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  • PPS: guys, Ivar is being an absolute mental MONSTER when it comes to collecting campaign points... there's no competition there... you can only stop him on the battlefield!!!

  • PS Ivar, i really wanna know where those hanging trespassers come from... did you sculpt them yourself? or were they just lying around among your kids' toys?

  • you guys are bloody killing it! amazing! well then after three submissions, let's jump to the next bit: the Sylvan Patrol! there's a couple differences from the one published in the old EW alpha version... the first who discovers them gets 2 point for each! m00rzI9.png also, you know what this means... show us your painted patrols! i know some of you (like @Kdownunder maybe) have something to post, and i also know someone like @LordNelson might have a big surprise... or a small one? 10 points fo…

  • nice! then it's settled, Totenhammer versus Druid, Ivar versus Lawot. we'll collect some pictures from your forests, then start releasing the game cards for the SE patrol. the faster you submit pictures of your units, the faster we share all the patrol rules. and if you're wondering "but why on earth are they being so persistent in asking us pictures?", well, go over at the Proxy Table Gaming youtube channel and you'll find a reminder of the reason why ; ) you guys are gonna help us make more pr…

  • Quote from Ivar K: “I hope I get that kind of diorama done tomorrow. My current trees are maybe not scary enough, but luckily I have around 30 chinese cheap plastic trees to modify and a 3d printer... ” gosh, can you believe that The Bends came out more than 25 years ago? bloody hell... well ok, no need to get sentimental. back to business. forests!

  • Nouvelles du front

    piteglio - - France


    le moment est arrivé... il faut tous se mettre à l'Âme de la Guerre! : D

  • bring it on, guys! and as soon as we get a few pics of forests, we'll start posting the rosters you'll use for the match, with all the relevant rules. go go go!

  • very interesting developments here!!

  • Quote from Lawot: “ ...if it wasn’t Sylvan magic that drew Harold into the forest, then who provoked this conflict?! ” i also loved that bit... could that be a clever witch trying to get rid of Totenhammer? after all, a righteous prelate is bad for the Wtichspit business... are the elves finding new ways to justify their thirst for blood? keeping the moral high ground while doing what you want, sounds quite elvish... or maybe is so used to seeing enemies everywhere, that he suspects more foul pl…

  • How Orcy are you?

    piteglio - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    5. i am so Orcy that i taunt my opponents for not being Orcy enough. and when they reply "but you're making no sense! cant you see im playing with Elves?!", i simply reply (Hidden Content)

  • alright then, ladies & gentleman. with Lawot & RHWorldbuilding volunteering for the Aide-de-camp roles, and with Ivar having made his choice, let's unveil who will be Totenhammer enemy... once more, from the restless pen of Grouchy Badger - thank you for the writeup, juicy as always! *** “Do we have to stay here, sir?” The Gunner asked, setting down the butt of his rifle down onto the ground beside his feet. Totenhammer looked up into the trees and wrinkled his nose, shadows of drifting shapes e…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “CBABECA ” my friend, i interpret this as a clear sign that YOU ARE TOO BUSY take a break! : D

  • aw man this patrol is FIERCELY CUTE !

  • it will be a game of Essence of War, using the Basic rules, between a homebrew patrol for ES (Totenhammer and his 3 units) and an official patrol from the EW rulebook. we want to keep things simple, to make sure we successfully run the battle via forum. but (spoiler alert!) this will be the last community-battle in this thread using the Essence Basic rules ; )

  • cheers @Vespacian ! the PTGs did an amazing job with that video. we are crazy grateful to have some youtubers help out with T9A outreach, Cravenlands campaing, and EssenceofWar material in general... hopefully in the future more peoples from Community Engagement will join the PTGs and PhearTheHam... wink wink! : D also: that is great news, thanks @Lawot ! this pushes you to the top of the list, second only to master Ivar himself: rdqtUlS.png and that means that we are ready to proceed! the ball …

  • splendid! thank you Rob! then as soon as we find a second volunteer for the "aide de camp" position, we will disclose who will be von Totenhammer's enemy faction. as a reminder: you will be invited for the private conversation where tactics and strategy for one of the two factions (either Sunna's ranks or their opponents). once the battle is over, your task will be to use the "Quote" button at the end of each conversation post to copy it into a thread in the open forum. you can quote multiple me…

  • that is class!

  • Quote from Little Joe: “2 PMs should do, no admins needed ” then in that case we'll have to count on the good will of the "Secretary of the Army", who pledge to take a few minutes to manually quote the PM posts into the thread once the battle is done. if we find two volunteers, we can indeed avoid bothering our poor admins.

  • wow, this thread is full of great material - and that starter set is gorgeous indeed! im really curious about your own sculpts, @Detreut. is it taking parts from Warlord + combining them in new ways + adding greenstuff for details + making a mould with smoothcast + replicating minis? great stuff by the way, love the "feel" of it all!