KoE LAB guidelines!

    Klexe - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from WhammeWhamme: “This is inaccurate. Individual unit eliteness requirements do not consider synergy units can benefit from. ” I have read the exact opposit way more often. Also from RT people. They will always assume "100% best use case on table" as rules for elitness and point cost

  • Quote from Folomo: “I don't think any race should have a monopoly on how rules work. This is especially important for simple rules that solve common problems and prevent the need for convoluted solutions. The peasants are not more elite. On their own nothing has changed. They generate the exact same amount of CR, suffer the same number of casualties and lose fights as badly as they currently do. The knights on the other hand are more elite, I can definitely agree. But elite knights seem like a g…

  • Quote from setrius: “As more I think about the rule of Lightning Attacks less I like it. This is a completely random rule where you and your opponent can't planify a strategy and all depends of the luck. To be honnest I dont like win or lost games thanks to random rules like this. That is all ” One of the biggest complain was that 9th age was not "fun" "Weird" "quirkey" enough. These rules are great imo. Some units can have random stuff and are totally fine

  • Quote from Folomo: “Quote from Klexe: “Peasants need at least a, and I really mean at least, 4 cr buff in this one turn when Cavalry is charging. So give them distracting and aegis 5+ for Currently 7.77 wounds which btw is wrong as I forget that the first model can also attack peasants and has not to attack knights and champ =8.94 =9 wounds avg If we slapp distracting and aegis 5+ when charged by knights =4 wounds Now knights win by 5 which is still not great and worse then solo charge lol And t…

  • Quote from rolan: “How about a simple addon to the serf rule: if, at the beginning of a melee phase, a unit with Serf is in the same combat as at least 1 unit with oath of fealty, the serf unit is stubborn until the end of the melee phase. That way, serfs are more or less compelled to stay in combat, holding off the enemy, while the knights act normal, even fleeing to come back or fight somewhere else. ” Stubborn wont change anything as it wont fix the problem really. Elitness increase. A huge o…

  • That is a catch 22 rule. It is not useful. If you fight peasants and knights at the same time and you lose combat even once in most cases it is even better to just straight flee and hope to fight an other day instead of "stubborn with knights" What good does it if your knight unit and peasant unit are now stuck in combat when they can't grind? Peasants need a rule which makes them accessible as anvil and when Cavalry are charging in that they not bleed too much dmg that your set up hammer and an…

  • Do i read this right? Chariot can have m5+D6 +3d6 charge? for 11+3d6= 23max charge range?