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  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Fleshbeast - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    those are great! The sabre tooth cats are purrrrrrfect! The banner option with the hammer looks like he is playing croquet. lol! brilliant I can see these being some great Merc Vets also.

  • Hmmm, I wonder if we could have that Dryads / Treekin / Treefathers didn’t block LoS for our archers. The fluff being that the archers are used to firing accurately through the forest so some walking trees doesn’t change that much. If it is OP there could be a soft cover (same as shooting through a forest) for the target.

  • Quote from panterq: “Quote from saint_barbara: “Imma try 2x EH again. Hard Target + D6 stomps + 4++ should + WoG should work well in this matchup. ” Remmember about the item that gives -2 to wound with stomps. ” as a VS player I’m less fussed about stomps. I prefer to bring an extra 5 rats than pay for the item.

  • I was thinking something with a Tesla coil or similar on it.

  • Why limit it? It feels like it has a natural limit of as many bases as people have anyway so there’s no reason to place a further restriction. The other target for this would be wounded units which have been sent off behind terrain to conserve points. Need to take the final wound off that monster behind the hill? Cast the hereditary and do a few hits fishing for 6s to wound.

  • Quote from SunnyD: “Why are you making us switch bases for the arena beast? Abom is 60*100. I own a 3D printer, but this seems like a ton of unnecessary work for is to revise without clear benefit. Small point decreases or increases seem like a waste of my mental effort requiring me to rebase. Sorry if already been answered. ” it's not. The upgrade changes the base size.

  • i can see it being used if your opponent has heaps of chaff and you are playing a more deathstar style unit which you don't want chaffed. Cast the hereditary and after a turn or two it'll create a no-go zone for that chaff. If you put the swarms in front of your own unit (and your unit can charge clear of it) then you are effectively anti-chaffing for that unit for the price of some spell dice. I've heard that it can be useful for adding a deterrent out on a flank or hunting war machines, but it…

  • We’re there any units / lists which the playtesters found particularly fun to play with or against?

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “Can anyone think of a good build that uses Great Weapon Disciples? Being cultists, they didn't get any of the Combat Attributes the rest of the fighty units got, yet due to R3 with no armor they also die to a stiff breeze before they can hit imo a Great Weapon wielding unit needs at least one of the following to be threatening: 1. Lightning Reflexes 2. Remove at Initiative 0 3. R4 with at least Arm 2 4. Decent OS with Battle Focus I love Plague Disciples but can't think…

  • Quote from Bogi: “Quote from Fleshbeast: “Monstrous Rats seem to be in the final entry in the book which also does the Abom. The Abom upgrade removes the handler and adds attacks.I thought all the various Brotherhood / Disciples got combined also with the upgrade to GW being the flail option. ” Am I the only one who feels this to not be OK? While also the plague priests are not fighty characters any more? So a couple of entries got trimmed down, so that stupid carts and drills could be added. If…

  • Quote from Bogi: “Can I ask what happened to the Censer Bearers and the Monstrous Rat mounts? The video did not show them so I might have missed them. ” Monstrous Rats seem to be in the final entry in the book which also does the Abom. The Abom upgrade removes the handler and adds attacks. I thought all the various Brotherhood / Disciples got combined also with the upgrade to GW being the flail option.

  • Quote from Bogi: “Quote from rolan: “and sadly a couple of people successfully destroyed many new ideas with gut feeling complaints without proof, without thinking about how to balance new stuff, the only solution to those few was getting rid of new stuff.Bye the way, I never played ID, I always played against their lists exept for 2 or 3 trial games were we switched because the ID player wanted to get the experience opposing his army. I still liked the ideas of the First version, there would ha…

  • Quote from Valmir Von Eisendorf: “As following the preview about the new book, i think we get a pretty new stuff. Regarding the old vermin swarm book is a big mistake as there is a now a bunch of brain new concept Should perhaps change the name of army to Son of Avras or something else to be clear that there is not anymore link to the previous GW skaven and the so much bashed vermin swarm army. Perhaps it is audacious but it should cut the link with the past and go foward on the future. I'm wait…

  • “Swarm Standard”?

  • I feel like the Roman Theme is a little heavy handed. Both Eagle Standard and Bread & Games naming feel like they are pulled directly from a history book rather than rolled into the T9A world. I’m really looking to the background team to pull this as far away from Rome as possible.

  • Considering we have Shadowfur as a name, Blackfur makes less sense than something like Bloodfur or Steelefur or other less colour related names.

  • Yeah, not sure what the 5 day delay between video and release is either… Video was useful but I felt it was kind of a final spoiler to rule them all more than anything.

  • Quote from Squigkikka: “I wish there was a way to construct the Vermin Swarm army so that failed discipline checks is not only common, but also a part of how they operate. ” You’d need to give feigned flight and a bonus to rally if they ran through a friendly unit or similar.

  • Quote from Davian: “I feel S3 and S4 is rather uncommon. Most armies seem to go for S5 units or more. ” And I feel that this push for S5 is a problem… Having Res 2 brings meaning back to S3/4 which was previously being eroded. It adds another layer to the game and will make units with GW ultimately slightly cheaper as people take into account the chance of encountering a VS army. I’m really interested to see the ETC armies once VS is Gold.

  • I also quite like Blackfur as a name. It suggests a lot of flavour and background without needing detail.