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  • We are looking for a full page ad for the scroll. Message me if you are interested.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “He’s barely larger than a normal black knight and he’s a beautiful mini, I had to clip the dumb statue the front hoof sits on off though ” Hmm, intriguing. Could you do a comparison shot next to a black knight?

  • Hey folks, we are looking for a full page advertisement for issue number 26 of the scroll. We will be publishing next Friday, the 25th of June. If anyone is interested, please let me know. We are also getting started on issue number 27 as well, so I’ll accept advertisements for that issue as well, which should be published in August.

  • Ox-Tail Soup + Ale 1 Crown oZ26zvL.jpg Edit: I’ve discovered that brush pens are great for writing on miniatures. I know this doesn’t look amazing, especially if you zoom in, but it’s much better than what I could achieve with a paint brush. Micron pens are okay too, but I find they can pull on the paint when you’re writing.

  • Thanks, I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. I got some inspiration from the old uniforms and heraldry book.

  • They’re a bit blurry, but here are a couple shots of the chef. He’s finished, but I’m going to spray varnish him before I take him off the cork. I don’t want to rub paint off when I’m handling him. He’ll be going into the front of the cart, under the firing platform. 2MRzYKD.jpg yGDNT5m.jpg I also added a couple bits to the cargo; another barrel, and the bottles are on top of the crate. Plus there’s a rabbit, and some dinner bells. tYROwFB.jpg MPaiD4T.jpg I still have to attach a few more food i…

  • Quote from JensDK: “i really love the idea of ogres with hobbits as scraplings. Some years ago I was at Fanatic, (a big tournament in Copenhagen) and saw a cool ogre army using old stone trolls as ogres and warmaster trolls as scraplings. TTcombat makes those civilians who could be great scraplings, but there are wooo many options keep us posted ” I’ll be using Wargames Atlantic halflings and ogres (not yet released). I won their contest with my idea of landsknecht ogres, so they’re making that …

  • Haha, good point. I suppose he has no muscles to hurt. If his back breaks, it can be repaired by magic. Today I received the first 2 of my free boxes from Wargames Atlantic: halflings/scraplings. o24SFQU.jpg So far I built one with a pike. I’ve also made some progress with the soup wagon. I added a crate, and painted a few of the embellishments. You can also see the hoops, and the sculpting on the oxen. T9IUUJZ.jpg E6XVA3k.jpg

  • Yeah, my friend put the halfling musician in with his dwarfs. He’s also using TAG’s dwarf pony riders as hold guardians. Great army btw, I am planning a halfling force to use with ogres as scraplings.

  • Quote from JensDK: “……1b7eefba976f97b3b89a5ee34 A happy little hard rocker, Ive long since forgotten where I got him, perhaps from white knight. ” He’s from The Assault Group. A friend of mine has that mini (which you’ll see in the next scroll). I really want one; I would need to order more to justify shipping though.

  • As I examined my initial 1500 point list, I realized I still had a bit of building to do. yR7X6a7.jpg

  • What kind of halfling chef would he be without foodstuffs. B8NGXJa.jpg

  • @dan I have an entire army of their Republican Romans. They’re definitely a favourite of mine. Between Perry, Wargames Atlantic, Fireforge, and Victrix we’re spoiled with great plastic kits at excellent prices. Warlord has some great stuff too, but some of their kits are underwhelming. I think it’s because they have a patchwork of other companies they’ve bought out, like Immortal, Progloria, and Wargames Factory. In addition, I think it’s because some of their stuff is just showing it’s age - pr…

  • I should probably update this with some actual pictures. I’ve been working on this bad boy a bit. hpIJ3sr.jpg ko0ToZB.jpg It’s going to serve as a scratapult. I did a bit of sculpting to make a halter for the oxen, and added some rings for reins to go through. I want to paint it in parts before I glue it all together. Nothing is glued to the base yet. I've also made some progress on the skeletons. I’ve painted all the shields and spear shafts. Just need spear tips. Then the bows and quivers need…

  • Those are some great looking units! The victrix Vikings tempt me to start an Åsklander army. You’ve done a great job painting them!

  • I know from something posted by WGA on Facebook that the other half sprue they are doing to fill the mould is something “19th century”. So definitely not landsknechts. The warlord kit is great, and I think it will be great for kit bashing with the conquistadors. The only complaint I would have for the warlord landsknechts is that they are all in a fairly static pose. If someone were to do another plastic landsknecht kit, it would be nice to see some more dynamic poses.

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Arduhn - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from TobiasP: “If that stands ill be a happy camper. Would fit perfect with my old marauder, citadel and warmonger miniatures ” Yeah, my wish list that I gave to Wargames Atlantic basically had that on there. They will likely be a bit bulkier, and maybe a bit taller than the marauder ogres. They’ll be a bit more realistic, and less cartoony as well. Overall they should fit in ok though. I’m planning an army of ogres and halflings (count-as scraplings) with the marauder giant, and the old s…

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Arduhn - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from TobiasP: “That is indeed awesome. I hope they will be a fitting scale (and not too large) ” A bit shorter than the GW plastic ogres, and not as fat. They’ll be around 45mm tall.

  • The Company of the Blazing Dawn

    Arduhn - - User Blogs


    @Mad 'At it’s only right considering how many times I interrupted the posting of beautifully painted miniatures.