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  • UD (unofficial) LAB

    setepenmentou - - New army books


    Sorry for the late : DCH are Not a Leader, list 2 is not good. At the beginning we aimed only Pharaoh and Noble could be general/bsb like it was on TK 6th Ed book.

  • Well in BG PoV: Life is cheap because they don't care about their losses (vs are big a*****es) Undead crumble due to magic disturbance due to soul unleashed from their vessels

  • Quote from nomrakram: “Quote from setepenmentou: “The loop starts again: ” you're joking right? I thought this was a thread about new ideas. a 'brainstorming'... perhaps if 'your' fluff doesn't include the stories of slaves being forced to fight, we can make some more fluff. I am certain that a fictional magically reborn ancient empire can justify enslaving souls. ” Maybe because we already discussed about this idea ? You quoted your own message, you may have seen the answers to the message you …

  • Nice Repanse I'll take one with the Questing Knights. When do you put them on store ?

  • @Lord Marcus Do you plan to include Highland Miniatures Questing Knight on your printing services ?

  • The loop starts again: UD Legions were professional soldiers who gained the right to be buried with their noble. The worthiest are the guards, and the worthiest/too damaged are ensouled in statues. Slaves were slaved and serves as slave, not as soldiers.

  • 100x100 Chariot

    setepenmentou - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from wombat: “See post 5. 2 units both Nomarch extra horses + 7 Legion Chariots. Nomarch, Champ........Champ, Nomarch. Char, Char, Char..............Char, Char, Char. Char, Char, Char..............Char, Char, Char. KIils 35x DH Warriors GWs 5 x 7 in 1 CC Phase, Honest !!! ” Ok I understand better But Hopefully it kills 35 DH warriors in 1 round, Seriously, 35 DH warriors with GW costs 490pts. Your combo cost 1912pts. I put full commands on unit and no items on nomarchs

  • 100x100 Chariot

    setepenmentou - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Wait wait, you are talking about having 2 Nomarch in 100x100 base in an unit of 7 chariots (with champion I presume) having this disposition ? Source Code (2 lines)Don't you think a 300x200 footprint is a bit hard to move ?

  • 100x100 Chariot

    setepenmentou - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    The single issue of having a 100x100 chariot is to lose impact hits. You keep the same amount of chariots attacks. 1D3+2 (since your character chariot has not chariot host) and 4 charioteers attacks (if you are in a 7 models units and you don't pay Legion Charioteers or you aren't charging). On Terracotta you lose additional impact hits (since chariots lose light troups). The 2nd rank, I don't believe in it. You lose a chariot so easily on fire/close combat, I prefer a block of 7 + character in …

  • You're right. We were able to have a bigger 2 dice value in exchange of a lower 3 dice value. So yes technically there is no use to cast 3 dice version ^^.

  • You're talking about people having no honor and great cowardice. I would more see the possibility to ambush for brigands.

  • I agree. UD were professional armies and Statues are ensouled with the worthiest soldiers. Slaves are restoring cities and pyramids

  • Quote from Velux: “VC is an other matter, their H spell only focus on raise and is not combined with augment spell, they can heal a lot, but won't get any buff in exchange, or blast your opponent. But when I talk with some SA players Who're saying they raise/heal better than UD, something usually snap in my brain x) ” VC courtiers may be wizards so you have a nice fighter with raising spell. UD have only the Hierarch (and the book of deads) And as player I agree about Druidism makes living armie…

  • Since we want to go out from GW Bretonnia pattern, I think Aspirant Knights shall disappear. In feudal times, aspirant knights were squires

  • I still do not see the issue. You're talking about a "character on pegasus" based army (which the armybook was a bit cheated) in a game that was cracked for selling reasons. I'm talking about an option based on general in a game when : - the number of mount is restricted (0-4 for characters), - the number of flight knight is restricted (airborne galantry cap) - the gameplay already exist (you can have 4 characters on pegasus and 3 units of pegasus, it fits when they don't take options, 3 units o…

  • I don't have the reference but OK... But I think being able to have Questing/Grail Pegasus Knight is not impossible but not very common (PK are not that common) the reason why only a Grail Knight Duke could know some Pegasus Grail Knights same for a Questing Duke (even if I can't imagine a Questing Duke since they shall give up their seats.

  • If I may add my ideas ^^. If the new book keep the Quest/Grail Vow, I interesting thing would be to ba able to upgrade Pegasus Knights with the same vow as the General.

  • Quote from whitebeard: “Difficult to believe that to choose the base sizes nobody has thought about the GW base size. ” I can't disagree, at the beginning of the project, the difference between T9A and WFB8 was a question of name. But at the origin Sha Guardian was the Royal Sphinx (using the base of Sphinx) and Dread Abyssals may have a 60x100 base a few month before swap to oval base with AoS. As I said previously, a Dread Abyssal may fit in a 50x100 base (it's not the case of the Dark Coach) …

  • As player, I disagree, it enables a fifth 20mm infantry guy to strike (so the guy behind, another one if they are spearmen or wide formation, and a 4th one, if spearmen and wide formation) Dark Coach model is too big to be rebase on a 50x100mm base but the Dread Abyssals can fit in a 50x100 base

  • I guess cannons and catapults have target more interesting than a wizard on Ark (sphinxes, chariots, cataphracts, other things that are faster and strike harder ^^)