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  • Quote from eggsPR: “I had a great game vs Billy last tourny, and I don’t recall it ending in a 20-0. We both just pushed it all in the Center and had a blast! I’d love to watch the Burgy/Ninni matchup but something tells me it won’t go past turn 3, but would be a tactical game nonetheless! ” I was glad to finally play you at this event last year and it was a very enjoyable game! But id still find it bad luck if i was paired against you in rd 1 2 tournys in a row haha

  • Quote from Swelt: “Quote from VampsinMD: “Mike Anderson vs Brett will be good too (just look at the lists). ” Do you mean a HbE army with minimal shooting and lots of magic vs a light magic full melee army? I haven't had a game since the last pandemic picnic, so I'm not sure how well I'll play. ” two armies that want to fight... should make for good entertainment. the frost phoenixes will be tough for you i think though

  • Love it... pleased to play Brian in person for the first time in ages! Some interesting matchups too with Kelly playing against HBE instead of with, Burgy vs Ninni in a game that could have easily been a game 3 table 1 matchup, and Mike Anderson vs Brett will be good too (just look at the lists). Poor Billy Smith - I think this is his second time in a row playing Chris in rd 1. thats the equivilent of rolling snake eyes for rd 1 matchups

  • Quote from Swelt: “Quote from SirMC2015: “Andrea's list doesn't designate a general. Victor is 68 point under on core- may only add to your list at this point- no swaps for point optimization. Billy Smith's list the second harbinger of father chaos has too many points of manifestations. May only deduct- no point optimization. ” It looks like Victor's Skeletons are the wrong points, 20 Full command with Banner of Entombed cost 225 no 255 (30 points off), and 21 with full command should be 187, no…

  • when will we get matchups and is it too late for grudges?

  • Quote from jirga: “Undead Wargs for VC LAB maybe? ” why not ask in the new bg q&a thread

  • Quote from Gym Shorts: “Quote from GenePhelps: “Quote from SirMC2015: “Quote from chainsaw: “Mark, the spreadsheet has me listed as ECW. I'm actually still CGL, unless I've been fired, which is possible! -Guy ” I didn’t think you wanted to be associated with Gene anymore. ” Fair...But if you go with ECW you have to start playing broken armies still in beta testing. On the plus side you get more hugs from Simon ” What Gene isn’t telling you is he just 20ed my ID list this past Saturday so bad I h…

  • Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from SmithF: “I'll do a small write-up once WTC is over, if that interests anyone! ” Yes please will be very interested to see if you get a single game where you can kill more than 1000 points of the enemy. Quote from VampsinMD: “its true, but my main point is that the "to hit" roll is their biggest weakness on offense. ” yes they dont work great as a death star, but i find they basically dont need magic support. and are often to far away for magic anyway. ” ofc not a …

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Only Nosferatu got Cosmo and spectral blades is a spell that can be banned while this is just an attribute. Opponent cant ban all spells. ” its true, but my main point is that the "to hit" roll is their biggest weakness on offense.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “@VampsinMD I think they are devastating when having an Alchemy Necro ” as well as the alchemy attribute you can have spectral blades or perception of strength, or whispers to help with wounding so while alchemy attribute is nice, I think it's not much more devestating than other combos. i think their main issue offensively is to hit, not to wound though. I see getting altered sight, ancestral aid, or failed fear test as the most wanted buffs. Trouble is against DS 5and 6 a…

  • Quote from SmithF: “Hey guys! VC outsider here! To be honest, I just wanted to try out this idea I've had for a while now: giant skeleton blocks moving forward as a wall, grinding people down while the altars blast any survivors. It turned out to be quite a themed Nosferatu list, with a heavy investment both in magic and in the signature units from the Suffering. Players have been complaining about VC core, the Cadaver Wagon and the Spectral Hunters so I figured I'd use all of them at once. Quot…

  • Greetings friends, Who is interested in the fluff or has a burning question about the background? We will soon be given a chance to ask the project 5 questions about the VC background!!!! What is the true nature of the vampire covenent? Ask and it may be revealed... So, I'm not sure how to really go about this but I imagine we'll gather some questions in this thread... once we have a good spread of questions, I will take a look at which posts have the most likes. I will update this post with a d…

  • im always disappointed by the damage outout of spectral hunters. i think they are probably a unit that needs a buff to do well

  • VK VC 15: WDG 5 (objective tied) Breakthrough MVP: General on revnenant LVP: Skeletons with spears VK VC 15: DE 5 (objective Won) Counterthrust Hold ground MVPs: Naked court, vampire courtier cowboys LVP: Nothing really, except very hard to dispel evo snipes on warlock outcast VK VC 1: SA 19 (objective lost) Counterthrust Hold Ground MVP: nothing LVP: General on Revenent (when he died my army was completely disabled. All my other characters could do was try to hold their points).

  • Orion and Guille lists both check out.

  • Played a game against the evo-outcast just recently. It felt pretty strong. I had some unlucky rolls, but I couldn't stop anything!

  • I think you should participate as the Ringer Final Boss

  • From last weekend: VK VC 12: DE 8 (objective tied) Dawn Assault Flags MVP: Shrieking Horror LVP: Skeletons with spears VK VC 5: ID 15 (objective lost) Frontline clash Flags MVP: All 3 Vampire characters LVP: Skeletons (both variants)

  • Anyone got any verbal feedback for me to submit on irresistable will? @Traumdieb, @RobertR, @Vamp87, @Kdownunder, @eggsPR, @Adam, @JamesMcDonnell, @LostCause, @ravenheart777, @KhaN9292, @stormyorky, @Martins9thAge, @Chris.FR Sorry for the tag in advance if you already submitted the questionnaire or dont have any feedback. cheers.