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  • Quote from duxbuse: “The fact they are ap10 and flaming is largely irrelevant to me. ” :O They are so good at taking enemy cav!

  • It's said on Facebook to be postponed to May 15.

  • Hey greenies, and less green ones, They've been late because of their differences from the common template, but the OnG are finally having their layout lift-up with LaTeX! It means that they get their Quick Ref Sheet at the end of the book, that the layout is a bit changed, and that we used the opportunity to reword some rules (no mechanical change, of course!). Could we trouble you for some help lectoring the book? We've probably done some copy-paste errors, so your good knowledge of the book c…

  • OK General chat

    Eru - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from Swelt: “Should be a toxic breath weapon, we have no idea what is in that caudron. (Maybe it could add flaming to the unit hit by it?) ” That was the original idea, but the team was encouraged to avoid high AP abilities, since the game already has a lot of it!

  • 15 spells and 5 channels @SmithF, really? #IWANTTHEMALL I like the skeleton of the list a lot. I just feel like the book of arcane mastery and the necromantic staff are a bit overkill. I'm eager to hear your feedback on the list because it's a concept I wanted to give a go. I wonder how feasible it is to keep the wizards on the front line to have interesting ranges. The skeleton blocks being quite deep, particularly if you start pumping the numbers up, wizards safely in the back line would strug…

  • Quote from AEnoriel: “Tu peux même offrir ton flanc ou ton arrière à ton adversaire actuel parce que tu t'attends à une charge plus dangereuse venant d'une autre direction et tu préfères lui opposer ton front (et le maximum de tes attaques de soutien). ” Dans certaines conditions uniquement ! Par exemple, avec plusieurs persos engagés au combat, cela ne respecte pas les conditions de la refo de combat.

  • Quote from AEnoriel: “Question concernant la règle Rage des géants. Exemple de ce week-end, j'ai sacrifié une unité pour attirer un Gortach frénétique loin de ses lignes, puis je l'ai chargé en sandwich avec un duc sur hippogriffe et 8 chevaliers de la Quête. Contre des anti-monstres, il n'a pas résisté, mais c'était vraiment juste. Sur le duc comme sur les Questeux, l'épée bâtarde en lance légère à la charge, bof bof. Perdre Force/PA pour frapper en premier, ça mérite réflexion. Si j'avais affr…

  • Models for The Vermin Swarm

    Eru - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from skipschnit: “Not for my collection. All those arrows in his back must mean he’s always running AWAY from the enemy. ” Definitely a rat then!

  • Models for the Beast Herds

    Eru - - Beast Herds (BH)


    That's a fancy Minolag!

  • @Eisenheinrich some comments here are regarding RCT. Thanks @Bagbar, keep them coming, we'll note them for the next version.

  • Quote from Boomvalk: “I bought the 2.0 version of the arcane compendium printed. Is there a joined document somewhere of EVERYTHING that changed between 2.0 and the new 2021 version? I'm nog going to go through 12 seperate versions to see what changed in every one of them then I will have to change my values 17 times. There must be a better way to work with this system of changing values to make it easier for people to see the changes since the printed version they got? ” Designing a jointed cha…

  • Quote from _Gg (Groumbahk): “Je suis dessus ! ” Qui est dessous ?

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Have their been any discussions to make options always ordered alphabetically instead of by costs? This would create more stability in the ordering and also make similar lists always appear in the same order (e.g. for mundane weapons) ” Yes, there has been some, and this is something I want to look into for the next balance update. I was too busy this year to do more than basic updates, but I'm confident for next year

  • Yup we can. It comes from the fact that options are ordered by cost while rules are ordered alphabetically. But I understand the confusion.

  • They're trying to brand their vampires so no-one can sculpt similar models without being in IP infringement. Too bad that they stepped on Dragon Ball Z IP doing so :p

  • Quote from Baldin: “Quote from LastKnight: “Quote from wombat: “Quote from Baldin: “Hi guys, A situation came up. Is my prelate refused a duel his dis is set to 0. If my general is within 12". How do I test? With general dis or 0? ” Either, your choice. ” Not sure about that. Both effects (Commanding Presence and Refusing a Duel) "set" the Discipline to a Value.According to 6D Prioroty of Modifiers: "When several modifiers within a group are to be applied to a value (e.g. a Characteristic value)…

  • The Fell Bats are so better than the previous ones! The Knights are cool, only one of them has crazy hair. Not sold either on the zombies. Skeletons are cool, but there are already a lot of cool options for skeletons, and probably less expensive.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Eru: “I remember reading about it, so I was definitely warned. I thought I had fixed it, it must have slipped my mind ” you say this as you are sitting at your desk painting up some Electoral Cavalry with Lances aren't ya? Gold is Gold. ” Aha I don't play EoS fortunately, I can't be accused of forgetting on purpose :p We're actually investigating if lances at 1 ppm was wanted in the first place. Anyway, we only nerf dwarves, it is known

  • I remember reading about it, so I was definitely warned. I thought I had fixed it, it must have slipped my mind

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Eru - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Have you seen all those female ogres coming?…the-smallfolk/description