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  • Image designer, help offer

    piteglio - - General Discussion


    @Casp @ForsetisMuse you seen this? cheers f

  • also, since you mentioned that you're looking to learn the game as well, two birds with one stone: we're playing a collective forum-based battle on TTS right now. if you're curious: play-by-forum // the Hangmans Forest battle you can even join one of the teams if you want. there's private conversations where players discuss tactics. plenty to learn for a new player : )

  • above average, and close, but "not quite my tempo": HlLSrGI.png resolving spell effects - rolling quite poorly on the number of hits (those are D3s): v83hG20.png and "piteglio-style" rolling is back! guys, tell LittleJoe to stop jinxing it! : D 8hsoGBb.png no sixes, so no wounds. i was instructed by lawot to then cast Awaken the Beast on the Dryads with the 2 remaining dice: io1wePf.png seriously, do NOT comment on my dicerolling... which brings us to Shooting: Sylvan Archers (10 shots) and Drui…

  • nice! those wild huntsmen are WILD! : D but im a bit confused... is there a drunkard who cannot decide "which side of the forest" he's fighting for?!

  • making a collection of usable miniatures + using snap points for unit trays = you are a mind reader! here's a demo of how things work in my adaptation: i am giving priority to release the new version of the Essence of War rulebook before the end of june. then i will release point (3) from my list above, which is the one you see in this video. then everybody can contribute by finding their own miniatures and making them available for everybody to use.

  • cQdr7xR.png 5 dice out of 7 used for Swarm of Insects on Flagellants. cast on a 20, with no triples. @Ivar K, you have 4 dice. what's your reaction?

  • Why do we fight?

    piteglio - - General Discussion


    what do you think of variable alliances grafted onto well-motivated conflicts, as a general mechanism to give plausibility to certain clashes? this infernal citadel has been cut out in its logistics by the rival citadels. so it is currently (and grudgingly) relying on this highborn fleet for commerce. on the other hand, this tribe of Ogres wiped out the Imperial forces threatening this Necropolis 20 years ago, then "quite inexplicably, for their standards" respected the tombs instead of pillagin…

  • alright, i just received final instructions from Lawot. here we go! Turn 1b Sylvan Elves Charge Phase none Movement Phase 2sSR7Y9.png Magic Phase card VI: 7 dice to Active Player, 4 dice to Reactive Player CE1LZ0S.png possible targets: Awaken the Beast: Druid, Dryads, Archers, Huntsmen Swarm of Insects: Flagellants, Halberdiers KiaUKr0.png

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • hi FC i agree that this would be a good idea. i propose we collect a decent amount of relevant information first. then once we have enough material we put it into a pinned post. then people can add links & descriptions to the thread (which will be added to the pinned post). personally, i'd start by adding: (1) The Breach a free TTS mod by Veil of the Ages learn the absolute basics of wargaming link here (2) The Arena a free TTS mod by Veil of the Ages Fantasy Battle gladiator fights with charact…

  • also, speaking of spoilers... im a bit puzzled... the last draft of the Essence rulebook has less than 20 pages of basic rules... but the document is more than 70 pages long... how's that possible?!

  • Quote from kgkid: “The cards have been updated. Link is the same. Let me know if there are problems. ” thank you! take a week or so of rest, cos you'll soon receive quite a few new profiles to include / update ; )

  • so in ten minutes a bunch of us will meet online to play with the new patrol. we will livestream the match (the affiche is in the spoiler). i mention this cos we'll pilot using 1" increments, to see whether that makes things easier for new players. if anyone watches the game and wants to leave some comments (either in the live chat during the game or here on the forum after the fact), i'd be very interested in knowing your opinion! (Hidden Content)

  • you pewple are insatiable : D for those who are still tuned into the "old news" of... today?, in case you want to see the new patrol in action, see you on twitch in 10 minutes! jW17auA.jpg

  • Thank you!

    piteglio - - For Beginners


    welcome aboard! in a bit more than 1h we play on my twitch channel a live match of the introductory version of T9A, and we use Tabletop Simulator. see you there if you're curious!

  • oh yesss! love me some crossover patrols! plus, as long as they stay in the forest, why bother if it's fighting with the pointy ears or the smelly furs?! Remy, that new core unit frankly looks quite élite! do you also have the two remaining units that compose the whole armylist?

  • hallou people! have you seen the news? there's so much stuff going on... basic patrol for a new faction + new advanced armylist for an old faction + a teaser on how to start playing T9A for free... let's start somewhere: what do you think of them rats? 36885-d0ea8211-large.png of course, there's a couple minor typos, left there for you to enjoy the hunt : D but more importantly, this was a particularly challenging book to cram into a single page, so... what do you think of the adaptation of the …

  • thank you Delcurt! i've kept working on the mod in the last weeks, and i think we will be ready to release it publicly when we release the new alpha rulebook for The Ninth Age: Essence of War. i decided to focus on giving everybody the possibility to get (or give) a very nice introductory game. we said the new book would be available in summer. spring is almost over, so wait for the solstice, and then "at the dawn of the third day"... 55zJGum.png

  • you guys ready? Hn5ULU4.png

  • Turn 1 Sunna's Fury Charge Phase: nothing Movement Phase: Quote from Ivar K: “ @piteglio move flags 2" right 6" forward, halbs 3" left 5" forward, militia 2" side right ” xXDfV6o.png the move is legal: 8zEEqdu.png Magic Phase: Flux card V Sunna's Fury: 6 dice Sylvan Elves: 4 dice MufeJGk.png