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  • I' ve had some games vs dwarves recently. Depends a lot on the rival' list. If I have the chance, to go first, I take it. I have a big lance of grails with the master divi. And my duke rides with 5 pegs with hard target. So depending on the location of it warmachines I try to snipe one of them or cast Hard target or entwinning roots, to reduce the its shooting power. Then is just a matter of picking up ur fights, basically, try to charge the warmachines and chain up overruns. At the same time ch…

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Hi guys, what is going on with the 75mm round bases on the war machines? Many others are 60mm (like EoS). Where do you even get 75mm rounds? Couldn't find any at my typical stores. ” I use a Pringles lid. They are exactly 75mm. And for free

  • Quote from Kreln: “I'm actually hoping for some sort of Knightly Order.. ” Me too. I have faith that with the Ordos been latin word for Order, we might see something in that line. Lets cross fingers

  • @Marcos24 I love it!!

  • I had a second read. Love the chance of having the paladins with a limited healing capability. Really nice I wouldnt mind loosing scoring on pegs in exchange for recovering some speed. I miss the Bastard sword. I think it was the best option for questors and forlon knights

  • I need to read it carefully. Some nice ideas there - I dont like not been able to flee, although I understand that Knights should have some penalty for fleeing. If anything Tenant's shouldnt apply to units that arent knigts. For instance why ladies arent allowed to flee. - As per guide line. Our movement should be slightly better than EoS, specially on charge. That brings Destrier to adv: 8, march 15 and dev charge (+1ad). Same extends to Pegasus - I love the orisons and the quin. Those are perf…

  • POSIBLE ETC 2021

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    Quote from Superorko: “Clasificatorios por UB se puede sacar algo si se empieza ahora, presencial a día de hoy es imposible. Ser seleccionador es algo dificil y tener que ser objetivo hoy en día en españa es megacomplicado en esto de warhammer XD. Cómo se mediría? por los torneos jugados? porque pepito hizo buenos resultados el año pasado? y si este año se tocó las bolas? Yo votaria por clasificatorios de UB o que los que se clasificaron el año pasado jugasen un torneo UB a 6 rondas y fin. ” Se …

  • Thanks for your reply. I knew it worked like that. But sometimes when playing with "special rivals" they wont get happy until I see an answer posted by a red tag.

  • Hi guys, Can a unit overrun twice?. So I overruned once, against an enemy unit..that was engaged but havent fought that combat yet. We did the second combat. wiped out enemy unit. Can I overrun again? thanks

  • Quote from arwaker: “Hm, is that a problem? I think it is good that there are units which are not as charge dependant and other units which are. Variability! ” I also think is a good thing. Coz its an incentive, for different playlists and armies. But I want my charge dependant army to be able to reach that charge an not to be worry to loose 1500pts coz I didnt make that 5" on a dice roll. I would like to see more reliable charges. The LAB has some nice propposals from this thread I hope they co…

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Yeah I understand. I think wouldn’t want them to be named “Templars” either. Some names have become so common place that they’re not as immersion breaking as others would be and Templars is a good example you bring up because I don’t think that’s ever been used in anyway outside of the actual Knights Templars. Like, if KoE was Kingdom of France, it would not be great (however I personally would want it to be exactly that outside of the name, since my favorite type of fantas…

  • Quote from rolan: “To me, EoS resembles the holy roman empire, while KoE resembles the celts and other pre-christian cultures with more magic-like religions, druids, and feyfolk. Angels and devoutness and strictly hierarchical religious orders controlling the people belong to EoS, while mythtical powers, help from magical creatures, druids and witches are KoE terrain, with a pre-christianized view on the world. That's why I'm opposed to angels, to me they don't fit KoE. We should get (celtic-sty…

  • Personally I would like to be able to represent some kind of angelical miniature.. But wouldn't like to over do it. Initially I thought about proxy it with the KoE giant..but then it lost the blessing and the didnt fit my concept anymore.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Marcos24: “Screw it I'm so pumped up I’m sculpting an Angel next, something like this…5c-wMRKtXE52hTqL0rnj6eNhw ” yes exactly avenging archangels that are my favorite! ” I would also love something like this. Is there any space in the guidelins for this, supernals maybe?

  • Hi guys A dwarf character on shield bearers, that uses a 2hand weapon, benefits from shield wall? Thanks

  • I propposed some time ago. KoE Knightly Champions: Ordering the Charge. When a unit with a Knightly Champion rolls its Charge Range, it always counts as rolling at least a ‘6’. If the Charge isstill failed, ignore this rule and use the rolled dice to determine the Failed Charge Move following the normalrules.For example, a Charging unit with an Advance Rate of7″ containing a Champion declares a Charge against anenemy unit that is 11″ away. In case of a Charge Rangeroll of 2, the Charge will stil…

  • It would be interesting to toy around this idea. I would be happy if archers could simply shoot at a unit on which knights just declared a charge.

  • I really would like to see some kind of Lay on hands on paladin. Maybe as part of this new has to be very limited albeit been OP. For example Principle of Faith: Bearer and R&F models in the unit get a +1Aegis. At the end of player turn. The bearer recovers 1 wound.

  • Quote from Babnik Kalenina: “With Duke humility and KotR not too far away, 40 peasants with parry can hold anything for secondary objective sake ” I take 33 of this guys..want to find points to add some more. I agree with you, they are perfect for secondary objectives..and using the Map to cover a flank.

  • Taki, Can we expect to see some reference to a Crusade of any kind, maybe related to Port Reynaud. Dunno if the question is too especific or too early. Thanks