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  • DE General Discussion

    duxbuse - - Dread Elves (DE)


    actually strange thought. If we have such advanced ranged weaponry capable of many shots reliably why do we have no enchantments for ranged weapons.

  • Altar of Undeath

    duxbuse - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    Recommend having a read of this thread Too much of a bad thing is....good? Nosferatu ramblings

  • Quote from wombat: “Not bad, not bad at all. Have you considered for core... 3 x 40 Forest Goblins, TWs, Sh, FCG, Rendering Banner @ 375 each = 1125 pts. All in Line Formation ! ” Well my logic was that with the H spell poison, and spears for some ap they should fight fairly well. Throwing weapons dont get poison. And even in line formation I think you still only shoot in 2 ranks, so 40 shots. On a stand and shoot your hitting on 6's, which is like 6 hits. Doesn't seem very good to me.

  • I was thinking something more list this. Only the grotlings are non goblins but I think that they are close enough, but I guess could be swapped for wolf riders. Orcs and Goblins 460 - Goblin Witch Doctor, Cave Goblin and Power Shroom, Wizard Master, Pyromancy, Magical Heirloom, Obsidian Rock 320 - Goblin King, General, Cave Goblin, Cave Gnasher, Shield, Bow, Lance, Heavy Armour (Death Cheater) 220 - Goblin King, Cave Goblin, Cave Gnasher, Shield, Bow, Lance, Heavy Armour 220 - Goblin King, Cave…

  • Quote from grungimusic: “Moreover, overall the tournament was rush heavy ” Then your list was well designed for the meta. And yes perhaps being a singles tournament going for big wins is more enticing, I guess I have often found that you can podium if you manage 12-15 points every game. And I have played against enough dwarves to know that you need lots of luck to get a 20 off them, so personally I prefer to play a safer game and go for a smaller win, as risky plays can often lead to you getting…

  • Yeah i think 5-7 can work with GW. For lances I would go 8+, and still not run more than probably 6 wide. You might lose some attacks but the hit like a truck already. Issue is they are very easy to kill so having the numbers means after some magic or a stand and shoot you still have enough to cause damage. Also due to the pricing the initial unit is paying a premium, so I'd prefer say 2 larger units over 3 smaller ones. I would also say that they are pretty strong, but I think witchcraft is a m…

  • Quote from grungimusic: “Notice how many rush lists I fought? ” I think there is a expectation error happening here. I dont consider 2 mortars a stank and infantry blocks as a rush list. That is a very defensive list. As you said the IG had shields, they were supposed to be an anvil. Not sure why this guy would have ever had a single unit over the halfway line. Then you play against OK with 2 cannons, shooty mercs and bombardiers. And both monsters have 30" mini bolt throwers. The only reason th…

  • Just had a game, is it possible to click on the terrain and get the rules for that piece?

  • DE General Discussion

    duxbuse - - Dread Elves (DE)


    after seeing some clarity on what I perceive to be issues with he the current book in hoping the team adds 1 to 2 extra custom special rules. I think the team has tried so hard to be lean that it now feels like a bunch if generic special rules on a generic model. Even the mist leviathan which is awesome fluff price to get immersed the rules don't feel fluffy at all. The only truly immersive rule is how the assassin reveals himself. So I'm hoping the next step will and a bit more fluff to help ma…

  • Quote from Shukran: “BEcause u cant balance price in both versions. ” Of course you can. $1 per game or $10 per month unlimited games. For people who play less than 10 games per month its cheaper, for more hardcore players its cheaper to go monthly.

  • Quote from Shukran: “How do u deal with both in one way? ” both.png

  • I'm not even super against the current pricing model, but I think its steep. 10 euro per month is a lot. I probably only get like 2 games a month online. For 5 euro I would almost certainly sign up. But for 10 it seems like I might just stick with UB2, cause whilst Warhall is a way better experience, its not ~8 euro a month better.

  • DE General Discussion

    duxbuse - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from berti: “It is mostly fine as long as DE hit first. ” Agreed. Though due to the prevalence of impact hits, agi10 toxic hits I still dont think no chaff DE makes sense, unless you are full msu and going to flee the charges anyway.

  • Quote from Warhall: “This means you will not have access to all new cool features Warhall brings: list import, reforms, quick game setup, unit auto-alignments, units panel info, etc.... ” It might be wise to consider revising this. To encourage new players and existing T9a players who dont enjoy the digital experience UB2 has to offer, it may make sense to make deliberately frustrating things avaliable to all players in an effort to expand the player base. So sure list import or info panel are f…

  • Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “We've got packs with some of these things on Flea Market, themed for each army. Here's our VC one, for example: ” Yeha had a look there, but not really what I wanted. As in I already have dice and a dice bag (I also dont trust printed dice to be even close to fair), I was looking for the auxiliary tokens and stuff. The cosmo token is great but was hoping for more of that kinda stuff. Also of note that there is not a single VC unit that can gain ambush, so that die is…

  • Is there a place where ancillary tools/tokens are kept. LoS arcs, or units position markers, magic tokens, objective markers, wound counters(ideally a disk that can be turned to show different numbers), skirmish trays, regular trays, 1" spacers, 0.5" spacers, multi base support (eg. 40x40mm -> 50x50mm), cosmo token, veil tokens, champion marker, binding scroll/other one use items, army specific tokens (DH grudges, prey scent markers, cursed medallion target, eos orders, etc.) I would love to pri…

  • im digging the new ork look, much more Lotr style. And a bit different form the hulk style from the 80's

  • Quote from Boonku: “since it is crowded already. ” But this is deliberate to ensure that if you want to go down the shooty vamp list there is opportunity costs, takes your ghost allowance and characters.

  • Chess clocks in 9th tournaments?

    duxbuse - - Tournaments


    Quote from Giblit: “I also need a better clock app which continues counting even if you are in the red. ” For me this is the most interesting part of this whole thread. Often the problem with people playing slow is not fully realised until you are 2+ hours into the game and even if the TO comes over and issues a warning there isn't enough time left in the round to make it up. However if you only make it to turn 4 after say 3hours. And you can show that you used 1 hour and the opponent used 2 hou…

  • Quote from Gwydion: “Just an idea regarding our hereditary spell: I really like the fear causing theme and the corresponding synergies in our book. Maybe we could expand on this theme a bit. I know that every unit and his mother are fearless nowadays, but hey... Just like: Target unit causes fear. If the target causes fear already it causes terror instead. If an enemy unit targets this unit it suffers d3 St4 Ap2 hits or something like that. The boosted version does that in a 12" bubble. You get …