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  • Can you whack me and Matt Perris down please? The PWP finally get to go to a real event! Kev Stonebanks

  • Hello For my round 4 we were drawn against Team Ireland and i was paired against this list: (Hidden Content) So a Undying Dynasties army with a nice squishy bunker for my ambushers to gun for! This round was refused flank and breakthrough, which favours my list even more. With the ambushers doing the scoring for me i was free to start sober with the Centaurs so i hoped to dance them round the flanks of my opponent and try and line up some key charges when i needed them. My opponent picked sides …

  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Quote from AxelVicious: “[...] I took a risk exposing my BSB so early on but i think it was worth it. [...] ” I can't grasp it by reading your report, how exactly did it pay off? Did he force some suboptimal positioning to get sniped at? ” It didn't pay off per se, because he died right away, but it did tempt him with a long bomb charge which helped me mop up the Kraken quickly. There really wasn't anywhere for my BSB to hide from that Dragon, was hoping to withstand a …

  • So for my game 3 poor old Team Scotland are battling it out on the bottom tables after 2 losses. I was drawn against some squishy Dread Elves with a plethora of targets for my Cyclops! (Hidden Content) So a Dread Elf list with extra monsters. With a Dragon, a Manticore, Kraken and a Divine Altar it was maximum target saturation and the Cyclops had a lot of heavy lifting to do if i had any chance of winning. Like the others this game was Hold the Centre and Counterthrust. I lost the roll for side…

  • Quote from ukrocky: “Results so far from the Beasties..: Luke - 38 from 3 Jak - 54 from 3 Me - 42 from 3 Kev - 34 from 3 Matt - 49 from 3 13 wins from 15 games with a 6 and a 7 as the 2 losses... Strong... ” I'm letting the side down here with a measly 34 points, i must try harder!

  • Quote from ukrocky: “In a massive twist me and @AxelVicious teams are facing off. I know Kev thinks centaurs are trash so I assume we’ll get paired together. ” Yeah, i didn't want any of your Centaur nonsense thanks, i was really hoping the Bombardiers would melt them too! I was drawn against Warriors. (Hidden Content) I got a lucky early on when the Chosen jumped onto the centre objective and then my opponent failed to get any buffs on them. I charged them with Chariots and a Cyclops, broke the…

  • Quote from ukrocky: “@AxelVicious what you got against centaurs?!? #Justice4Centaur ” They are so fragile, they fall over to a stiff breeze, at least they do when i use them. Whenever i have managed to keep them alive they have done well, i just struggle to keep the poor guys alive long enough to do anything.

  • Quote from youngseward: “Quote from AxelVicious: “who doesn't love Cyclops?! ” You dont spend much time on the BH forums do you ” Obviously not. I was always against Cyclops but then you start using them and they are just full of surprises!

  • Quote from youngseward: “Quote from Idum: “That's quite a bit of centaurs Avg 18 centaurs/player?! Although @ukrocky does skew the figures a bit there, totally more centaurs than all other lists combined! Quite good diversity otherwise. Quote from clorens: “dread elves ” True, but since it's a team tourney I'd expect they still wouldn't be paired vs. DE too much. Although with that many chariots (Luke's list) that could well work.I'd be interested to see the pairings and results, if participants…

  • You can read my Battle Report from game 5 v Jake and his ID here. I finally got to ditch the VC and get back in control of the Beast herds, and a good time was had by all!

  • My battle report for my Game 4 is done and you can find it here. It was the army swap round so I had to use VC. Enjoy.

  • Awesome Thanks for the speedy replies guys. I did not know about the nolexicon feature. That makes life a lot easier so i'll be doing that in the future for the bulk of the reports. Thanks again for your help.

  • Hello There seems to be a new character limit on blog posts of 50,000. Either this is new or my latest post went on a bit too long. I submitted my latest bat rep and it was under 50,000 characters, however if I try to edit it is well over 50,000 because of the [lexicon][/lexicon] inserted everywhere, they now account for 20% of the characters of my post apparently. Can the Character limit be removed or increased please? Thanks

  • Here's my Bat Rep for Game 3 against Marcus. Find it here! There's a 4 hour long YouTube version of it if you fancy watching it instead. You can watch that here

  • I've written up my Battle Report for Game 2 of the Masters vs @Scottish Knight himself. It's not my finest hour but an enjoyable read nonetheless. Check it out here.

  • She is the same height as my Giant so you probably should.

  • I'm super early and have finished my pledge for this month. So whilst everyone else in the masters is busy plotting and sorting out their spreadsheets i've been painting models! Here's my Minotaur Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer. It's the Minotaur Matriach from Zealot Miniatures. rz25gl9.jpg tcYkmNC.jpg (The KoE Knight head is to represent her triumph victory over the KoE in the first round of the Masters!) sQqMGng.jpg She's amassed quite the collection of trophies over the course of her games …

  • Quote from Remy77077: “Quote from AxelVicious: “I've written up a Battle Report for my epic first game against Tanka. You can all find it here. ” Awesome write-up! Even as a newbie to FB T9A and two armies I know virtually nothing about I was able to follow most of that too. Very well written with lots of interesting insights into the decision making as well as the mechanics and some funny comments and such, perfect! I do find the UB screens kinda hard to follow still, but the text really helped…

  • Scottish T9A 2021 Painting League

    AxelVicious - - Scotland


    WTF!? Michael is painting models! What madness is this? All looking great so far guys, keep it up.

  • I've written up a Battle Report for my epic first game against Tanka. You can all find it here.