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  • Acabamos de subir la última actualización de Enanos Infernales, con unos pocos cambios! Hala, a tirar dados!!

  • Dudas T9A

    Casas - - Spain


    Quote from DaniFito Trynot: “La regla de "peanas que no encajan" creo que se llamaba. La peana de un jefe orco, tiene diferente tamaño a la de los trols ” bueno, de hecho la regla de peanas que no encajan te explica cómo puedes meter personajes en unidades con diferente peana. No dice que no puedas hacerlo, si no cómo se hace

  • Dudas T9A

    Casas - - Spain


    ¿Qué regla de las peanas te impide unir personajes a los Trolls? En cualquier caso, lo normal no es ponerlos con un personaje dentro, si no tenerlos dentro del radio de presencia de mando del general. Y para personajes montados, tienes que usar el perfil de atributos defensivos de la montura, e ignorar el del personaje. La excepción sería para los atributos con valor "P" de la montura, para estos atributos vocerías el valor del perfil del personaje.

  • Ojo, que tenemos nuevo libro!

  • Acabamos de actualizar el libro de hobgoblins para ponerlo al día con el Hotfix1 inglés

  • Acabamos de publicar el libro de hobgoblins en la página web En la pestaña de descargas y en este hilo tardará un poco más, porque necesitamos que algún administrador del foro lo ponga ahí, pero con suerte en algunas horas... Hemos tenido que traducir el libro a todo correr en dos días, que no nos lo dieron antes, así que de momento todo el tema de nombres y demás es susceptible de cambiar

  • In chapter 22 of the rulebook it is explained which model parts are affected by special items. In this case, the bearer implies that only the model part with the item (the chosen lord) is affected. If it said the bearer's model or the bearer's unit, it would be different

  • Quote from Nesro: “@Casas you sure about units joining chars? I cannot find that in the Rules. ” Actually, I was not totally sure about this one, you might be right

  • Congratulations @Thurvack for winning this edition of the CR9 Tournament!! A long time contender of the tournament, finally you can rise with your well deserved prize! @Grimbold Blackhammer I think you know what to do now, right? To everyone else, thank you very much for taking part in the tournament!! I hope you all enjoyed your games, and had a great time. Regarding the next edition, as you might have seen, I have not been really active lately. Due to RL issues, I haven't been dedicating much …

  • Erratas versión española

    Casas - - Spain


    Quote from Ancapas: “Hola, la página 49 del reglamento (punto 12.D.c. a 12.E.) sale en morado en la versión online y da error en la versión pdf. Saludos ” Buenas @Ancapas Lo de las páginas en morado es un problema del editor de LaTeX, ocurre cuando hay algún término con un vínculo al inicio de la página. Muchas gracias por el aviso, ya debería estar corregido en la nueva versión del reglamento que acabamos de publicar

  • Traducción española - Spanish translation

    Casas - - Spain


    Acabamos de actualizar el reglamento corrigiendo un error del código que hacía que una página saliera entera en morado. Aparte, hemos aprovechado para añadir un par de cosas que metieron destrangis en el libro inglés aprovechando que la liaron al publicar los libros : Cambios reglamento Versión ES2: corregida página 48 en morado pinch.png Añadidos cambios de última hora a versión inglesa: - Página 66, perder el contacto con peana: las unidades son Empujadas tras retirar las bajas debidas a ataqu…

  • 1. No 2. You can deploy the character later inside the unit. You can deploy the unit over an already deployed character that will join the unit. Just take care thet there is enough space for all this (1" to other units, impassable, etc) 3. Every entry in the armylist must be clearly differenciated in the board, and your opponent needs to know which is which at every time. 4. The rules for Hidden Lists only make reference to Special Objects, so Mad Gits should be noted according to them. In any w…

  • oh I can write them a mail if it is not solved tomorrow evening, when I'm finally back home

  • As many of you say, this tournament is usually not that serious, but as Flo said, there is people that has already started scheduling their games. Additionally, due to my job, I will be AFK the whole week, so there is a high chance I will mess up trying to fix this from my phone I think that currently the easiest solution will be using their result in second round as 3rd round result, and keep them in the background in case there are dropouts (if them both are ok with that)

  • Quote from Skarloc: “Quote from Casas: “Were you able to introduce the result? deadline is 22pm, as stated in the rules post I can fix your pairing tomorrow and add your results ” So the pairing isn't definitive? ” Oh, you are right, this would change all the pairings Sorry @nightwun, pairings are up, and the deadline was missed

  • Were you able to introduce the result? deadline is 22pm, as stated in the rules post I can fix your pairing tomorrow and add your results

  • Pairings for Round 3 are up!! Deployment: 5 - Refused Flank Secondary Objective: 2 - Breakthrough Map: Map B8 - Shattered Bridge* *You can find the map in UB2 as 13CR9 - R3 - Shattered Bridge You have until the 23rd of May to submit your results!! GL HF

  • Moderator Request

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    If you don't want to get the notifications, you can just unfollow the thread. Use for that the small flag icon in the upper part of the page, where the YouTube, IG and FB icons are

  • MR applies when a unit with MR is the target of the spell. In the case of wrath of god, target is a point in the battlefield, not a unit, therefore MR cannot be applied