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  • Hi! Page 63, Figure 27 b) It says the unit does not have cover from the forest cause the front facing is not obscured by the forest. But the forest says it gives cover to units inside AND OR behind them, across the rulebook there are some mentions to cover being granted by having the middle of the unit inside an element and in page 89 it directly says "Targets obscured inside the Terrain Feature. These units must have more than half of their Target Facing or their Target Point inside the Terrain…

  • Yes it does, Even works with the Mammoth Hunter Throwing Spear. The item boost the character strength with no conditions such as the tipical "Attacks made by this weapon" from the weapon enchantments or "In combat" statements. Anyway probably this post will be a better place for such questions

  • New Giants Supplement feedback

    BlueWill - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    As experts in the giant matter, Ogre Khans feedback are requested in the new Giants Supplement! (And any other army, but we use our giants as widely as no one ;)) The main concern is about possible "too good" combinations or abuses, and if they are fun to see in the table (for both you and your opponent) Any thougts on that? Have you tried them? Any suggestion? In case you haven't seem them already just click here:…h-age-supplement-release/

  • I've been toying recently with the idea with some success. My approach was to make him BSB in a wildheart list, having 18um repeating discipline test in such a mobile big base seemed awesome for an ogre list. Also, and maybe you didn't motice this early, only mount count for the Chained Beasts cap, and it's cheaper, so you can fit some juicy monster combinations you can't otherwise like rock auroch and triple big brother great weapon giant or two aurochs and one frost IMO the great advantage are…

  • Well, IMO a full defensive list just don't work in the game, nor SE nor DH or EoS. But I play a SE "defensive list" that kinda works. Enough bows to force the enemy to advance towards you and some menaces to charge them when he closes. To be honest that's the way I played SE since the begining of T9A Also tried with spearmen 50 unit with three characters inside and some smaller units to contracharge, but that usually forces you to advance towards the other cause you canot fit enough shooting to …

  • Im the player of the list @Falco mentioned early with dragon. Thatournament results were... complex. I was in a low tier team for example, so didn't get to play with the really good teams, same with the second one I think. Anyway I get some nice results with the list (Dragon, ancient wizard master, rangers, lots of bows, some cavalry. the only other woodie I play aside from ancient is a normal treefather) against good teams in other tournaments. Just writting to say the list only works cause I c…

  • @Serwyn If you are still trying, give an opportunity to this : 440 - Forest Prince, Light Armor, Sylvan Longbow, Sylvan Blades, Pathfinder, Spirit of the Whirlwind, Essence of Mithril, Ranger's Boots, Dragonfire Gem Surprising what he can do, the opponent can't ignore the 6 s5 off8 ap3 attacks so has to move carefully, and meanwhile your are shooting normally at close range with ap3 and really good aim. Also you can move 7 and shoot, is not 10, but better than 5, and in case you need to flee you…

  •…71615dcb5e96b76e2be7c6ec2…71615dcb5e96b76e2be7c6ec2 I was soooo tempted

  • Does a unit with a towering presence war platform inside gains cover for defending a wall? Or the towering from the platform denies it? Thx

  • Quote from Casas: “You use the familiars LoS, range and front arc. But the caster is still in combat, so the missile restriction is still applied ” thats my point, but, and hate to be so Picky, can someone from Rules Team? Rules clarity? Confirm that? Thanks EDITED: Confirmed indeed

  • Quote from Nesro: “Quote from BlueWill: “Does dread elves familiar let you cast spells ignoring the caster being in combat? Thx ” no ” Any proof? Tournament conflict

  • Does dread elves familiar let you cast spells ignoring the caster being in combat? Thx

  • Quote from Casas: “22. @BlueWill has to review @youngseward and @ordak ” Both lists seem to be ok. Related to my mistake, if everyone agree, adding 2 spearmens seems a good fix for me.

  • Quote from Casas: “Quote from BlueWill: “I've just submitted the list, Group B. thx! ” Quote from Eciro Romanof: “I've just submitted the list, Group B ” Are you guys the same person, or by coincidence have same name and surname? You uploaded lists with the same name For the rest, 2 more hours before list submission is over! And this time we have participation record!! ” I sent both lists we are friends and he couldn't get the txt in time so I uploaded It in his name

  • I've just submitted the list, Group B. thx!

  • Quick one: Infernal Dwarves, the Bound Daemon upgrade for the warmachines. Does only the upgrade (ie. 130pts) counts for bound and binders, or does it count the full model (ie. 400 pts) Rocketeer examble. Thanks!

  • Just passing by to ask: Additional Briar Maidens appear as +30 in the army section but +48 in the changes log ¿Any clue? EDIT: Chieftain is the same, but it seems obvios that the log is the incorrect one. Thanks and great patch! PD: The patch just let me include a treefather in my tournament list *_* (obviously in exchange for some minor elven NotTreefatherSoNotImportant units)

  • Easy one: Can I take a Spoils of War marker in my turn 1 with a unit with vanguard 12 deployed directly in front of the marker and im the frontline clash deploy? Thanks!

  • Quote from DanT: “Ok, I've been churning through lists, see my thread…ostID=1196438#post1196438 There are now 6 there, which are basically all things I'd be happy tweaking and taking to an event. I quite like the last one: Forest Prince on Dragon:Sylvan Blades, Titanic Might (Sylvan Blades), hailshot 795 Wizard master-shamanism? 365 Chieftain: Blade Dancer, Battle Standard, Aether Icon, Sylvan Blades, Hero's Heart 320 10 heath hunters 390 9 heath hunters 353 5 heat…

  • I just passed by, no time for read all that I lost, so maybe I'm not answering the correct questiong but going to try anyway, sorry if i misunderstood, I hope it can help First of all, I'm spanish, so influenced by spanish meta, going to the finals in moth and a half, so influenced by the top spanish meta, not probably winning, so dont take this excessively serious I kinda think the problem with the army is like the army itself, a bunch of little and anoying archers problems hidding behind a vis…