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  • ID General Chat

    strauss - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    On popular demand, we've just opened up a pinned gallery where everyone is free to post his/her latest infernal creation ==> What are you working on in your cosy ziggurat ?

  • Dear overlords, vizirs, prophets and others, on popular demand, we have now our own pinned gallery, where you are encouraged to post your latest (or not) creation, your preferred paint job, your conversion(s) or anything that please you. Be creative ! PS: To inaugurate this thread, I take the liberty to post some of my babies (they aren't new, sadly) but it's a good way to kick start this thread ! 122658865-813803636044158-4894690094958078807-n.jpg 122665392-755302381715658-2561525431941227339-n…

  • My bad, I promised and didn't deliver. Give me 5min this will be done !

  • Ogres, swamp- and half-things

    strauss - - User Blogs


    Mate, you have a flipping cool unit ! I'm so jealous - you're convincing me to re-plug my printer ! They fit really well with the rest of your army, in particular with your giants ! Hope to see a group shot with the new ones !

  • The Great Horde of Chaos

    strauss - - User Blogs


    That's just incredible ! Crazy conversions and high level of details !!! (but the pain-in-a** in me just want to ask : when are you gonna paint all that ? )

  • Quote from Vidi51: “Not a single player has chosen an Overlord or disciples of lugars... ” Actually, list 13 includes both of them I also note the presence of two bastions, which is cool but a bit surprising considering the overall community feedback. I hope they'll rock ! I am particularly happy to see that all core setup are different (some only slightly, but still!) and we even see some flintlocks coming back in the lists. Another fact to highlight is the clear shift towards anti-infantry and…

  • Hi guys, Here are the ID lists from the latest event organised by Team USA, Who 8 my Wings, a 8-players team tournament, gathering 24 teams (a whooping 192 players) : List 1 480 - Taurukh Commissioner, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield (Willow's Ward), Mask of Ages, Infernal Weapon, Talisman of Shielding 440 - Prophet, General, Prophet of Ashuruk, Wizard Master, Alchemy 275 - Prophet, Prophet of Lugar, Wizard Adept, Occultism 450 - 24 Infernal Warriors, Ziggurat Regulars, Standard Bearer (Flaming S…

  • Hi guys, Despite some nice models displayed and interesting theories, would we re-focus on the purpose of this thread please ? Thank you in advance !

  • Wow, times to revive this thread. Lot happened since late November ! In the meantime, with my friends, we entered into the madness of UB team tournaments on the french discord. That revealed to be an awesome experience. We liked our first attendance so much that we signed up for two more ! So our third tournament is ending this Sunday. I fielded my beloved ID for the first two events and shelved them for the latest iteration as I wanted to play something a bit different. On a personal level, I a…

  • The master on chariot is quite ballsy. I tried him and it never really ended up very well...

  • Infernal Dwarves LAB FAQ

    strauss - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    This space marine non-sense does not belong to FAQ thread (it prolly belong to none of this forum’s thread anyway but that’s another story). Let’s refocus on the purpose of this thread gent’s.

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “If they want to know all my dirty little secrets, they'll have to come and spectate the game :p. Maybe if a certain game is so amazingly cool I'll do one :p. ” Your games are always amazingly cool (I know that you hoped for such reply - here you go)

  • BatRep, BatRep, Batrep (you ain't workin' much anyway)

  • Quote from Anen: “ With regards to the army lists I feel optimistic that we have some nice variety and hope that this is a good indicator of how versatile the end product of the ID book can be. Im also suprised that no one seems to be playing the small bull mount. I came looking for inspiration on kitting a bsb Vizier on it but found none. ” I contemplated this build few weeks ago : Vizir on bull of shamut, flintlock, shield, triple speed, mask of age, aether icon. Could be fine-tuned, but I lik…

  • Quote from Il Maestro: “Quote from Yilmi: “I am always dam slow at painting cavalry ” *still paints more than most other 2021 PLOGs combined* ” You're quite right - the guy is a machine, productive and always with high table top standards - he shames our entire gaming group !

  • Quote from Villon: “This is not a bad idea! to have a pinned section with cool models ” Let's create this gallery ! I do it right now

  • Quote from Vulgarsty: “cheers. One is from privateer press…n-war-wagon-battle-engine the other is Macrocosm - just seen they have some new stuff…tasy/dark-dwarves/page/3/ all topped off with the new plastic mantic infernal dwarves ” @TobiasP, just tagging you here, as Macrocosm minis would fit with your kink for vintage models (unless you already know their products)

  • @Villon, nasty list with a lot of possibilities would prolly struggle to face it (I rely quite a bit on flaming...)

  • I'll ask to my captain if he can pair us, should we encounter your team but yeah with what 50+ teams, chances are 1/10 that we cross each other ! What's your list again ? Mine is bit weirdo !

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Just one list is really impressive in my view. ” Out of curiosity, which one and why ?