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  • Rayan, the childrens protector, was as large as a horse. His skin had faded lost any human pigment and was now shades of green and grey. The large grotesque body was devoid of hair, and what did grow in some areas looked closer to fur. The incisors were as large as daggers, and what would classify as hands resembled talons. His ears rose to sharp points, and the shape of the eyes had changed to large oval shapes with the pupils encompassing the entire eye the dark color of an opal. Tattered pant…

  • The issue is most units in the game, even with characters, don’t have enough attacks to warrant the halfling of CR. A good alternative would be divide the negative modifier by 2 to a minimum of 1. There for a unit loses by 10CR- only -5 and they still have a chance to stick (provided they are not steadfast).

  • Quote from Swelt: “Quote from SirMC2015: “@Swelt- you may want to put a link in the normal OK forum thread. ” This tread is pinned in the OK general forum?? ” I meant where you have more activity.

  • @Swelt- you may want to put a link in the normal OK forum thread.

  • Twilight descended as we lit the fires. Breslin could be seen at the edge of the light, his back to us, still kneeling. As the sky got darker the other figures in the tree got closer. There was an eerie silence as they approached. The sound of limbs dragging on the ground. Feet, claws, and the sound of hooves now echoed in the air. We heard a voice from the shadows. It was strong and deep, but there was something wrong. Its was cold. “What do we have here? A morsel praying before death.” Harsh l…

  • @Vespacian- I tried changing my writing style based on a suggestion. At the same time this is a key point that shapes part of his view on the world, and he is about to get something. The children may be important later. I haven’t decided. Thank you for the feedback! Truly appreciated. I will try to settle on a style. That is what I get for going from Dresden Files, to Witcher Series, to David Eddings (favorite series is the Belgariad).

  • Breslin never took his eyes off the barn and he comforted the children. “William.” He said in a soft strong tone, alerting me to what he wanted me to do. I walked over as he held the children. As I approached I heard him whisper in the children's ears, “My name is Breslin. I would like you to go with my friend, William. Please children.” The boy looked up and stared into Breslin’s eyes. He fought back tears as he asked his question. “Your going to hurt Rayan, ain’t ya?” Breslin smiled at the boy…

  • So what I am hearing is klexe is the town crier.

  • The last 2 posts and this part of the story arc.

  • I don't normally ask for feedback, but would like to know what the thoughts were the readers. Are you enjoying the direction this is going?

  • The memory of Breslin standing there, studying the child, a boy roughly 10 years of age, thinking if he needed to destroy it or needed to save it, still chills me. He face was stone, eyes calculating, while his body language was neutral. There was an indifference to him in that moment as he decided what to do that was simply uncanny. Finally, after several moments of study and the boy and he staring at each other he moved his sword allowing the light to reflect and hit the boy. The child did not…

  • We traveled for weeks south by southeast. The boarders of our country was not marked but you could tell when we left the goddess’s blessed lands. The lands of Equatiane are lush, green, and full of life. The manor of life we saw as we traveled south and easton was not the manner of beast I had become accustomed while being raised in the Empire, but those of the fey had deep roots. Pixies, Brownies, and Willow-the-Wisp darted across our path and encampments until we crossed the boundary unseen. T…

  • I can’t go into details but what we are working on has nothing to do with the 7 sins and more historically noted for what makes a knight.

  • Quote from Zwei: “A winged deer? ... Really? The proud masters of the horse riding a winged deer? ..... I dont think i like this idea. A winged horse is/was okay. But a deer? Its probably somewhat okaaaay-ish if its a maid-only mount. I also think that dragons wont fit our army. Dragons are beasts we slay, not capture - ride or train. ” Your not alone. No worries, there are alternatives and the name will match to allow people to play what they want

  • Will do over weekend. @PrettyBoy- want to help?

  • Next year- either air conditioning venue or figure out where to place the fans.

  • I have so many people to say thank you to for making yesterday with the number work. I’m sure I’m going to miss someone, but thank you. Chris MacDonald Brett Robb Phil Karl Ben Keller Brian Hulley Gene Phelps Joey B Lyn F Josh A Joe F James Simon I know I missed a name or two so please respond to this and be recognized. Everyone listed helped with tables, terrain, mats, and setup. This event doesn’t happen without them. Thank you for your help and I look forward to paying you back in kind. Thank…

  • Good morning everyone- for those playing Sunday- 9:30 is when I plan on arriving.

  • Also, Looks like only 10 of us for dinner. I'm calling in a few minutes to try to make reservations.

  • First dose my arm was sore, second had a slight fever for <12hrs and then was fine. @JoshAfromNJ- Thank you for understanding and setting the tone. I appreciate it. I am making notes on the Spreadsheet for who can be without a mask.