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  • Maybe s4 on shooting attack? Would make it more vs monster infantry and less vs anything it wants to kill. Or shorter range?

  • I play Deamons and would not want to go up against DH I feel like its a bad matchup, possibly one of the worst. I play greater deamons tho, maybe thats the reason. Slayers, cannons, all sorts of high streangth attacks, strong anti magic, Crossbows you name it dwarfs got it

  • Quote from sgu97bjd: “That’s a question of points. You can build quite killy goblin lords on mounts but not on foot. They need to be capable in combat but will never rival most other lord level characters, which is why I think they need another niche, I.e. sneakiness ” Well i dont disagree with that, some sort of special rule would be great to make infantry gobbos more usable. But dont u guys still think that buying a magic weapon or armor for a gobbo should be viable/balanced? And the same with…

  • Well he cant really give ld, or cast spells so if he cant be killy then why even have options for boss/warboss. Then we can make all goblins shamans. My point is not that the gobbo should be as strong as the orc but just exactly the point u made before about getting what you paid for. Right now if u build a fighty goblin u do not get what you pay for.

  • Quote from yhandros: “Quote from arwaker: “Ok, we are drifting off once more ” Hehe, we're orcs isn't it normal? Quote from arwaker: “How to solve the point that Orc generals are more desirable than Goblin generals ” Not sure this is an issue. You have to choose: cheap, weak with LD 8 or "expensive", resistant, killy with LD 9. You get what you pay for. ” Problem is i kinda dont think you get what you pay for, see examples 470- Feral Orc Warlord, General, Shady Shanking (50), Essence of Mithril(…

  • I think atm paying full points for warcry and items the goblin general is just to pricy. It needs to be atleast haft the points of the orc for it to be an option. Otherwise i guess make som goblin army themed buff. Fight in extra rank for all goblins within ld bubble.

  • Quote from arwaker: “That is a valid point. Could be solved by having some Goblin only magic weapons, that could be made more point efficient than if designed for Orcs AND Goblins. ” That would be the easy way to fix it i think. Giving 2 values in all OnG items would be another. Third would be a special rule that for example lets goblin characters buy 1 item for half the price or something like that.

  • I would like to see goblin fighty characters, but i think the only way this would be worth it is it they got some kind of discount on items. As long as for example sneaky stabbin is the same for an orc it will always be better for them.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Dragus: “If AP is not a weakness of the army, I can't understand why is there so low AP values at so many units, except subpair units as files and glories, and the only true anti armour tool we have is a ST3 unit with lethal strike. The army as a whole has very hard time against some armoured opponents, specially those 1+/1+ cowboys (which are more frecuent than I would consider logical) ” lol, my team asked me to make an anti-armour list and the best I could c…

  • My 10 lemures are mvp almost all of my games, a unit of 17 is bunker for my sentinel and they have been great also. They won tons of combat vs swordmasters and all sorts of elites (with magic backup). However I dont find them very fun to play. Cast smite against S and win with static is pretty much all they can do. Would prefer if posion was built in and not an expenssive gift that will not be worth it even at 1p.

  • I took a few pictures while packing up for a tournament, sry about the bad quality and stuff in background. This is all modelled by me, printed by me and not as proudly also painted by me The spider at the end is a Gargantulla for my OnG, it is also part printed and party sculpter and converted with bits. See spoiler. (Hidden Content)

  • How are People feeling about Maw? Good/bad/expenssive? It has always been my favorite Deamon so i struggle to play him in most my lists. Latelly with res 6 he works for me but without that gift ge feels kinda trash and grossly overpriced.

  • Uploading pictures here is such a hazzle tho

  • I have a full Deamon army printed and some other stuff as well. Have been bad at taking pictures but look at mijo3d on Facebook if u are interested. So what printer do you have? I use form+1.

  • Kinda late into this discussion but just gonna say I also have problem with these list. However I try to put it they seem superior. We play Inhouse tournament twice a year. Our UD guy has won everytime, I think its about 6 or 7 times now. Don't get me wrong he is also a good player, but the only time he played as something else he finished last.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    MikaelO - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from Little Joe: “Quote from MikaelO: “I havent been doing much advertising so mostly printing and designing for myself but im still working on making all deamon modells and i think im about half way there.I took a long breake due to a broken printer but now its working like a sharm. You can check it out on facebook, my latest post is all about deamons. ” You designed those yourself? It is nice to see so many original ideas. ” Yes I did . Thank…

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    MikaelO - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I havent been doing much advertising so mostly printing and designing for myself but im still working on making all deamon modells and i think im about half way there.I took a long breake due to a broken printer but now its working like a sharm. You can check it out on facebook, my latest post is all about deamons.

  • I play This list atm ( inside the spoiler) with double wizard master, both pretty hard to kill and i take pretty much 4-5 nukes/snipe spells and some dual purpose spells like breath and -Res. Trying to 2 dice everything, Usually with the Sentinel i get max dice and can cast atleast 5 spells wich gives me +10 to cast that magic phase with 10-11 dice and re-roll 1s on thama. Anyone play similar ? I havent tried it enough to say if it works well or not i just notice i dont see anyone posting simila…

  • No Q&A for the new patch or did i just miss it? I have a few questions. With mirrored scales will it work before or after re-rolls such as hatred? Also with broodmother if you are in a challange will overkill work or does the enemy actually need to have 3 HP for it to work? Thanks in advance.

  • Quote from Goatrek: “Thanks for the input! Will check on some special items you mentioned. Increasing cost of the Tapestry of Ymiron is something I've been thinking about to incentivise bringing a BSB. Look forward to play against you. I think that would greatly influence your view of the army. ” I think if you really want to put this army to the test for balance then let others play it against you. That way you will find more power creep glitches that you may not see. I can play it some day and…