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  • Cardiff 2021 open

    Locklust - - Tournaments


    Quote from Wixcey25: “Cheers, not sure I can buy and build 4500 points by September which is a shame. ” depends on what army and time you have, for sure you can get an army done for September ! Where in the world are you from?

  • Quote from Mike newman: “Quote from Locklust : “we have some amazing players on BH ” yeah but the fact some really crap players like Matt Brown are also doing well does raise an eyebrow or two ” I know right! I go bottom table with eos then mid to top mid with bh, says it all really! I havnt had any hard opponents with bh yet though :p

  • Quote from ukrocky: “Results so far from the Beasties..: Luke - 38 from 3 Jak - 54 from 3 Me - 42 from 3 Kev - 34 from 3 Matt - 49 from 3 13 wins from 15 games with a 6 and a 7 as the 2 losses... Strong... ” blowing my own trumpet but we have some amazing players on BH. I personally wouldn't want to play any of them haha. Nice write up, was this down for a win for you? When ad rolled 5 5 5 to charge your chariots I nearly jumped out of my seat. (Shows how good 9th can get in a pandemic)

  • don't say any tactics yet as you are against my team I'm vs Hristo tonight!

  • managed to get a 13 passed Rory and his o&g. Even with him hitting every shot with his 3 splatterers

  • even with me accidentally adding big brother instead of beer barrels I still squeezed a 20. Only one gortach died vs ID.

  • BH unofficial LAB: Doom Beasts

    Locklust - - New army books


    love the homebrew very good effort, I personally don't see how we can get rid of PI its just too good.

  • changes to core was nice I can now fit 15 extra models with PW, I generally like our core..... def 4 res 4 with PF. S3 yea but its alot of attacks. With whispers up 15 WH took on legion thrasher. Drop in price was ok for H, I do agree the spell need changing but that won't happen yet, problem is its so situational, but when used properly its fantastic. Nothing on totems, no skin off my teeth. I do disagree on the 5 point increase, only because I run monsters mashes haha. I'm so confused why peop…

  • The Company of the Blazing Dawn

    Locklust - - User Blogs


    Star wars themed Goblin army?

  • I always take pw on ambushing wh. Yes s3 but s3 o5 if you pass PI reroll too, i tend to ambush the soft tissue of the enemy army, I've had great results, I wouldn't take pw in a big block of wh due to price.

  • So, uk masters open. We both get to choose an army with 1 detachment, worth up to 1000 points. Here are the two lists. Mine: 685 - Minotaur Warlord, Light Armour (Destiny's Call), Great Weapon (Blessed Inscriptions), Eye of Dominance 485 - Soothsayer, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Dark Rain, Dragonfire Gem 415 - Beast Lord, General (Hunting Call), Light Armour (Aaghor's Affliction), Paired Weapons (King Slayer), Ranger's Boots, Obsidian Rock 325 - 3 Raiding Chariots 240 - 15 Wildhorn Herd, Paired We…

  • My Beasts

    Locklust - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Hey, Battle report from my first game in masters open. Currently painting my "chariots", I couldn't bring myself to paint actual chariots as I found my beast Lord on chariot super boring!…98bc9e8bb9cc839c13d2c3309 BATTLE REPORT....ISH. Every time i say to myself make a battle report ... I forget to take pictures and write down what happened.... but believe it or not I have 1 picture and a fine picture at that. So, uk masters open. We both get to choose an army with…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “ 1. Can we please change the BH infantry into Beasts? It's crazy that DL have more beasts than BH ” amen to this, I've got to admit, when I first started bh I was playing the gortach as if it was until I was corrected.

  • BH LAB Brainstorming

    Locklust - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Dark rain would be nice as an army wide rule instead of an item. I love the idea of a giant sized monster as bsb get that bubble bigger ( even though admittedly I've never used a bsb in a BH list )

  • Quote from Kolata: “What do you guys think about creating a seperate thread concerning our Hereditary? I could tell you the whole story about its creation and we could brainstorm a bit and share our experience. Maybe there is some undiscovered potential ” done, Hereditary , have your say. Trying to keep this thread on topic

  • Hereditary , have your say.

    Locklust - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Hello fellow herdsman! Seems to be a hot topic, Hereditary. Have your say. Likes, dislikes, what would you change. This thread is just a discussion.

  • my concerns are as follows, 1. For me gortach is still too expensive, if you want to see more people field these magnificent beasts 10 points is not going to do it. 2. Mino shield increase in my opinion was not needed. 3. Briar beasts in their current condition need to be alot lower in points before considering them. Apart from that I believe the update overall was good for BH

  • if only hunting horn was on a centaur

  • how do you feel about this guy, 415 - Beast Lord, General (Hunting Call), Light Armour (Aaghor's Affliction), Paired Weapons (King Slayer), Ranger's Boots, Obsidian Rock @Ironrock

  • Fellow generals of the Beast Herds! The Rules Team is looking to collect feedback on the 2020 balance update for each army in a structured and non-overwhelming way. Each ACS team has been tasked to collect a few big concerns that have come up within their communities since the release and then forward the results to the Rules Team for review. These are the guidelines the ACS teams are operating within: 1. How many issues can be raised? 3 per armybook. Each concern is a single unit, a single item…