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  • VS LAB Unit Fillers

    Shugdaddy - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    @mr-modmoto they look really good

  • Greetings all, As well as the more general feedback discussion threads, we would like to encourage users to post feedback in this thread and format. Please use the below format and refrain from responding to other users. Posts not following those rules will be deleted. Other than the Games Played question, you may pick and choose which ones to respond too. We have added the games played requirement in order to see how peoples thoughts change the more they use and encounter the book. Units you li…

  • The triumphal platform is a brand new addition to the army, it is not there to replace anything but rather to add a new unit and modelling opportunity. Quote from rolan: “ Dreadmill chariots, 50x75? Why? the models of dreadmills are again to large to fit on that, the work is unnecessary, and will look not right. ” The previous dreadmills are now the doomspark devices and retain the previous base size. The dreadmill chariots are again another new unit added to the book. Quote from rolan: “ Dire r…

  • Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “I guess this is more of a general rules question but coming across it in this book a lot so here goes: Does the unit as a whole have to test for terror due to a character with Valorous Discretion? Or would the character flee, ditching its unit similar to how one can charge out of a unit? ” valourous discretion is only when the model is not in a unit. If the character is in a unit it's all ok, unless the charger causes terror anyway

  • Great model and excellent wound counter idea.

  • I do have some questions, but will wait for your other lists. Depending on how the wider discussion goes i'll also move the thread to list building or tactics in a day or so.

  • The unit filler thread is now pinned

  • VS LAB Unit Fillers

    Shugdaddy - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    thanks for bumping your thread. I had planned to create a thread next week with the official release, but I will bequeath this thread the OFFICIAL unit filler thread One thing I would request from people is to provide links and even tutorials for unit filler to assist your fellow gamers.

  • obviously Minimised will help but it's still quite low and anything that further reduces it is going to have a big effect.

  • Flux or magic card decks?

    Shugdaddy - - For Beginners


    There is/was at least one person in the UK who does them as well, Heretic games.

  • Quote from Eldan: “Anyone got any model ideas for greatweapons? ”…on-outbreak-bundle-161962 There's a couple of models in here i'm planning on using. Just need to scale them down.

  • Apologies, I dip in and out of PT reports and had only seen them brought up as a problem a few times, but also saw reports were they were ineffective. Most of the red flags I saw were to do with karts etc. Would you say the red flags are for the unit specifically or more along the lines of the various combinations that can be used to buff them up?

  • While an Off and Agi boost will really help, they are less resilient than elves with no hitting or wounding bonuses, relying on numbers to stick around. I think they'll last longer than an elf block but probably do less damage in the long term. From what i've seen they haven't been raised as an overpowered or problematic unit.

  • Quote from heliconid: “Dig the bodyguard loadout and low statline. Keen to see more about the formations. Are Avrasi formations and Battle formations the same thing here? Yes, same as BRB formations just giving them a specific bonus. Also an Eagle standard seems a little at odds w the underground theme, but still intriguing I might be wrong, but I believe the Eagle is just playing into the "Roman Empire" theme ”

  • While the vermin guard will do more damage, you will need to wide to get use from the banner. The banner is best when deep, and going wide will make you unweildy. I do like a big unit of VG with the banner.

  • How to play with VS?

    Shugdaddy - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Hi! Welcome to the VS, A new full reworked army book is due soon, so everything is going to change, but the book is aimed at using big rat blocks to hold the enemy. All the spoilers are in this forum. I too use big blocks, but never really slaves, even losing 15slaves you should still be steadfast unless playing another big unit. That is the key for all the big infantry blocks we have, the damage output isn't always great but the unit should stick around allowing more powerful units to get in. I…

  • You are just inviting chaos

  • yes, the wheel is massive. Not even started to print it The priest is very large as well, I had to scale him down. The big hulk if not scaled down would go on around a 70mm base, maybe a bit bigger. So could look ok on a 80mm or 100mm as unit filler.

  • Maybe, it is mostly just to alter models though. For instance there is a vermin hulk model i like, but it's for blood bowl so i want to just change his arm. No idea how.

  • Tailsa?