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  • IMMORTALS Beta 4

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I think it is also worth adding that Deep Watch are currently trash and a really terrible option for DH. So what you are saying is we should have something worse than bad?

  • IMMORTALS Beta 4

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    OS 4 but DS 6 or even 7. Fear, bodygard and a 6+ aegis for melee. A bound spell un the unit to restore wounds if they killed more than a certain amount in the previous turn. Say 4/8 bound restore 3 hp if they took at least 3 hp in the previous turn. I think making them an even harder anvil is the way to go. DS7 would make great weapons playable. At the moment great weapons are just a way of losing a lot of points. I think tinkering with to-hit is probably a better option than trying to improve a…

  • Oops. Edited. It was a glorious bloodbath against DH too. Their cannons did almost nothing all game and 30 Deep Watch were taken down with shooting alone.

  • I think keys really means we should get an extra magic weapon option. The options at the moment are not great from the main book. Onyx Core is ok but it involves building a list around it to be useful because on its own all it gives you is flaming and magical attacks. If Overlords really are so wealthy they should get access to another under 50 point magic weapon option. Maybe some grinding weapon based around threes, like if the overlord does three unsaved wounds him and his unit get an extra s…

  • I waited until I got a handful of games in before giving detailed feedback this time. I'll try and focus on design but that does get usurped by points a bit. New Infernal Brand. The commanding presence is great, gets used all the time and it is simple and easy to remember. Battlefocus going from everything hurts a bit and some units are noticeably weaker for their current points. Volcanic Embrace. On paper it looks good, molten copper. Simples. It feels worse though and less useful. All classes …

  • My army: ID Opponent's army: EoS Score: 9-11 (I got objective) MVP: Citadel Guard (Flintlock Axe) LVP: Vassal Cavalry, Kadim Titan (Titan Mortar) My army: ID Opponent's army: DH Score: 13-7 (I got objective) MVP: Citadel Guard (Flintlock Axe) LVP: Vassal Cavalry My army: ID Opponent's army: DE Score: 0-20 MVP: Vassal Levy LVP: Vassal Cavalry, Kadim Titan (Titan Mortar) My army: ID Opponent's army: ID Score: 8-12 MVP: Infernal Warriors (Ziggurat Regulars, Blunderbuss) LVP: Vassal Cavalry, Inferna…

  • My Army: ID Opponents Army: DE Score: 11:9 MVP: Taurukh Anointed LVP: Kadim Titan (Titan Mortar) My Army: ID Opponents Army: EoS Score: 12-8 MVP: Shackled Slaves (5 wounds on a steamtank with supporting spells and tokens) LVP: Naphtha Thrower Infernal Engine (couldn't shoot anything, died in combat)

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I wanted to hold most of my comments until I get a couple more games in but one thing that would make Eye of the Bull better and more thematic would be "can target models in units". Make it a literal sniper rifle and keep the rest of it the same and we are off to the races.

  • Infernal Dwarves LAB FAQ

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Does Mask of Ages affect Destiny's Call? It might not depending on what that "never" does (I am unsure whether the 'and' pulls in the aegis as well).

  • Does Kadim Blessed only apply to shooting attacks? It is kinda vague because shooting is marked on the rules page but it says "the attacks".

  • (Beta 2) My Army: ID Opponents Army: BH Score: 6-14 MVP: Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons LVP: Citadel Guard with pistols and shields, Disciples of Lugar (Litigator) My Army: ID Opponents Army: WDG Score: 3-17 MVP: Infernal Engine Rock Crusher LVP: Taurukh Annointed, Disciples of Lugar (Litigator) My Army: ID Opponents Army: UD Score: 17-3 MVP: Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons, Taurukh Annointed LVP: Prophet of Lugar, Disciples of Lugar (Litigator)

  • More 3D prints but why not elves as vassals.…dark-elf-infantry-command mediumdarkelfinfantry3_1080x.jpg mediumdarkelfcav1_1080x.png

  • Vassals? 1.jpg

  • Quote from DanT: “Yeah, I think they are at their best used in a co-ordinated mutually supporting fashion with other units. Rather than as pillboxes, war machines or flank guards. Same as EoS tank. Used in this way I think 2 are pretty good (and also somewhat RPS; res 7+unbreakable is a big deal for some armies). The bigger issue for me is that I think while two are allowed, it will drive the pricing somewhat, making one a generally poor choice internally. Note that the price is higher in the LA…

  • I've been playing double Infernal Engine and I've come to the conclusion that it isn't actually very good. They are very expensive for what they do and with somewhat short ranges they don't do that much. They are ok in combat but not amazing, somewhat worse than a chariot with their main advantage being unbreakable. Seriously, there was a lot of theoryhammer about how OP two is but they are really a suboptimal choice, Titan is better.

  • My Army: ID Opponents Army: DH Score: 0-20 MVP: Vassal Spears LVP: Taurukh Enforcers (Blunderbusses), Infernal Engine (x2)

  • There seems to be a lot of masked criticism that boils down to ID should be more like DH. Vassals, Kadim, cavalry, short range shooting, monsters; they've all been complained about but they are what make ID ID. If you want an army of just dwarfs there is already an army for that. Personally, I'd like to see larger minimum sizes so ID becomes even less like DH (or at least current DH). Monsters, cavalry and minions are what have always made the other dwarf faction different.

  • Immortal profile: * adv * mar * dis * * 3 * 9 * 9 * Bodyguard, Infernal Brand, Scoring * HP * DS * Res * Arm * * 1 * 6 * 4 * 0 * Infernal Armour, Shield, Possession of the Mask * Att * Off * Str * AP * Agi * 1 * 4 * 4 * 1 * 2 Possession of the Mask, Bound Spell with Power Level(4/8), Caster, Augment, Raise 4 HP. That gives them something different. They are harder to kill, slightly more defensive and they don't die. I'd take that over harder to wound as it doesn't stop them being killed but give…

  • Great Bull is actually in a good place. If you play him like a cowboy you will have a bad day. He is great to keep in the lines and use as a support monster or assist another unit with a charge. Supernal can be painful but it is also good in its own way. Little bulls are probably a little overpriced still, they are good but the movement, flying for clipped wings and towering presence lets them get sniped easier than the big bull. Both mounts have drawbacks but they both play well at the moment.

  • Is the problem just with the name or the concept? I get that some may find the name offensive but it is descriptive of the lore (they are enslaved). Trying to weasel around the words sometimes leads to even more offensive wording because it tries to diminish what something is into another term like some other games that change certain WW2 units to just "German special forces" or "Eastern Empire Territorial unit". Dropping the concept is a harder ask, it becomes a question of how far you go too. …