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  • Quote from schaufelschwein: “ However, I am more than glad, that the arena beast finally has a fixed movement (although i will refuse to cut of a 10x100mm piece of my base) so that it doesnt fail a 5" charge because you roll 1,1,2 and can be used to terrorize other units.” The upgrade Underworld Beast give the Arena Beast 60x100 base and Random Movement. The Arena Beast without the upgrade is more analogous to a Chief riding a MRat.

  • It should still be 20x20, nothing in the weapon profile indicates a changed base size.

  • Mishap damage

    ValourUnbound - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I ran a unit of 4 Jezails in my few test games. They would usually misfire once or twice a game and put a couple wounds on the unit. But with 3 HP each and Callous preventing panic, it wasn't too awful. They usually ended the game at about 75% strength.

  • Quote from Ondjage: “Why dont shadowfur stalkers have bloodpox blades instead of «Poison attacks*, paired weapons, *CC Only»? ” You're not the first one to notice that. We're working on it.

  • Quote from Karanadon: “Rules question about the Giant Rats... The Dire rat upgrade implies the whole unit is upgraded to dire rats, but the unit size is now 0-15, correct? Does that mean someone could take a unit with a single Dire rat for 83 points? If the upgrade is for some of the models in the unit (unit of 30, 15 of which are dire rats), doesn't the mismatching base sizes make that really awkward? Just really confused when I read it how it should be interpreted. EDIT: Is it just a typo? Sho…

  • Please post any questions about the rules in the VS LAB Alpha here. This might duplicate the general Rules Questions and Answers thread, but I'm more likely to read it here smile.png Off topic posts will be deleted.

  • Please post any typos or other layout errors in the VS LAB Alpha book here. Off topic posts will be deleted.

  • Guideline snippets:………9ee55978dc19efd2910c87ad1 Quote from Bogi: “But you created the guidelines and then based the created rules on these same guidelines, it seems that like it is one of wholistic product to me not separate ones and not one that you can then lean upon. ” Only if by "you" you mean the T9A project as a whole. RT created the guidelines, TT cr…

  • Let me check the guidelines. I believe there is something about "four legs bad, 16 legs good" (read: no cowboys, yes war platforms)

  • While I do agree with you, for clarity, I believe this section covers that possibility (Page 80, right before 21.A Universal Rules): XbpWgOna6BB5XSVd4KtgWtroEHl2vXbpWsNnK6BBpXTVd4JtgaurYEGlWvXb5euNXC6BhpUTld5J9gauLYGGlSuXb9dutbA6RpoUDld5Z1ga+DaGmhQuXb9dulaA6dr4B99RmaKYWXKnAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

  • Quote from Alkasar: “ also why need make the Triumphal Platform Gigantic? army using numerous shooting models better not have wide gigantic infantry model. Especially if it joins most front defensive unit :)))) dont you think so? :)) ” Hey, people asked for anti-synergy, we delivered.

  • Quote from Alkasar: “ this idea have one problemBloodfur Commander with a Praetorian Palanquin is standart heigh model, so if it joins Fetthis Brutes (which are large), it could be targeted by shooting and spells, right? This not the way how one would like use character in the unit ” That is a typo! The 40x40 is supposed to be Large. That will be fixed before release. Which actually hurts his use in Standard Infantry units. I've highlighted that issue in my notes.

  • Looks like some of these were already answered, so I'll be brief. Splitting into two related categories: Quote from Alkasar: “- why no Rat Ogre mount with 40x40 base? whats your idea? why not give opportunity to lead basic Rat Ogre unit? - what about small Wheel (which called before Meat Grinder)? Also nice model and I dont see any choice for it - why no mount choice to Chief on Monstrous Rat? That's nice model choice from Forge World, its still producing. Also have similar model from Punga mini…

  • I was really excited so I tried them for three games. I guess it's been a long time since I've had access to great weapons because they... Didn't do a lot. Honestly the Swarm Priest with Swarm Master did more work. I'm sure they have good targets, but I must not have faced any. My next list was going to drop them, upgrade my Blackfurs to Bloodfurs and make some unit fillers for Without Numbered Legionaries.

  • This thread is clearly not being used as designed. I will be locking it for the next few hours while I decide the path forward.

  • The Eagle Standard itself is activated within 18". The unit does not receive the general's discipline without Vox Populi.

  • Please place all general discussion about the VS LAB Alpha here.

  • Let's wait so that you're not the first post. 24 hours or so. If we get to page 2 before then, go ahead.

  • Since the rat is out of the bag, I suppose it is time for this. I will be posting more threads shortly, so please hold your responses if they don't fit here, there will be a place shortly. This thread is for first impressions, initial feedback, that sort of thing. Discussion will not be allowed in this thread and will be deleted. [link to be inserted for discussion thread] Link to video:

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “And I feel that this push for S5 is a problem… Having Res 2 brings meaning back to S3/4 which was previously being eroded. It adds another layer to the game and will make units with GW ultimately slightly cheaper as people take into account the chance of encountering a VS army. I’m really interested to see the ETC armies once VS is Gold. ” As my models were getting punked last week, I came up with a slogan to describe the R2 change. "Make S4 great again"