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  • Hereditary Spell

    Rixitotal - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Maybe it summons a movable piece of dangerous terrain, then there won't be the complications of it being a unit, but not a real unit. I also like the idea of it synergising with tunnel markers somehow.

  • Hereditary Spell

    Rixitotal - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    The spell seems a bit strange to me. on the one hand its very creative and unique, but on the other it its pretty low impact. Seems like a lot of complex rules for a pretty low impact effect. I honestly feel like use Occam's Razor here. Look at the effect, of doing many low STR hits, that grows over time, and make it simple. We already have a spell that "grows" in Wrath of God, and that is very high impact and less complex. T9A is a very brain intensive game, and to have such a low impact spell …

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from ToDD: “or somebody decided to lick on a Cuatl on their return ” I'm not NOT licking toads... ” If great music is made on drugs, maybe great LABs are made that way too...

  • Quote from Spacegoblin: “Just read through the revised guidelines, can I ask why it was necessary to stipulate that they shouldn't possess a larynx as part of their reptilian heritage? Is this such an important detail that the Task Team should take time to incorporate it into the new LAB? ” I speculate that it feeds into the guidance that SA "play very differently" do other armies, highlighting that they dont share a relitivly similar biology of elves, dwarves, humans, ogers, warriors, and are e…

  • could be like Changling the Dreaming where the ruling caste (cuatl) betrayed the others in ancient history (as it said they have only recently reterend) so despite some birthright to rule/ability they are not trusted. I will say i hope whatever the temple guard equivalent is, isnt tied to the cuatl. i really hoped in this new edition that would be something we set aside.

  • As much as that sounds amazing. An i am sure the LAB team would come up with as good a pun as Mauss cannon, i hope from teh design notes we see more short ranged firepower than a rail gun suggests to me. Seeing as we are seeing a lot of synergy shooting in LABs and aux books (DE xbos, hobgob slingers) maybe we have literally magnets dropped by terradons that mark units and they are easier to hit?

  • I really hope we don't go anywhere near stupid "ancient aliens" bollocks. And i am relly interested to see Gila and caimen as more than scaley war robots. I know its been said that SA wont be historically linked to Mezo American cultures anymore specifically, but I hope they are in some small way at least. My two loves for lizardmen from being a kid were dinosaurs and aztecs from age of empires 2.

  • Thyroscutus

    Rixitotal - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    One nice Combo is that he is healed 2/3 by druidism 4, +1 from attribute. But yea a pretty uninspired model.

  • @GorillaConda Don't worry. It is all part of the great plan. Embrace Caimen philosophers.…686d36035c9e95cd9e4e01f30

  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Quote from Darken: “Are we just loosing access to pyromancy? It would be nice if we gained access to cosmology instead. It's kinda hard to argue that they are trying to understand the nature of the universe and not give them access to cosmology. ” Yeah, it's a real shame we're getting druidism on a Cuatl. Not only it's already on Priests, but the mechanics are awful (Throne and being so dependent on terrain pieces) while being far too passive. I absolutely despise this …

  • Quote from Darken: “Are we just loosing access to pyromancy? It would be nice if we gained access to cosmology instead. It's kinda hard to argue that they are trying to understand the nature of the universe and not give them access to cosmology. ” Yea i would agree cosmo def inetly fits. Lore of heavens was if anything out most iconic lore in older editions (of WHFB)

  • I love the idea of Caimen warrior philosophers, my (unfounded maybe) worry is that the concept of a lone warrior is a setup for a cowboy. Not saying it shouldn't be explored, but i prefer characters to lead units thematically.

  • Quote from Perch: “In my opinion no problem if they are capped at 30% with shooting/avoidance stuff as it's mentioned in guidelines. Skink light troops with feigned flight would be very thematic and fitting. Especially if our core goes up to standard 25%, we'll need some diversity there instead of just normal clunky blocks of troops. ” I think that would make sense. I am Not totally sold on the idea of scaley direwolves .

  • not much was said about beasts in the design notes, and i do hope we see this infantry focus. How would people feel about us having feigned flight infantry in core? Other armies have feigned flight cav. I imagine a short ranged fragile unit, with shooting (no multishot poison). I know this is considered by some “toxic” but i dont see how its toxic compared to march 18 cav having the same thing?

  • I am interested about us seeing druidism as a primary lore for us as well. The idea of a current cuatl with druidism is pretty nice. I know we can have a psudo druid master now woth suntablet but it looks like we will have more focus on druidism, maybe shamanism too.

  • Lol. I kinda like that. Like a sanctioned psycher. Also if you break off the temple guard relationship with cuatls then they will be pretty intresting.

  • So to engage with this on a deeper level now I have had some time to ruminate (and enter a Cuatl mind space). (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from rolan: “We have confirmation that the dux, being the most powerful individual entry, will be way weaker than before, the spoilers so far had everything less able to fight than before, the sole thing that was good at fighting and not yet spoiled are ratogres,abomination and disciples.It is assuming on my part, but with lots of evidence, that the disciples won't be as strong as they are now, leaving ogres and abo as fighty potential. If they can create a melee oriented army as the one I…

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “(Hidden Content) ”

  • Really excited. Guidines look very cool.