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  • Quote from jimbo81: “Has anyone had success running large units of slaves ten or fifteen wide as screens for the blunderbuss unit with the bastion? Certainly cheap enough and would buy another round of shooting at the cost of having to deploy 3" deeper ” I have with a fair amount of success. The thing to remember is that if someone successfully charges them, they can connect at any point so you can royally hose yourself if you don’t do it properly. But against a few armies, Empire or Dwarfs for …

  • Exalted Herald - Sorcerer Immortal & Brand of the Dragon Chosen Lord - Entropic Aura on a Karkadan 23 Warriors 2x5 Fallen 10 Chosen of Wrath w/ Great Weapons Chariot Wretched One 4 Chosen Knights Hellmaw

  • WDG vs VS 16-4 MVP - big blocks of core that it took forever to chew through LVP - the hereditary spell

  • I run them into things and then use my Hobgoblin to cast Twisted Effigy on his wizard. Suddenly my opponent is at -4 to cast and it totally ruins his magic phase. Of course if he actually stops Twisted Effigy, that's fine because that means my bubbled Flaming Swords went off and all my shooting is now rerolling to wound. Titan Mortars with reroll to wound and +1 to wound is tasty!

  • Because it is a larger game, how do you handle the magic phase? Are you increasing the magic dice and veil tokens generated or do you play them as listed in the book?

  • Wonderful post @Manxol!!

  • @Casas Take time for yourself, young warrior! We're all volunteers after all so don't worry about being absent for as long as you need to be

  • OMG I love that Kraken model/conversion! Details please!!

  • I woke up today and a lightbulb went on in my head; I've figured out a new strategy (for me) on how to play ID. I have NEVER fielded an Overlord on a great bull so I have little experience there. Because the Overlord is a bit weaker in combat right now, I'm debating between whether I'd be better with a Prophet on a great bull instead (the combat output is only slightly lower bit lower but the versatility of magic might be worth it). Who out there has used either and did you find one more effecti…

  • Absolutely!!

  • One of the things I like the most about the forums are how willing people are to help each other out even when they're noobs and asking noob questions. I hope others have opinions to share because I'd appreciate views from my fellow new Pharoahs as much as I do from the vets and everyone who's responded so far. Thanks guys!

  • I've been looking for good STL files. If you have some links, please share!

  • I've been tossing the idea of starting an Undying Dynasties army for a while now. The army book is interesting and has plenty of options but the overall playstyles seem fairly similar (keep in mind I'm brand new to this army, I'd be coming in as a total noob). But they seem like they can be competitive once I get past the steep learning curve and have answers to a lot of different armies. So my question is, why do YOU play them? What drew you to them, what do you like about them, and what do the…

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Nothing. That's the idea. There should not be an ID unit that has the purpose of going out into the battlefield and being killed. ” For the record, any unit that is not made up of my fellow dwarfs in my army should be ready to go out into the battlefield and be killed if it helps me to ascend to even greater heights! Overlord Grim

  • I am seriously considering dipping my toe into the hot sands of undeath too

  • @Bobo I thought your interview was the best T9A interview I've heard. You spoke very well and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. Very well done!

  • I totally underestimated their book. I had two of their Temple Militant units each with War Smiths inside break every unit they touched. The two units they each hit first were 40 Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons and they easily broke both on the charge. With the backbone of my army run down, the game was over very quickly. I got 20-0'd

  • If someone has a super-awesome movement tray that adds something amazing to their models, feel free to include it in the picture! I am only suggesting people to NOT include a movement tray in their picture because that's what we are looking for. I am assuming people posting here want their photos chosen for the army book so my advice is purely meant to help their photos be selected.

  • Why no movement trays? 1. Because we want to focus on the miniatures for modeling purposes. 2. Because many people believe a movement tray detracts from the miniature 3. Because we want consistency between photos 4. Because we asked nicely