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  • And John Turner please.

  • Stick me down please - it's a long drive, but this might be the right time for me to get to play again!

  • Quote from Arturiki: “I bet this was planned, but it strikes me that every single chapter from Lord Ilarion does start and end exactly with the same words, but not these 3 chapters. Possible bug or is it a feature? ” I think it was probably due to space/repetition avoidance - the Your Excellency line links them together and makes it clear that they are part of the narrative, without needing anything else.

  • I have been struggling with the time, but I am experimenting with swamp bases for trolls.

  • T9A lore videos

    Scottish Knight - - General Discussion


    Quote from Ghiznuk: “@Scottish Knight @nflqt can we make sure that the next Ninth Scroll issue includes the compendium for both undead factions ? Since they are the only ones who haven't had it. ” We'll be working on it, can't guarantee for the next scroll though.

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “@Giladis @Scottish Knight: Is above something BG would want to initiate? ” Initiate probably not - sounds like a good PR move and we'd be able to support it, but probably not best placed to coordinate it!

  • Thanks Matt, I'm glad people enjoyed it, and well done to Kev on his victory! The full results: 1st and King Beyond the Wall - Kev Stonebanks 2nd - Jak Payne 3rd - Hristo Nikolov Wooden Spoon - Matt Perriss

  • Quote from Inn0c: “At least, you no longer need to roll for hit, you can just check for at actual hit ” TO challenges will be interesting... "So, you hit on a table 18 feet away?"

  • So I definitely didn't succeed in my pledge entirely, but I did manage some progress. First, I finished off my KoE giant and sabretooth tiger.…fe1d4b9af2f3903b9af59996b…fe1d4b9af2f3903b9af59996b Then I built up these markers from Dragon's Lake Miniatures.…fe1d4b9af2f3903b9af59996b I managed to get the workspace cleaned up, so I could move on to the next project - building up a full unit of bridge trolls …

  • Alternatively, please post to Twitter with the hashtag #tsc2021 - please use that for any event posts too!

  • Finally, last pieces of housekeeping - please make sure if you are taking part that you sign up to the UK Discord as per the pack, and if you haven't already donated, Common Ground Games would appreciate your support! The first spot prize will be for the most separate units in a single combat. Take a screenshot and send to - and I hope to have a fun montage of images at the end of the round!

  • And here is the list doc - one HBE list to be added, but that will be in there soon. LINK HERE

  • So, we have an impressive 68 sign ups, with a spare player - and potentially up to 70 if we get one late addition! For now, here are the updated rule pack and map pack - I will release the lists and pairings shortly. Rules Pack - including scoring bracket -…%20-%202021%20v3.pdf?dl=0 Map Pack - including updated clarifications -…Pack%202021%20v2.pdf?dl=0

  • Quote from Boxy: “are sign ups still open ed...? If so sign me up please. ” They are - sign ups are on tourneykeeper - there are two accounts with your name, so I'm not sure which is right to add! Would you be able to log in and sign up? Quote from Riddles: “The Whispers of the Vale podcast (vale renegades lads) may throw down some coverage here and there. ” That would be excellent - let me know if I can provide anything to aid with this! Quote from ChristopherCrawford: “Sign me up. Christopher …

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Question. Will anyone be streaming this, or doing podcasts/videos of the lists? ” The Mad Git Radio guys have kindly said they will do something around the lists. Beyond that, I am not certain if any of the podcasts will have the opportunity to provide any more coverage.

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Yeah but nobody reads them, TO’s just make them for their own enjoyment ” Might as well just put a mirror in there

  • Yes, the event is run using the points as of today, so please double check your list hasn't changed, or tweak it if needed!

  • Yup, grudges are fine, I will make a note!

  • WTC/GTC Online 2021

    Scottish Knight - - WTC


    It's a TO's decision if they want to use any particular parts of T9A publications - of course others can have different views, or choose not to sign up, but ultimately it's a decision for the TO.

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Is the application window still open? ” Yeah, sign ups are still open!