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  • Cant really say anything about Blade dancers, sure the concept isfun and liked,.. but it sounds a lot like something from another game... About the Hereditary, it would be hard to do something like the HBE and DE ones. Do not forget the complete mechanic is "after suffering a wound, use a veil token to...".

  • VS LAB Alpha Rules Queries

    Rothulf - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from Lays_NL: “The Ruinous Dictator gets a paired weapon en great weapon with Lord of the Legions. But no weapon master? ” That means he has 2 options and can adapt to the enemy at the begin of the melee... it will not be able to change to the other option as long as the fight lasts, but that is still an interesting option imho. As long as you have 2 (or more) weapons you can chose, weapon master just allows you to reconsider your choice at the beginning of every melee round.

  • Quote from skipschnit: “Adds 3 to each instance of Mishap. ” I believe this could be clarified in the book, "the number of hits from each mischap is increased by 3" ?

  • Quote from skipschnit: “You can have multiple Triumvirates as well, 3 of each cult. ” But then you gain no benefit from the "Holy Triumvirate" rule, since it says "and all of them have either CP or CE". I read it as "if you mix them it does not work". Also a question about the orb of Atreus, using it on a unit, do you add 3 mishaps hits per mishaps or 3 to the total number of mishaps? 5 jezzails rolling 1,1,1 3,6 to hit, do they suffer 3D6+3 mishaps hits or 3D6+9 ? RAW i'd say 3D6+3, but I belie…

  • My own approach: First look: WOW that book is insane, it is really OP and with all the stuff there is nothing we can do with WDG to counter it. Then I tried to make some VS list, and things are not that cheap and sum up pretty fast... I still do believe the book is too good to be competitive (it is not balanced and should not see play in tournaments at the moment imho). There are a lot of nice concepts, but those need to be balanced and that is a long road... What I do not like: 1. The complexit…

  • Seems weird, as you will lose models and might end with a very small forest... What might be nice is a unit that you can sacrifice to create a forest, issue is since you sacrifice it it should be pretty cheap, and cheap units end up being used as chaff... We might also see an artefact that creates a "wall of brambles" that is threated as DT1 for units charging trough it and also makes those charges be minimized.. Covering terrain with new forest / plant stuff is a nice idea, but is it the one we…

  • We created a thread to give WDG related feedback about the VS book. Do not hesitate to give us feedback after some games or theorycrafting.

  • WDG Community feedback:

  • Hello fellow Warriors ! It is a secret to none... the Vermins Swarm LAB is about to be released ! We would like to gather constructive feedback on the book in this post. Feel free to give us your feelings, impressions, personnal pros and cons ... ... BUT !!! I would like you to use a dedicated form to deliver constructive feedback aimed to specific units: Just start the post with Unit Subsection - Name of the unit and Summarized feedback, then feel free to give explanations. For example : Charac…

  • I do also feel that the book will be a hard one for us to handle... But I do like it, I do like most new books, and I believe time will solve many issues. We are still very early in the process of the LAB, and imho it would help to release the books at an early stage, that would both fasten the process an give players a quickview of what they could expect from the coming LABs. Quote from Nasion "Demon": “Also this coudl make troubles on tournaments (new ones and alrteady runing ones) if these po…

  • I really believe that constraints like not invalidating models and not moving them from category are bad for the project. We see a lot of enthusiasm about new units, sometimes changes have to happen, as long as those are minimized everything should be fine... Gathering minis, painting them and upgrading your army is also part of the hobby. But I do realize that it might be more problematic for a "mass army" like VS ... WDG saw a lot of those changes and while some disappointed me, I do believe t…

  • Flux or magic card decks?

    Rothulf - - For Beginners


    My advice would be to just print them.and go to your local game shop, buy some protectiln sleeves (used for magic the gathering for example). Then you just put a card for rigidity and the sheet of paper you printed in it ... just do not take transparent sleeves, take mat ones or some with a design you like.

  • Cant say much more, I tested and liked the following: - Sorc with ranger boots in a fallen unit - Sorc on War Dais in a warrior unit that will see some combat but needs you to carefully chose those - Sorc on shrine in a warrior unit that will need to avoid canonballs

  • I totally agree, the lab should not be reopened... Not without a change of approach, like allowing 1 direct suggestion per lab per year (together with the point review) that would then need to be assessed. But no exception for WDG, either no reopening of LABs, or allowing some limited change to those (all of them) on a rare but regular base.

  • Quote from subspace: “c) Having the first LAB while others had to wait also has advantages. Only now that they are less apparent it starts to feel like a liability. ” I believe there were always complaints about the WDG LAB. And those probably helped to get a better quality for the new LABs coming out.

  • I believe it is wrong to say that people complaining here are afraid to try new things. The forum is after all a tool to let people explain their feelings about the army. I see quite some people here complaining but coming with feedback over different things... If complainers are seen as "people not trying stuff", then their arguments are useless, we might as well delete them as soon as we read it... And I still believe there are some wrong stuff within the book, and that the designers had way l…

  • Sure, but it was denied ... I believe those are the kind of changes that would be acceptable, especially the unit size one. But those would also need to be considered with particular attention. And that is out of the point update, meaning it would need some people to think about it, spending time that would have maybe been spend on other LAB process... Dont take me wrong, it would be easy to do... but it is something that should not be done.