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  • Opponent: DE Scenario: Breakthrough Score: 3:17 MVP: Frog (didn't die lmao) LVP: Raptors (agi2=literal dead weight), Rhamphs (agi4=dead weight since he had raptors, spears, obsidians and a fukton of shooting), Alpha (in reality couldn't safely engage anything, tried to fight 3 Gorgons, left combat with 1 HP. After getting healed 2 times XD) (Hidden Content)

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    Dancaarkiiel - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “[...] and 11 attacks at st 6 ap3 the unit was worth its 480 points. I think it may be. ” Enforces have 2 attacks per model though. That should be 16 attacks, assuming 5-wide with a Champ

  • Quote from WarX: “Bolt throwers are Area Attack(1x5) so there 4 hits with low S and 1 with high S. ” Quote from cmdr.brown: “[...] with my eagle claw bolt thrower? [...] ”

  • Quote from Shukran: “a unit of two EH (1,2) is fighting a unit of 3 CK( A,B,C) 1 and 2 is in front of B and C. 1 challenge and champion B accept. can A attack 2 ? ” If that model "A" is not in contact with "2" - he can't. Swirling melee works only from and towards RnF models in the same unit.

  • Quote from wombat: “You what ? Please, please leave Pteradons alone. Many SA Players use SA for Dino's. The biggest threat to Dino's are artillery. 4 x Pteradons are probably the best WM hunters we have !!! Drop rocks, ave 8 hits, 4 wounds, finish off said WM with Poisoned Jav. Removing Pteradons or redesigning them would be imho a mistake. ” A little bit of misunderstanding. I think our chaff units are in general fine, Pteradons especially. There's no need to diametrically change them. What I m…

  • I don't really care. Wyswig rarely matters, opponent goes by the list anyway, not by what exactly model happens to be holding. That being said, I do have different weapon options: -Javelins and Hand Weapons on Braves, bows don't exist, -Spears and Hand Weapons on Saurus, -Halberds and GWs on Caimans are exactly the same. I'll put relevant models on the front and that's it. It's not needed if I have only 1 saurus unit or 15s of Braves are with Java while 30+3 Skrox is equipped with HWs.

  • The group stage in WTC Teams is now over, play-offs are to start within 24H after final confirmation of the results. How did SA do? Let's take a look! Teams, players, results and lists (Hidden Content) Ranking, summed up results, averages and so on: (Hidden Content) Keep in mind we've had extremely low representation (7 out of 180 players) and it's "just" 3 matches - that's not a lot of data to go by. Play-offs might provide additional matches, but going by these results SA would have to be lite…

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    Dancaarkiiel - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from berti: “Ever fought single models with battle focus, and they do more hits than they have number of attacks? Or units with battle focus ending with more hits than they have attacks in profile becaue they rolled very good on sixes? This even doesn´t need to mean they rolled a lot above average, just having no 4 or 5 but some 6 on the to hit rolls, negating the misses and ending with more hits than attacks. ” (Hidden Content) But seriously, just move on already

  • Quote from Wesser: “[...] How about Thyroscutus in units of 1-3? With number 2+3 being somewhat cheaper That would be 9 attacks (or 3 x Crush) and 12 Skink attacks. 6D6 Poison attacks and Channel 3 might be a bit pushy, but if Snake Altar just gave D6 poison attacks (3d6 on full unit) and Sun Engines did.. something else then you have a fairly reasonable unit there Leaves room for Brachiosaurus as a shootplatform or buffwagon ” Thyro is flawed by design since 2.0, it needs to be entirely scrappe…

  • Quote from sonny1086: “Sometimes i have the feeling people forgot about Pteradon Scentries. Especially when we talk about "Skink Cavalry". Do we want to exchange these? ” Yeah, I would rather get something new and unique. Chaff stuff is the one thing current codex has plenty of

  • Quote from Darkwise: “You win against DE !!! Great !!! Can you share us your list ? How do you manage the 2 Hydra ? ” List is the same as above, with the only difference being GW+Blessed for Beast Axe and 2 bound totems on both mino units. As I mentioned, he played really poor (character unit came too close to a flying Jabber, 1st hydra for free, 2nd hydra didn't see sh!t 1st turn, BSB achieved literally nothing because he had to "rescue" char unit, Leviathan had to chaff T2 and died instantly, …

  • Quote from rambage: “3+ is a rather optimistic proposal, since it has 1 Def. Most elite units will hit it on a 2+, and probably ignore the armor too. It's not going down against basic troops, but it can't absolutely go toe-to-toe (paw-topaw?) against any good melee unit, and you'll also have to avoid most monsters, characters and MI ” Wealth of WS <5 units out there, including "elites" - BH, DL, EoS, ID, KoE, OK, OnG, SA, UD, VC (and VS ;') all have plenty, including their elites. I fail to see …

  • Quote from StockFish85: “[...] Giganctic meaning the AS can't be improved stuck as 5+ / 5++ meaning whenever it sees combat it dies instantly so it can never be comitted into such. Also gigantic comes with the drawback that it will be even easier for cannons to hit. [...] ” "Dies instantly", bruh you need like ~32 attacks at S5, assuming they're hitting on 3+, to kill it in one go xD Also cannons won't benefit from +1 to hit unless it's completely alone, still you can cover it via terrain or oth…

  • Another league started, 1st game in. Opponent: DE (Temple Legate, Evo Warlock, BSB Legion on Mantycore, 2x15 Crossbows, 16 Spears, Beast breakers, 8 Riders, 7 Knights, Effigy Altar, 2x5 Cloaks, 2x Hydra, Leviathan) Scenario: Middle (win) Score: 13:7 MVP: Jabbers (got to the backline, died in the end but made the game far easier than it should be) LVP: GW Minotaurs (2 turns of shooting (not even everything he had) and they just ceased to exist) INB4 "can't win against DE", he played really poor :…

  • Ancient plaque

    Dancaarkiiel - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Confusedius: “[...] Maybe I'm overestimating the Plaque's roll in this? ” Not really, it's useful for sure. But I'd argue spells are already easy enough both in the case of Protean or single Path with Engine. Maybe I would consider this item with Divination or Evocation, but IMO both of these paths aren't really worth it to begin with.

  • Quote from rolan: “Fair enough, but why continue with the rigid structure of the guidelines if it is already known that it will not be able to capture more than roughly a third of the spirit of the army as it was?Why not try to create something as diverse as it was - DL proving that this is possible - and simply not use rigid guidelines, but take them as helpful reminders that give you direction instead of force you in a tight confinement? ” It is already known? That's a pretty bold claim, espec…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “Someone told me railguns would be in another book ” a544c81a46.gif

  • Quote from oreogolem: “[...] Third it had terror. It was nice to being terror. I'd mildly lobby for it to have fear, but that is probably just nostalgia. This design of a shrine is simple and will have a subtle effect. Not a particularly interesting design to me. ” All gigantic models have Terror and Fear by default

  • Quote from Dim: “Hello, asking a question that came during ongoing WTC event. Our HbE player is using cosmology and the "duality" is confusing us. Here are the last spells of the cosmology wizard turn 5 ... chaos spell goes through (triggers duality) turn 6 casting attempt of chaos spell, dispelled casting attempt of cosmos spell , does it get -1 to cast? Best regards, Dimitri ” No. Duality affects first attempt, be it successful, failed or dispelled.

  • Quote from AxelVicious: “[...] I took a risk exposing my BSB so early on but i think it was worth it. [...] ” I can't grasp it by reading your report, how exactly did it pay off? Did he force some suboptimal positioning to get sniped at?